Monday, 26 September 2011

Orange Finger Paints

Hey guys! How are you doing? Lately I'm loving the blogging, can you tell? The list of everything I want to show you was getting insanely long (just combine my nervous habit of changing mani really often during studying to calm my nerves and basically no posting because of the studying), I miss blogging like hell and have absolutely no motivation for studying, although I should be, I have my final exam in the beginning of October and frankly, I'm completely worn out to the point I don't even care about the exam much. It's not really necessary for me to pass it, but it wouldn't hurt to either! 
But tell me, how are you doing? It's been long since we chatted! I actually have an idea of a weekly question or theme instead of my long chatting posts I used to do, simply because I don't have time for them anymore. I noticed the idea on some blogs already, so I pondered if I should make it at all, or did I miss the train with it - I don't wish to come out as a copycat even though it's been weeks since I thought of it. But I love the idea, so maybe I'll start it.  :)

Today I have for you orange Finger Paints. Two, to be exact. First one Outta Sight Orange, second Cordur-Orange. 

You can probably recognize at this point which polish isn't photographed at home, if not, this is the reason why I didn't take any lightbox photos of this one, I normally do when there is so much reflection on my nails. 

This is Outta Sight Orange, from Finger Paints Peace, Love & Color Summer 2011 Collection. The collection has gotten somewhat mixed reactions, even more on the bad side. So far I'm liking it. Outta Sight Orange just might be my favourite. It's bright orange, with a duochrome flash, that I couldn't capture with my camera, but is on the nail, if you know how to look for it. It needs three coats for me, with a slight VNL, but I can live with that. My nails were fairly long at this point, so I suspect short nails would need only two. It dries fast too and has a nice formula!

Now to his Fall brother.

The last one is taken off direct sunlight, too show the other side of it, slight dustiness I'd call it. 

Cordur-Orange is from Finger Paints awesome 2011 Fall collection Fashionista. This is one of my favourite collection for this Fall, and Cordur-Orange the one I wanted the most. Kris was so awesome she found me a bottle and so I got it in one of our last swap packages. Although I adore the colour I dislike the extreme thickness of the formula. I prefer my polishes to be a bit on the runny side, but I don't mind thick formula to some point. Cordur-Orange gets over that point. I had troubles with the application, probably also because of the lenght of my nails. I'll probably thin it the next time I use it. I can assume this is a one coater for short nails, being so pigmented and thick, I used two. It dries extremely glossy, and the colour is gorgeous. I love the colour, really, but the hard application lessened the excitement of an awesome colour for me. Which doesn't happend often. So I defintively need to thin it! 

I love them both, really, I'm big on orange polish this year. Although the hype is slowly handling over the obsession to a teal phase. I suspect it's going to be a strong one.

Any thoughts on oranges? Love them or do you think it's too bright? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I think they look great on you. Outta Sight Orange looks better on you than it did on me.

  2. Both look gorgeous, but to tell the truth, the second one is such a beautiful creme, I'm having a hard time believing you had problems with application because it looks perfect!

  3. That second one is so 70s! I'm loving it.

  4. Uuuuuu oba sta huda! :D Popolna podlaga za Halloween manikuro :P

  5. WOW I absolutely love Cordur-Orange MUST have it!!!

  6. I don't really like orange but this one is so great!!

  7. više mi se sviđa jesenja verzija, takvu bih narančastu mogla i nositi ;-)
    zanima me kako bi izgledao sendvič od ova dva laka ;-)

  8. I recently bought Cordur-Orange! I can't wait to use it :)
    I keep reading on blogs that it's the perfect orange for fall and I'm quite excited to use it once it gets a bit cooler. (I live in Texas, it's still in the 90's right now)

  9. @ KrisInPhilly, thanks, dear! I love them both, but I think I prefer OSO, surprisingly. :)

    @ Biberlee, I did, it was too thick for my taste. :/ But Scrangie said she loves the thickness, so I guess it depends on your preferences.

    @ The Lacquered Lady, hehe, hope you got/get it then! :)

    @ lunca, o ja, to pa res. Sploh spodnji kar kliče po kakšni buči. :D

    @ Polish AMOR, yes, I think it is a must have, really gorgeous oragne!

    @ rock-or-not, which one now? :)

    @ nail crazy, pošto je Cordur-orange stvarno gust i skoro mu je dovoljan jedan sloj, mislim da bih teško pravila sendvič od njih, al možda layering! Sad si mi dala ideju! Hvala. :)

    @ starification, oh wow, hot!! It's already quite autumn-y here. :) And it is perfect, it's such a pumpkin colour. :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  10. So loving the Cordur-Orange. I must have. Searching for as I write lol.... Thanks for the Pictures ;)