Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eyeko Lilac Polish with SH pink crackle Fuschia Shock

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I hope your week started better than mine. The weekend and the Monday were hell for me. I already calmed down quite a bit, but tell you the truth, it's been years since I broke down so completely, and all of this "just because" of schoolwork. There is still hope, though, and I'm taking it! I don't know about you guys, but my schoolwork is really important to me, that's why I always take everything so dramaticaly.

Today I wanted to show you two manis, but I don't think I'll find the time for both. I picked the one that is less "me". It's a soft purple polish with pink crackle. Yes, on Did Someone Say Nail Polish and on my nails. Things happen. ;) What is more, I absolutely loved the final result. 
First, Eyeko Lilac Polish. This one is really soft, really really gentle colour. That's the feature I love about it. I tend to get bored of this kind of colour rather fast so I don't choose it often. But Lilac is fluffy and cozy and I like that. It's quite lovely, just as the label says.

I had the hardest time picking a colour when I wore this baby. I got two major swap packages and a few lemmings killed that week and I was choosing a polish for like half an hour (and no, didn't feel like wearing my old mani anymore). At that point I reached over the 15 bottles standing infront of me and grabbed the Eyeko.

I realized this would be a great base for some nail art. I got out the stamping kit ... and failed miserably. No, seriously. When I fail miserably, I seriously fail miserably. So I redid the nails I stamped and decided I'll go with good ol' scotch tape art. Mhmm ... yeah. Back then I was still in between fast drying TCs and I waited for 10 minutes max before putting a scotch tape on my relatively freshly painted nails. Fail? Indeed it was! I pulled up the polish and had to remove it completely off my ring finger. Of course I messed up a couple more with polish remover and cotton pad. In the end I used up a little under half the bottle of Lilac Polish. I'm not effing kidding. It was disasterous. So, what do you do when everything else fails? That's right. You layer the thing! And I did. I chose the Sally Hansen Fuschia Shock crackle that was sitting on my table and this is what came out.

Again, I loved the way it cracked better on my right hand. That always happens, I have no idea why. Anyway. I love the combination! It goes from gentle and cozy to girl-ishy funky. It's also something completely different for my nails and sometimes it just feels refreshing to look at my nails and say "oh, look, that's something out of the ordinary and still cool". I think I actually wore this for two or three days, which is like a millenia for me. 

Eyeko Lilac Polish needed two coats on my shorter nails. The brush isn't my favourite, it's a bit wonky, but polish dries fast and glossy. Sally Hansen F.S. behaved nicely, better than her blue brother. I wasn't sure how I'll like the pink crackle, but I really do. Just as the white crackle isn't me and I love it, the pink one isn't me and I love it. 

That's it. Hope I didn't bore you too much. What do you think of them both? Did you get the Lilac polish from Eyeko sale? Sick of crackles much? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. It look gorgeous! Both Lilac polish alone and with the crackle on top :D
    Maybe you were meant to wear this and that's why the other attempts to some nail art didn't go so well..?

  2. This is really cute!
    This combo is perfect!

  3. great combo!! I have yet to try the SH crackles :) The Eyeko polish is lovely

  4. predobra kombinacija... iako, priznam, malo mi je čudno na tebi vidjeti ovakve noktiće ;-D

  5. stvarno neuobicajena boja za tebe, ali mi je prekrasna i sama i u kombinaciji sa rozim crackleom

  6. Čim več takih kombinacij, meni je všeč - zeeeelo. :)

  7. Annie, thank you! And yeah, perhaps you're right. At least judging from the efforts of others to get ruined. ;)

    rock-or-not, thank you!

    Kelly, thank you! It is lovely, yes, jsut as the label promises. ;)

    Peace, Love, Polish, thanks!

    nail crazy, pa i sama sam se iznenadila. ;) Ponekad je i to potrebno. ;)

    Lendoxia, hvala ti!

    Ivana, hehe, sem nate pomislila, ko sem jo delala, veš. Kaj hočem, si moja pink lady, rožnat lak me nate spomni. :D

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  8. Pink and purple work so well together! :)

  9. Kombinacija je super! :D Nohtki pa itak lepi..

  10. I am not a fan of crackle, but this is a wonderful and girly combo! Looks great!

  11. Nice nail colour.