Thursday, 29 December 2011

Essence - Blue Addicted over Bourjois 18

How about I show you a mani I really loved while I'm stuffing my face with pancakes? 
I started with Bourjois 10 days number 18, a really cool blue colour with a less than good brush. It's cut inclined and it gave me quite a lot of troubles. I know it's supposed to make the application easier, but for me it didn't. I prefer the classic brush. But the colour is beautiful. Although I liked it, i wanted something more on my nails. I'm into layering lately, and Blue Addicted was in my untrieds box for far far too long. Magic happened. 

And Borujois 18, as you can see, a lovely shade of blue with silver shimmer.

Nothing could prepare me for the awesomeness that is Essence Blue Addicted. I loved it so so so freakishly much. The application is good, you have to search for the hexagonal glitter a bit, but it works with you, so it's not too much trouble. Two coats, over two coats of Bourjois. And it was a perfect mani, that comes with a heavy removal, just like all Essence glitters. Well worth the trouble though.

You can build Blue Addicted too, but I prefer to layer it. Definitively on my top 10 for this year. Fantastic polish, truly a must-have in Essence department. Yes, I know it's a dupe of Across the Universe, and I really love Essence for doing a dupe of this marvellous polish that I shall never have due to the price. 

Do you have Blue Addicted? Do you like hexagonal glitter or does the hype around it baffle you? 

Thank you for reading & have a great NY celebration!

My Loads to Celebrate giveaway conclusion and the winner

Hello everyone! I've been MIA, I know. It's holiday season, mix it with studying and you won't have any time left on your hands! I miss blogging a lot, so I hope I'll get back on track soon. I have my heavy exam in the middle of January, but I hope I'll get to you sooner than that. 

Now, I finally went through all your entries for my giveaway, added the extra entries and disqualify the cheaters. I want to thank each and every one of you for entering and for putting comments and suggestions, I appreciate it! So first of all I'd love to address them, I'd appreciate if you'd read them, not only scroll down to see who won. :) 

  1. I'm really happy you so warmly welcomed my travelling and non-varnish posts! Which also reminds me I owe you one more post from my last road trip! I'll try to post with more variety from now on - that is, when I'm back to my regular posting about anything at all.
  2. Someone asked me what the base colour in my giveaway post for the flakies was. It was Essie School of Hard Rocks and here's also my post on that combination.
  3. Yes, Number of The Beast giveaway (that then didn't happen for already mentioned reasons) was based on Iron Maiden Number of the Beast song. I even wanted to make a little joke with extra entry for listening to the song on YT. :D I really liked that idea, too bad it went agley.
  4. Someone asked if I could make my pictures bigger. I'm already doing that, can you tell? Sadly I can't put them larger in the post, since my template doesn't allow that (which reminds me I need to work on the look of the blog too), but when you click on it, it's usually bigger. Is that better, would you prefer them even larger?
  5. I got two requests on nail art, one quite specific, horoscope themed nail art, made me chuckle, I don't know if it was a joke or not, but it was amusing. I'm kinda more on Sheldon's side when it comes to astrology, so I doubt I'll ever make a horoscope themed nail art, but you never know! :) As for nail art in general ... *sigh* I remember I did a NY promise for 2011 that I'll do more nail art, and still I'm down to a minimum. Sure, I've started with stamping, and i love scotch tape art, but I seriously lack the time for nail art, it bugs me, but I can't help it. Lately I lack the time for changing my polish to begin with, let alone to do a nail art. And I really want to try sponging, argh! So I promise, I'll try to post more nail art in 2012 and I take that to my heart, ok?
  6. As for reviews and haul posts, I'm doing that when I have something to post. :) I turned haul posts to 'Paket Petek' label posts, as for reviews, I will post if I find something really awesome. But other than that I consider every post I do a small review of the polish I'm showing - that's why I'm always writing about the formula and all. 
  7. Someone kindly warned me about GFC being removed. I figured that one out after I started my giveaway, that's why I left the condition of being my GFC follower be, but I'm aware that soon I'll gave to make a Google+ site for you guys. If anyone has any helpful advice on how to make the transition easier, let me know in the comments, please!
Thank you again for all your kind words!

