Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Misa - Quirky Smile

Heya people! Ever get this feeling, when you get a polish and you love it so much that you simply have to talk about the gorgeousness of it? And all you get from your mother is the roll-eye with 'here she goes again' expression, from your BF a short comment a la "it should be darker" and none of your nail-polish junkie friends are available? Well, honeys, that's why I started the blog and Misa's Quirky Smile is one of those polishes! 

I got it in my latest swap package with Mrs. Awesomness and I can't wait to show it to you. As you probably noticed I'm showing you mostly my older manis, I'm trying to go chronologically, but every once in a while a new one will jump at you. And Quirky Smile is the one I cannot wait to show you! Funny though, I haven't even known it existed until ... I dunno a couple of months ago? I saw it at Alizarine Claws and fell in love with it, put it on my WL and basically forgot about it. My study time, new collections ... you know, too much awesome polish, too little memory. When I got it I just stared at the bottle for a minute. So. Gorgeous. But on the nails ... that's love, I think. Quirky Smile is easily one of my favourite discoveries of this year. Pictures!

Quirky Smile is a part of Misa What I Like About You Collection for Fall 2010. A collection that didn't really made on my WL. Perhaps a couple of colours are buyable to me. But what surprised me is how completely it skipped my radar. I mean, Quirky Smile not on my WL until this spring? Maybe also because, ladies (and gents), this is one of those that pictures just don't do them justice. See how it looks on the photos? Well, imagine it 235 times better on the nails. Especially off direct sunlight. Also, the purple flash is somewhat visible on the nails, if you know how to turn them. But what I adore the most on Quirky Smile is the richness of the teal shimmery colour. It's so rich and heavy, like having melted jewels on your nails. Such an epic win.

The formula. Ah, the Misa formula. How much I missed it. This is the second Misa I own, and I want moar!! I mentioned before, I like my formulas on the runny side, and this one is a bit runny, but still completely managable, actually it makes polishing fun! Completely opaque in two coats, and I rarely get that! There is not a fault on this baby. It's perfect. Not to mention Misa still remains one of my favourites (if not my favourite) when it comes to bottle shape. I love the squareness of it with long cap. 

All in all Quirky Smile reminds me of Toxic Seduction, also by Misa, on my top 5 of all greens I know or own. It's like her teal sister, but the awesomness they bring feels the same. I cannot tell you how much I love this polish. 

Any teal lovers out there? How about Misa lovers? Both? Neither?

Thank you for reading! 


  1. don't own Misa but I am hoping to soon! I am much more a green/brown/gold person but this blue is beautiful! Thanks for sharing (ps your nails are amazing)

  2. I love Misa - it's my top three favorite brands. It looks really, really great on you. You are making me want to pull it out and wear it again.

  3. wow, der Lack gefällt mir richtig gut! Genau mein Beuteschema! :) Und du hast natürlich wie immer wunderschöne Nägel!

  4. Jooj, zaradi tebe dam vse lake, ki sem jih že odstranila iz WL in se prepričala, da jih ne potrebujem, spet nazaj na WL :D

  5. @ Elizedge, thank you! Oh, don't worry, if you love green and brown you'll have lots to buy from Misa too! Toxic Seduction is easily one of the best greens ever made.

    @ KrisInPhilly, I love it too, seriously, I didn't have much contact with the brand, but both babies I have are pure love. Thank you for both of them! :)

    @ Danny, ja, dieser is wirklich wunderbar, wenn du eine Chance um der zu bekommen fängst, kauf den. :) Und vielen Dank für das Kompliment! :)

    @ Biba, hehehe! Ampak tegale pa le kupi, ti ne bo žal, obljubim! :)

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  6. This color is gorgeous!!
    I love it!

  7. oh mislim da sam zaljubljena, prekrasan lak

  8. Your nails are perfect!