Sunday, 25 September 2011

Essence - Chuck and Blair

Hey guys! How about I show you something from the big pile of Essence photos? Have you seen the new fall colours of their line? Boy oh boy! I love them. Plus the brush is fantastic. Until I started with my nail polish addiction I never thought much of Essence polish but now I see just how wrong I was. They're cool, seriously cool. Even though I hate their LE policy. Sure, make everything a part of limited edition so it sells ridiculously fast and people go crazy over it. Thankfully I'm out of that phase. The moment I got out of it and didn't care too much about if I get the LEs or not, I started finding full counters of them, hehe. Still, I wish they'd put the products to their regular line too, some are real gems. 
Another thing that surprised me about Essence is how bitchy they can be to bloggers. I mean, they asked Nihrida to remove the pictures of coming LEs off her blog. Seriously, now, Essence? Nihrida's swatches of your products are so good I actually bought a couple of polishes and eyeshadows just because I saw how awesome they really are on her site (the two of today's post included). Maybe you should be thankful, not bitchy, eh? The attitude totally surprised me. 

But anyway! I won't show nothing new, because ... frankly, most of them are still in my untrieds. *blush* This Twin set is relatively old, but not discontinued and you've all seen it before, I'm sure. Chuck is this amazing blue colour, seriously awesome, his pair is Blair. I had no idea who they are supposed to be, then I read on another blog that they're a pair from a series, I think the title is Gossip Girl? Something with gossip. I don't know. When it comes to series I'm more of a geek, less of a chick. I'd make pairs like Arwen and Aragorn, Starbuck and Anders, Penny and Leonard ...  ;) Still, the colour pair is cool!

I'm not too happy with the photos, but Chuck tends to get too bright in lightbox (see the second photo) so I have to work with what light I had on my porch. My different nail lenght shows I wore Chuck alone once and later on bought Blair and paired them, to see where Essence was going with the combination.

Chuck is amazing. Basically a one coater, I had to do two on my biggest nails. Dries really fast and glossy, brush is awesome. Just ... perfect polish, for 1,89€. Awesome! I adore the colour too. 
Blair is an awesome layering polish, very nice. I think it would look better over black and red though. Still, a cool combination! I had problems with the removal of Blair, even with foil technique. Just a warning, soak the nails a bit longer than usually. 

What do you think of the pair? What would you call your pair and what colours would they be? 

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Love it! I agree on the names, would make them different, more classic, but it's a marketing thing. I'd name mine Lula and Sailor ;)
    and perhaps this topper could work even better with some other base, but now you've inspired me to try both of these

  2. Both of them look pretty, but I don't think they look like a pair that belongs together...
    I think I'm like you when it comes to series. I'd really like to see a polish-pair called Aragon and Arwen... Maybe Aragon could be a dark forest green creme and Arwen a super sheer layering polish that makes Aragon sparkle in green and gold..? :D

  3. Stunningly gorgeous, I love that combo so much!

  4. Pri Essence so žal res malo hecni (če se lepo izrazim). Tudi me smo že umaknile fotke, ker jim ni bilo všeč. Ahja, le kdo bi jih razumel. :S
    Sicer pa lepa kombinacija. Gossip Girl ne gledam in nisem vedela, da sta imeni od tam. Nimam ideje za svoj par. Čisto sem brez idej/navdiha v tem trenutku. Tvoj par mi je všeč in tudi jaz si predstavljam kombinacijo, ki jo je napisala Annie.

  5. Meni so všeč slike in barva :P Si kar zadela, ja, Gossip Girl je naslov serije, hehe
    Teh dveh še nisem preizkusila, so me pa navdušili ostali dvojčki, tako da mogoče enkrat prideta na vrsto :)

  6. u i ja bi rado vidjela nesto poput Arwen i Aragorna i Leonarda i Penny :D a chucka i blair obozavam i zajedno i odvojeno u svim kombinacijama mogucim

  7. I love this combination ;) the blue base is amazing :)

  8. Thank you, everyone! :)

    Hehe, Annie, that's exactly how I imagined Arwen and Aragorn, awesome! :)

  9. meni su ovo dvoje sasvim dobra kombinacija... a još bolje bi bilo da je blair samo od crnih šljokica, tražim takav lak... netko zna za kojeg ;-D
    a shrek i fiona, popaj i oliva, charlie i snoopy... molim lijepo ;-)

  10. I love this combination, it looks so pretty!

  11. nail nubar polka dots mozda? imaju crnu i bijelu verziju

  12. I like Chuck. V vseh oblikah. :$

    Btw kmalu boš imela 100.000 ogledov bloga! Jeeej, čestitam. :)

  13. @ Nail crazy, baš što je i Lendoxia rekla, Nubar polka dots, crni je super! I wet'n'wild ima jednog crnog sad u novi LE ali kažu da jo je teško pronaći i za swap. Oooo, popaj i oliva!! Fantasično! :D

    @ Krvava Meri, vem, mi je kar hecno! 100 000 je res ogromno! :D Hvala ti!

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  14. Chuck je tudi meni izredno ljub, vendar nimam njegovega para. Pač mi je ljubše če je samski. Glede imen parčkov; Arwen in Aragorn bi bila res super, moji predlogi so pa Peter in Pehta (moja dva hrčka), Peter bi bil srednje siv z malce modrega prihiha, Pehta pa nadlak nabit z belimi in srebrnimi krpicami. Potem Legolas in Saša (oja, to bi šlo :D). Pa Harry in Hermiona, samo zato ker bi rada videla rjave drekastične bleščice. Weirdo :D