All in all I had 144 people entering, that's before I did the extra entries for regular commentators and checked the GFC status. In the end the number was 161 and the lucky number that was randomly picked was 73. Who was hiding under that number?


Congratulations! Since it's NY and a lot of people are not at home, I'm leaving the deadline for getting back to me until January 3rd. If I don't get a reply until then, I'm choosing another winner. 

Thanks to my BF for helping me with the secret ways of Microsoft Excel, making the whole checking deal and choosing a lot easier. :*  
And thank you guys, for simply being here, making my day with your comments, and not giving up on my blog even when I disappear for a while. :) You're the best! 

I'll be away until January 4th, but then I hopefully return with my top 10 of this year, I like the posts other ladies are doing, I hope I find the time for it too. Plus the last post on my road trip!

Have a great great new year 2012, may it be magical, full of health, happiness and joy and of course nail polish! :* 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

China Glaze - Twinkle Lights over Etos 26, my Christmas mani

Hey darlings. Merry Christmas! Hope you're having lovely holidays with your loved ones! I want to show you my Christmas mani. I don't really celebrate Christmas and I greatly dislike how they're washing out the magic of it with all the decorations and all in the end of November already, but I do a Christmas themed mani nevertheless. It's very simple, but I like it. 

I wanted to make an impression of colourful lights in the silvery whiteness of snow. Sadly, Etos ruined the plans, being a very flat silver, so I put two coats of China Glaze Twinkle Lights over it, instead of just one, making it almost opaque. I still love how it turned out, I wanted a bright mani and I succeeded. Alas the pictures are less than good. They kill the playfulness of Twinkle Lights. It's a happy glitter, I love that so much. Simple, but colourful and not too much in your face. I love it so much more than I thought I will. 

Pictures, as much I don't like them.

 Sparkle check photo.

The base colour. I find it very flat and boring. Pity.

Like I said, you should see Twinkle Lights in person to really appreciate its beauty. I love it. It's a part of China Glaze Let It Snow collection for Holiday 2011, also a varnish I didn't plan to get at all. I'm happy I got it thanks to my awesome swap buddy. I also can't wait to layer it over red and green. Glittering Garland + Twinkle Lights = squee!!!

Etos 26 on the other hand was a bit disappointing. I also wanted a sparkly silver, so my expectations weren't met. It's a bit brush-stroky, but nothing major. Two coats for full coverage, application isn't difficult at all. Still, I need a sparkly silver! 

Did you enjoy your Christmas/holiday celebration? Any suggestions on sparkly silver polish? Would be appreciated. :)

Thank you for reading, have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, 23 December 2011

My (not so very) secret wishlist/plan for 2012

I just saw this post at Scrangie's and was amused, as I'm planning to do something similar for weeks now. Great minds think alike, haha! Mine isn't planned as the holiday beauty wishlist but rather as wishlist of things I'm wanting for quite a while now but I don't get around to buying them, either for the lack of money of time or ways to buy them. But I want to make them my little projects for the next year. At least those that I can get fairly easily. 
Naturally this is the beauty wishlist only. I think it's logical my biggest wishes for next year aren't material. But here are the little material things (in no particular order) that make also my spiritual part happy. ;)


A good set of brushes. Not the prepared set, but my set of brushes, with good quality and all. Brushes are the only thing in make up department I am actually justified of buying. You know, I really need them, right now I'm operating with three or four brushes and it's really not pleasant. So a good set of brushes - a couple for eye make up (the whole deal, eyeliner, smokey eyes, blending, eyeshadow etc.), a couple for lip stuff etc. etc. I'm planing to make a list, suggested by other bloggers, especially my eye make up guru Maestra and then slowly buy what's on the list. Right now I'm itching to try the famous eyeshadow MAC brush aaaand ... that's the start of my list, I guess. :S

Burberry The Beat perfume. I'm completely in love with this perfume. It's fantastic. I'm a huge fan of parfumes and I'm really not happy when I don't have it, I always feel something is missing. So now this is probably my next purchase, I found an awesome on line store here, where they sell originals for almost half a price of drugstores!

