Monday, 5 September 2011

3 green Zoya beauties: Ivanka, Shawn and Gemma

Hey guys. How are you doing today? It's not my usual time of posting, I know, but I just got home and I feel like sh*t and since blogging usually helps loads, I decided to do a post. If my language will be a bit ... juicy in this one and you mind or find it offenisve, please don't, it's not pointed in any direction, just me venting. Oh, and btw, I curse a lot IRL, so yeah. Anyway. I found out this morning about two months of hard work went down the drain, so I feel pretty much like someone ran me over. You know what helps in these kind of situations? Nail polish. The second I walked into my room and glanced at the polish shelves, Gemma felt like a soft fluffy pillow or a comfort sweater you put on when feeling bad and only want to stuff your face with chocolate and watch sitcom series. 

So I decided to show you the tree Zoyas that have been rocking my world ever since Kris (My Lucid Bubble) so kindly sent them to me. I'm so lame that I forgot to took a picture of two or three swap packages we excanged, so I'll point out the swap polish when I post about it, ok? Sorry, dear, I hope you don't mind. Fact remains, she rocks. And I mean *Queen* kinda rocks! Btw, it's Freddie's bday today. Happy bday, wherever you are. :* 

Shitload of pictures because they are gorgeous and deserve it. I rest my case with that argument. 

Ivanka was one of my biggest lemmings of all time. You can imagine my joy when I unwrapped this beauty. Cannot get sick of this finish or the colour. Three perfect coats, no complaints, superb Zoya formula.

Ah, Shawn. I had no idea I'll love this one so much. It's such a rich green, so deep and ... I don't know. Not to dark, not to bright. I think peaceful is the word I'm looking for, although it feels sexy too and those two don't go together in my dictionary. I love the feeling of thickness too on this one. Last picture is a bit different than usually, since I love the green background. Two perfect coats, this one also dries extremly glossy.

Gemma. The soft pillow. :) These are pictures made 20 minutes ago, actually. I had two sets from before (yes, I wear Gemma quite a lot), but todays turned out best. I love the uniqueness of the shade with the shimmer (it seems only blue on the pictures, but if you look closely there is a party of colours going on there), I love the softness of the olive base colour. Gorgeous, really. Three coats, also not the Zoya formula I'm used to, but still a good formula all in all. 

Zoya isn't famous for her brush, formula and colours for nothing. These are superb. Gemma seems a bit tricky only because I expect the perfection of Zoya with her too, it's not like it's a bad formula. I'm loving Zoya, I really am. When I look at this years collections Zoya comes to mind as number one. 

I feel better already. :) All the greens! GREENS!! I love green. Can you tell? 

Thank you for reading, darlings, sorry if I come off bitchy today, I won't do that often, I promise. Have a great week!


  1. Obožujem Queen! Si jih že cel dan vrtim...

    Od teh zelenkotov imam samo Ivanko. Gemma pa mi je najlepša iz te trojice :)

  2. Tudi jaz ob shitty dneh vedno izberem zeleno. Sicer ne na nohtih, ampak v garderobi. It works anyway.

    Začuda so mi vse tri lepotičke všeč in bi jih z veseljem nosila. Sploh Shawn se zelo spogleduje z menoj. :)
    Pošiljam ti en velik objem, da potrdim "saj bo vse v redu". :*

  3. Vsi trije odtenki so mi všeč. Zelo. <3

  4. I also have gemma and shawn. and I have Envy! love that too!
    I def. need ivanka!! :) so pretty. maybe next summer!

  5. Tudi meni se je že dogajalo kaj takega - glede dolgega dela zaman.....

    Ampak glavno, da se na koncu vse zadovoljivo izteče - kar se bo, boš videla.

  6. kakve zelene...kakva divota!

    Neko ima comfort food, a mi comfort nail polishes :)

  7. moram priznat da bi jedino ivanku probala stavit na nokte, samo nisam sigurna da bi dosla do druge ruke ^_^ mislim da koliko ti volis zelenu, ja je bas i ne volim

  8. lol, baš slušam queenovce s bibinog bloga :-D
    krasni su ti lakići, došla bih na manikuru koji put da si malo bliže ;-)

  9. Oh, zeleno, ki te ljubim zeleno <3 Ivanka zmaga! Shawn je krasna. Gemma pa je tako čudna, da mi začuda ni všeč. :S

    Žal mi je, da se slabo počutiš in da si izvedela slabo novico. :( Upam, da se lahko še kaj obrne na bolje.

    Sicer sem imela tudi jaz včeraj neverjetno slab dan. Nisem izvedela nič slabega, le nabiralo se je in nabiralo, včeraj pa počilo. Popoldne sem bila po vsem tem tako utrujena, da sem spala in spala in spala ... končno sem se malo naspala. :)Danes sem veliko bolje. Upam, da tudi ti. *hug*

  10. Your photos are lovely, and make me want to go put on one of these colors! Shawn is perfect for fall!

  11. Ivanka is a true beauty.
    Sorry to hear that all that hard work was for nothing. *hug*

  12. Ivanka is amazing, I love the sparkles :)
    I adore green, purple, and red nail polish :)

  13. Such great greens! Love the description of Gemma as the soft pillow--perfect!

  14. I have Ivanka and Shawn and I love both, they are one of my favourite polishes :)

  15. Oh, three great choices, all ones I'd like to get myself!

  16. Ivanka je takooooooooooooo kul :D

  17. Your great pictures made me think why I didn't order Ivanka so far (Gemma and Shawn are already in my stash, ahem, still to be tried), I wish I could easily find Zoyas here!! wonderful "cheer up" polishes, anyway!