Thursday, 6 August 2015

Essie Watermelon and Cute as a button combo

Good evening everyone! Just before I jump to my book and read for a couple of minutes at least, I want to show you a combo I have been wearing for almost a week, before I changed it due to a chipped nail. 

Honestly, I combined Watermelon and Cute as a button because I didn't deem them as my colours, that is to say, colours I would actually like to wear. I fell in love with Watermelon immediately. Cute as a button needed a couple of days but in the end it kind of grew on me. 

Naturally they were a hell to photograph. Both colours seemed kind of muted on my photos, especially Cute as a button, being a nice lively coral colour IRL. I tried every setting on my camera - some of them were quite fascinating, actually - and this is the closest I could come up to the actual colour. Those of you who have any of them or both will know they are in fact much livelier. I see a lot of wrong swatches of Cute as a button on blogsphere so I guess it is just one of those colours that do not photograph well. I think this is a must for coral colour fans, even I like it, plus the jelly-esque finish gives it the squishiness I really like. It is not a colour I would wear very often, but I can see how this is one of the more popular ones in Essie collection.

Watermelon I adore. I thought it will be too pink for me, but it really is a colour of a ripe watermelon. Yummy. Kind of red, kind of pink, but really neither of the colours. Fantastic colour. 

Watermelon is a two coater and Cute as a button needed three, as it has a bit more jelly like consistency. Both have the new (for me at least) Essie brush that is very wide, but still manageable. 

Love the colours, love the combo, perfect for summer. 

Which shade of Essie is your favourite?

Have a lovely weekend!

~ Ulmiel

*I have received both shades from L'Oreal Slovenija as a gift. This fact, however, does not reflect in my review or opinion of the polish, 


  1. ma krasna su oba :D essie favorit mi je lak kojeg zapravo nemam a stalno hocu a to je bahama mama, morala bih ga konacno kupit

  2. Obe sta čudoviti :)

  3. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :) I am not familiar with this product but I love this colour!


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