A wishlist in a wishlist for BB Natura store. There are three Derma E products I'm dying to have (especially Vitamin A pore refining gel), three Badger products (especially hand creme), and a couple of Akamuti products (especially the green tea tonic). I can find all of that at BB Natura, I have fantastic experiences with them and therefore love to shop there.

Beauty UK Metallic Eye Spark and Pearl eyeliners. I blame the totally fantastic Nihrida for those. I bought three Pearl eyeliners because of her phenomenal review and frankly, I want more. She's a WL maker, oh yes, but the product really act like she says they do and that's beyond awesome, it really makes me trust her with the products she's showing. So I need Beauty UK Pearl Purple Haze, and Metallic Eye Spark in Green, Bronze and Purple.Want those, especially since they're really cheap and again, coming from an online store I had fantastic experience with.

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow. Oh man. Their eye shadows look SO fantastic and crazy!! Won't even go into how many of them I want. Top two sets are the Flame Collection and The Envy Me collection, let's stop at that. They will be hard to get for me, but not impossible!
BH Cosmetics 120 colour palette 2nd edition. I blame Maestra for this one. ;)

Let's stop at this point. ;) Basically these are the stuff that I really want to get. You can also see which stores I love and check their offer often by this wishlist too. Well, I have an entire year for these babies, let's hope I manage to get at least half of it. ;)

What's on your secret wishlist (or rather plan) for 2012? :)

Thank you for reading, have pleasant holidays! *muah*

China Glaze - Glittering Garland

Heya people! Wow, it's been a while. Thing is, I have a big exam in January and so I asked again my BF to lock the computer, so I don't spend too much time on it. With studying and the holidays I barely have time for the internet anyways. Right now I'm still a bit hangover-ish from the beyond awesome ladies night yesterday and I feel like showing you my NOTD.  I wasn't even sure if I should get Glittering Garland, since it looked a lot like Emerald Sparkle which I already have. The thing is, I think Glittering Garland is Emerald sparkle 2.0, meaning, it beats the hell out of it. And I LOVE Emerald Sparkle. But I love Glittering Garland even more, because sparkles look like glass flecks. And you know my love for glass flecked polish.

 Check the sparkles on the blurry ones!

My nails are at this point painfully short. Seriously, it hurts me, like right now as I'm typing this away. They are too short, but they started to break and plaster and I cannot moisturise them enough for them to be happy again. *sigh* Stupid cold. 

Glittering Garland is a part of China Glaze Let It Snow! collection for Holiday 2011, a collection that didn't call my name at all when I first saw it nor when I saw the first swatches. Now I have 4 varnishes at home, Glittering Garland and Ring In The Red being my new discovered loves, they are fantastic. Glittering Garland is also so easy to work with, two coats is all you need, the formula is excellent as well. No complaints. Gorgeous one, don't you think?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

China Glaze - It's Alive

Hey guys! A quick post before my lunch, as I realised on Friday I STILL haven't shown you It's Alive, that is in my top 10 of this year's polishes, it's so fantastic. I hope I'll have time to do my top 10 of this year, I've seen it on a blog and it looked fun. :)

It's Alive is fantastic polish, the mixture of small and large glitter is awesome, great idea, China Glaze! It's from their Haunting Collection for Halloween 2011, I got Haunting too from this collection, but haven't worn it yet. *sigh* It's Alive is without a doubt the star of the collection and quite possible my favourite glitter I own. At least top 3 for sure.

 See how the finer glitter sparkles on my ring finger?? Awesome!

As always a video for the glitter check. I've finally come to conclusion that blurry video does that best, the sharp one kills the glitter completely.

