Saturday, 24 September 2011

Long Time No See: O.P.I. Who The Shrek Are You with lime green comparison

Oh, the title is so long. I hate when that happens. Who The Shrek Are You? is probably one of my favourite OPIs ever. I love the green. My BF hates it, but I love it, hehe. I saw the colour on a blog and immediately thought to myself "it's about damn time I wear it again!". Hence the Long Time No See label. As my stash is gettting bigger and bigger I'm starting to forget about the seriously cool and loved colours in it. Sad.

Since it's my kind of green I do have a couple that get close to it too, so I did a quick comparison for ya.

  • Index and pinky: O.P.I. Who The Shrek Are You?
  • Middle finger: Brucci Stephanie's Go Lime
  • Ring finger: Sinful Colors Innocent

As you all know, Who The Shrek Are You? is a part of O.P.I. Shrek Forever After Collection for Spring 2010, but I told you that once more anyway. What you probably don't know is, I'm a big Shrek fan. And that's because of Shrek himself. "Ogres are like onion." I love his grumpy yet loving attitude, you know. And, although it's almost a cliché now not to love clichés, I love the unusual heros in the stories. I hate blond princes who save the so-passive-it's-already-insulting ladies. Well, bond guys were never my type anyway. ;) 
Ok, now that I've gone completely OT on you, how about a few info on polish? Shrek is a three coater for me, I cannot get rid of bold spots otherwise. It's insanely glossy and dries fast.

His cousins are not dupes, as you can see. Stephanie's Go Lime (what's with that name??) is much more yellow, and Innocent something in between. I love SGL better, since it's more different form WTSAY? (as you know I don't like having dupes) and also the forumula is much better than of Sinful Colors. While SGL needs three coats and Innocent only two, Innocent has the worst brush of them all. 

I advise you two coats of base coat for this type of green, if you don't like your nails stained. Otherwise you'll have seriously yellow nails. I checked. -.-

What do you think about this kind of green? Too fugly for you? Did you get any colours from Shrek Forever After collection?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I always hate when I forget about my favorite colors in my collection. But it's also fun when I find them and it's like a reunion :)

  2. One of my all time favorites! Everyone else hates it but I love it!

  3. All of these are so pretty on your nails!

  4. yeah, this is seriously beautiful!!^^
    there was a time I didn't like green and yellow nail polishes but I've changes my mind now! I love this color, it's gorgeous!

    very interesting blog, btw!

  5. I think it's an interesting color. I'm wondering how close China Glaze's Electric Pineapple is to this.

    And I agree with you about having a large nail polish do start to forget about the really cool shades when you have so many!

  6. krasna boja :-D
    naravno da mi se sviđa, sviđa mi se i shrek, ne znam tko mu uopće može odoljeti ;-D

  7. Iz te kolekcije nimam (še nobene)barve. Všeč so mi pa vse, razen obeh vijoličnih. Sploh Ogre-The-Top-Blue je vau. Pa What's With the Cattitude? tudi ni slab. Na svojo WL sploh ne smem pomisliti, je gumbek za ebay zelo vabljiv haha. Aja, taka zelena mi je kul, na splošno imam rada čudne zelence :)

  8. Ful dobro zgleda tale zelena na tvojih lepih bohtih :) In dejansko se vudu, da je to "shrek" barva, ker je tako edinstvena :)

  9. Lajkam na ful, ker imam rada zeleno, ker Shreka pač moraš imeti rad. <3
    Mislim, da nimam čisto nobenega iz te kolekcije. Pa tako sem si želela Shreka. Imam pa nekaj podobnih in so mi itak všeč. :D