Anyway ... as you can see, this is a bit older mani, my nails were longer here. Lately they're really week, I need to shorten them regularly otherwise they just break. As for the formula and application, my notes tell me the formula is quite tooth paste like on this baby. Surprisingly, I don't have many China Glaze with bad formula. Still, it doesn't show on the final result, so it's all good. Oh, and only two coats, people!! Two freaking coats for glitter polish, holy crap, that's great! Two coats of TC too, to minimise the roughness and you're done. Frankly, I'd put up with a lot of work with a colour like this. It's an awesome, quite unique shade of green and it's a fantastic glitter. Right up my alley.

Oh, another thing I have to show you. My BF discovered this guy and I can't stop listening to it. Seriously, it's been on repeat since he found it. It's a mixture of the most famous tunes from Lord of the Rings, played with electric guitar.

I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS! IMO soundtrack for Lord of the Rings is one of the biggest masterpieces ever, plus a major homage to Tolkien's world, being really musical and all. Howard Shore has made Perfection with his work. My favourite tune is that from Shire, btw (the beginning of this video). :) 

Thoughts on It's Alive? What's your favourite melody from Lord of the Rings (if you are such a fan you have it anyway ;))? :)

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

China Glaze - Love Marilyn

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm drinking my coffee, yes, internet is again down to my coffee breaks only. *sigh* Oh well. :) I planned to write my last road trip moment post, but I feel like showing you this particular beauty. Love Marilyn feels like an upgrade of Ruby Pumps, you know, like someone at China Glaze lab said 'I need even more bling, dammit!' and randomly threw a box of glitter in the mix. So the powerpuff girls were bo- oh wait, wrong channel, sorry. So Love Marilyn was born! A glitter bomb that it completely suited for its name, it is hot and sexy and gorgeous, just like Marilyn was. One of the rare so-called sex bombs I do consider well worth the praise and fame. 

Sparkle check blurry photo, just to show you how insanely glitterish this baby is.

FYI, macro shots really made it look like I had tips half-naked, I didn't, IRL my nails looked completely covered in glitter. 
Oh wow. Isn't this one of the coolest glitters you've ever seen? I mean, seriously, we all had our share of plain red glitter and frankly, I lost my interest in most of them. Then comes China Glaze and does a silvery red glitter and I'm hooked. I love how silver glitter is almost in the same amount as the finer red glitter. I must say, that pictures kinda take away some of the magic of this polish. It looks TONS better on your nails than on this pictures. I feel like it's always like that with seriously awesome polish ...

The application was really easy, I did three coats, because I like good opacity. And three coats only are with glitter always a plus! I put two coats of TC on then, it still felt a bit rough but manageable. It started to chip on the third day, but it might be my nails being weak and all, I can't fix them to save my life. :/
So, as you all know, Love Marilyn is a part of China Glaze Eye Candy collection for Winter 2011, some majorly awesome glitters in the collection too! They're supposed to be 3D glitters, since there are different sized glitters in the mix, if that makes sense to you. All I know is that Love Marilyn is fantastic. I really love it. 
Don't ask me about the removal. It was a major PITA, even for a glitter. This is the first glitter where I actually would do the foil method for 5 minutes. Otherwise I never do, it's just wrong, glitter goes off very nicely even if you keep the nails covered for only 45 sec to 1 min. But with Marilyn, give it a couple of minutes, so you won't have the troubles I did. Still, totally worth it, mind you!

What do you think about this collection? You a glitter fan or not so much?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Paket Petek

Whoa, it's time for Paket Petek (Package Friday) again! Ain't that sweet? :) 

I've had so much work to do for school lately, guys, I'm sorry I'm neglecting the blog again. I didn't even post the last day for the giveaway yesterday, I was studying all night long. It sucks. Well, the giveaway is closed now, thank you all for entering! Due to my studying it will take me a bit longer to check all the entries and together with upcoming holidays it just may be a post-NY gift for one of you. I'll do my best to do that as soon as possible, I promise, but don't feel offended, if you don't hear about it for a while, please, school work has to come first, even if that does suck. 

But anyway! Let's check out the glitter bomb I got in the latest package that I got from the awesome author of My Lucid Bubble. She cannot miss with the colours, seriously, they are always spot on for me.

 Group picture (I guess leaving pictures large doesn't work very well, they look all blurry :/)

 The flakie from Essie Luxeffects and 4 from China Glaze Let It Snow collection.

 Three from China Glaze Eye Candy 3D collection.

Am I spoiled or am I spoiled? *dreamy sigh* I'm wearing Love Marilyn (the red-silver glitter) as I type this since Tuesday night and it's like ... it's like ... beyond freaking awesome! Must show it to you asap. 

Another thing I've noticed. China Glaze apparently figured out how much we love this type of glitter that first showed up in form of It's Alive, and has now made two on the same note, but different colours. China Glaze, I really love you for that. Look at these beauties:

What goodies have you gotten in your latest package? :)

Thank you for reading!

Guest Post: Nail polish through History

Hello people! How are you doing? I'm flooded with work, right now I'm having a small break, and I *really* need to post this, I cannot believe it took me so long! Lately I keep forgetting stuff about blog, I'll need to start some sort of planner, seriously! 

I was contacted by Izzy Woods a couple of weeks ago, she's a freelance writer and super nice!  I guess she can also read minds a bit, because she completely nailed it with combination of history and nail polish (I only asked for the article to be in some sort of connection with nail polish, I didn't propose a theme). I'm a huge fan of history, and, well, obviously nail polish. ;) So I thank her for the article, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did, even if you're not a fan of history, it sums up the main years for nail polish nicely. :)


Nail Polish and Manicures - a History

From henna to flappers and barber shops to Hollywood, a history of nail art and fashion around the world.

3000 BC – The first known instance of nail art, in China, using enamel to tint nails pink.

1300 BC – Ancient Egyptians use nail color as a marker of social status. Queen Nefertiti goes for ruby red, and Cleopatra likes crimson, but lower class women are only allowed pale shades. Henna is also used to tint nails.

600 BC – Chinese royalty use gold and silver to enhance their nails. Non-royals use mashed up flowers combined with adhesives such as gelatin, egg white or gum Arabic to colour their nails pink or red. Longer fingernails denote higher social standing.

1500 – Nail art is born in the Inca civilisation, where nails are decorated with pictures of eagles. Pretty awesome.

1800s – In Europe, nails are not just colored, they're also scented with oils and buffed with a special cloth.

1830 – Orange wood sticks are first used for cuticle care in Europe.

1880s – First nail salons appear in the US.

1878 – Vaseline petroleum jelly patented. One of its uses is for giving nails a healthy shine.

1900s – In Edwardian Britain, manicuring becomes a profession in its own right (rather than being done by doctors). It becomes a popular profession for working women, usually employed by a barber's shop, and initially the main customers are men. The service includes trimming, filing, shaping, removing stains and polishing. Essential products: castile soap, Borax, nail bleach, nail powder or polish, nail cream, cold cream, styptic pencil, and tincture of benzoin (used as an antiseptic). Cocoa butter, vaseline or olive oil may be massaged into the nails to add shine. The tips of nails are whitened and polished with products such as Graf's Hyglo nail polish paste, a clear varnish applied with a camel-hair brush.

1917 – Cutex introduces a new cuticle remover, which softens and removes surplus cuticle without any soaking or cutting required. Meanwhile Cutex Nail White remove stains, and Cutex Nail Polish – applied just by rubbing onto nails with the palm of the hand – gives a shimmering finish. There's also Cutex Nail Cake and Cutex Nail Paste. Full manicure set available for just 14c.

1920s – Colored nail polish becomes popular, inspired by the availability of a wider range of automobile colors. Only part of the nail is painted – the tips and nail-bed half-moon are left bare. In Paris, the French manicure takes off.

1923 – Q Tips invented by Leo Gerstenzang, a Polish-born American.

1930s– Long fingernails are in vogue, with scarlet shades favored for fingernails and pink for toes.

1932 – Revlon is founded, in the midst of the Great Depression, by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and chemist Charles Lachman – the source of the 'l' in the middle of Revlon. They develop a revolutionary new type of nail polish, using pigments instead of dyes to produce a more opaque effect.

1937 – Revlon's new range of opaque shades becomes available in department stores and drug stores.

1945 – Revlon launches its first full color advertising campaign, based on matching lipsticks and nail polishes with exotic and eyecatching names, such as Fatal Apple, Sweet Talk and Paint the Town Pink. Following World War II, the 'flapper' look takes off, based on a statement look by Coco Chanel: dark eyes, red lips, red nails.

1950s – Color films have a big impact on cosmetics. Towards the end of the decade, titanium is added top products to tone down brightness, creating paler frosted effects.

1955 – Revlon becomes a public company, opening priced at $12 per share but rising to $30 per share in eight weeks.

1960s – The Cover Girl brand, aimed at teens, is launched in grocery stores. Pastels are in fashion – partly because parents are less likely to object.

1979 – Beginnings of the Goth movement. Black nail polish has its heyday.

1990s – Magazine freebies become widespread, with nail varnishes a hot favorite.

2000s – Revlon moves away from fashion models to movie stars to front its campaigns. Goodbye Cindy Crawford, hello Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry. Oh, and Elle MacPherson, even though she's a model.

2003 – Water-based polish invented. This is more eco-friendly and free from all the chemicals in most varnishes.

2006 – Some makers agree to stop using dibutyl phthalate, which has been linked to testicular problems in humans and lab animals.

Thank you again, Isabel!

And you, thank you for reading, do share your thoughts in the comments. :) 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Zoya is Jesse's girl!

Hey people! How are ya doing? I'm having a post-lunch warm beverage (an expression that totally reminds me of Sheldon, hehe), today a gorgeous black tea with cinnamon, vanilla and something else flavour and I decided to show you my NOTD. Since it is an epic win after all. Btw, I read a little rant about overuse of the word 'epic'. Are you fed up with it too or are you like me and use it all the time? ;) 

I tried this combo on a ring I'm making as a gift, and loved it so freaking much, I changed my mani, trying Zoya Yasmeen with it for the first time. You know, I generally think I'm quite fed up with purples. That the purple phase is well behind me. And then I find a purple like Yasmeen and pass out from excitement. No words can describe the beauty and depth of this utterly gorgeous purple. I was actually sorry a bit to layer it. I did it anyway, knowing I'll love the combo, but Yasmeen is a gorgeous little thing all by herself. I did only one coat of Jesse's Girl Confetti - probably my favourite layering polish ever - to keep the purple base more clear and I love the result. Mind you, on the nails the duochrome is a lot more visible, i didn't capture it well.

And the beauty herself. 

I feel like Yasmeen came out on my pictures a bit too bright and it lots a bit of depth too. *sigh* Simple camera, no help there. But I'm sure a lot of you already know her, probably also own her, I think this is easily one of the most popular Zoyas out there. It's a bit older, from Zoya Provocateur collection for Fall 2006. Yasmeen is obviously the star of the collection, I can't even find the swatches of the rest of the collection, but promo bottles look pretty boring. Not Yasmeen though! Two easy coats on this baby too, it's really simple to work with. For every purple lover this really is the polish to have. 

What do you think of the combo and Yasmeen alone? What's on your nails today? :) 

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 12 December 2011

ASK Cosmetics and their Gigantic Festive Giveaway

Hello darlings! I'm sorry I've been MIA, school work got the best of me, and right now I'm still on a tight schedule as I type this away. But I just read an email I received from the very kind Lisa from ASK Cosmetics and I know you'll want to know this! 

As some of you already know, I'm a giant fan of nail care products. Seriously. I love my nail polish, of course, but nail care products are a thing I'm always on the look-out for and I love to try and discover new things. Of course I was happy to browse through ASK Cosmetics site. Natural cosmetics, yes! Aaand as it happens, they're having a gigantic giveaway of their products and the group picture looks SO yummy!

For more information I suggest you go to Lisa's Nailcare Blog or visit their Facebook page, if you prefer that. I think it's a wonderful prize and well, I'm a big fan of trying out new cosmetics!

I hope I'll be able to post something more today, if not, then tomorrow. But do tell, did you try ASK Cosmetics, do you have any experiences with any of their products?

Thank you for reading, have a great week!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Zoya - Caitlin

Hey darlings! How are you doing? I'm having a headache again, I hate it. It's because of the nerves, I presented a paper today in my class. It went well, but you know how it is with nerves before you start talking in front of many people. That's also the reason why I haven't replied to your emails if you sent them, I've been just too busy, sorry, I'll get to all the polish business on Monday, I promise. 

I'm going to show you something soft today. It's an old mani, I wish my head would hurt a bit less, so I'd be able to change my mani and wear Caitlin. I love this colour. When I first saw it, I didn't like it. I thought it was boring. Honestly. The weird thing was, the more I saw it on blogsphere, the more I liked it, until it got to my top three of  Zoyas I wanted!! I'm not kidding, I wanted it so bad. There is just something so soft and serene in this colour. I adore it. Now that I'm getting used to stamping i think it also makes a wonderful base colour, hehe, I must try something soon. :)

Only three pictures, because most of them were blurry. Grrr, I hate it when that happens.

You all know her, but for the habit's sake - Caitlin is from Zoya Intimate Collection for Spring 2011. A soft and gentle collection, that you would think at first will be boring, but then it totally gets under your skin and you realize it's in fact, fantastic. I own Gemma and Caitlin from this collection, both are utter, and I mean utter perfections. The two I can't decide over - but can't let go either - are Dannii and Dove. I just might get them, to stop pondering about it. :) Actually, the feeling around this collection was similar to the one I'm getting with the new Winter collection Zoya unexpectedly released, Feel. First impression is 'eh', and then you take a closer look ... and want three colours out of six in the collection. I don't know how, but Zoya nails it, whether we're talking about soft colours, bold ones, shimmer, creme or glitter. 

As for Caitlin, she is a two coater and applies perfectly. No complaints. I love Zoya formula.

Did you get any colours from the Intimate Collection? What are your thoughts on the new, Feel collection?

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Born Pretty Store 10% off discount code

Heya darlings! Before I forget (again), very kind Jayce from Born Pretty Store reminded me to share with you the 10% discount code! Just type the code 'KOJ61' with your purchase and get the discount. :) Great way to make your Christmas gift shopping even more wallet-friendly! :)


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nubar - Greener and my deep green shimmers

Heya darlings! How are you doing? I have to show you Greener ASAP. It's ... it's ... perfect. It's a perfect green shimmer polish. I remember writing something like that for RGB Sea. Nubar is his brighter brother, but they both come from the "Perfection" family. 

Greener was such a lemming of mine. I told you before, Nubar Going Green collection for 2009 is one of the rare collections I want as a whole. And as it happens, I have half of it already. Whoa! I feel so good when I look at my polish table, seeing Reclaim, Greener and Forest hanging out together in a tiny group. :) 
Having a lemming so strong, there is always a danger of being disappointed when you finally get the polish you wanted so badly. Not Greener though. Greener surpassed all my expectations, and they were hiiigh. 

Pictures. Then you'll understand what I'm talking about.

And for all of you who don't change polish that often. I couldn't remove Greener until I thought nail growth showed already. This is how this beauty looks like after four days. And no, I didn't just sit for four days, staring at my nails. :P No chipping, just a tiny tiny bit of tip wear. Frankly, with some polish I have bigger tip wear on the second day or after I hit the shower on the same day even. 

Application is a bliss. Nubar, in short. Utter perfection, no faults. I did three coats, wanting to see if anything changes, two coats are needed for full opacity. 

Nubar, seriously: 

followed up with: 
nicked from brilliant Baucek, she rocks with gifs like that

Oh, yes. If you're wondering, i have a few of deep green shimmers. I have also other green shimmers, but here i stuck with the deep/emerald shimmer. It's my weakness. Kinda like a good green creme is. Can't resist, nope. So I put them in line, to show them to ya.

 Not helping much, eh? Closer looks:

If you want to see any of them compared, let me know in the comments! Any thoughts on Nubar Greener? 

Thank you for reading!