Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vipera Jumpy: 120, 145, 173

Hey guys!! How are you doing? I dropped in to say 'hello', I miss blogging so much! I had two exams today and I'm so tired studying is definitively off, so why not write a post? In a very new blogger, I might add. I'm still getting used to the whole deal. I also switched to Google Chrome, because Mozilla went all funny on me. I'm getting used to that one too, but I'm starting to like it. Anyway. I wanted to show you this for a long long time! It's a swap I did with Sabbatha from Spooky Nails quite a while ago, because I wanted to try out some of the really awesome colours she's displaying on her blog and are Polish. You know, made in Poland. ;) The more I saw, the more impressed I got and then swap just had to happen. The one brand I really fell in love with is Vipera Jumpy. Yes, because of the small, chubby bottles. So cute!! So naturally I had to try them first. Now I'll show you the first three I tried, but at this point a tried a lot of them, and honestly, Poland knows what they're doing with polish!! The colours, the brushes, the formula!! Awesome! Sabbatha, thank you so so much, the package is beyond awesome! 

First is the 120. Gorgeous green. What did you expect, a yellow one? It's me, for Pete's sake. :P

The pictures are not my best, I was up north, far away from my lightbox and usual lighting when I took them. Still, I think you can see how beautiful 120 really is. Gorgeous green. As Sabbatha mentioned on her blog, it's quite similar to Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, but not the same. I'm itching to do a comparison, when I'll have the time. I think this was three coats. I forgot to write it down, lame. :( 

Then we have the faaantastic duochrome, meet 145.

If you're asking yourself why three pictures, you're a duochrome hater. Isn't this fantastic? *dreamy sigh* I love it so so much!! Strong duochrome, just a little bit brush-stroky, but nothing major, very nicely behaved, it's just a bliss to work with it. Three coats.

And then the elegant 173:

It's a soft, dusty purple with subtle pink shimmer, that gives it depht and is visible even in soft light. But still subtle, you have to look for it. Doesn't matter, when I wore this baby I was just in the mood for something that soft on my nails. Beautiful, really. Again three coats. It dries so glossy on its own it's impossible to get a picture without any reflect. You should see my outside pictures.
Next day I helped the pink shimmer a bit with CND Amethyst Sparkle effect.

These beauties all have a few things in common. They have great brush, they have amazing formula, they dry really fast, they are really small and really cheap. It's a win win situation for nail polish junkie, if you ask me. And I adore the colours, adore them!! There is more to come. Vipera Jumpy impressed me so much. They are so much more than what I expected. Crazy!

A quick shot of all the goodies that arrived from Poland. I almost forgot I have these pictures. 
 Group picture.
Second row.

That's it from me. What do you think about Jumpys? Do you have any? :)

Thank you for reading & hope I'll get the chance to drop in a few times more before my study period ends!


  1. They're all so pretty, the green one is my fav! Nice goodies. =)

  2. Eden lepši od drugega!!! <3
    Krasen swap!
    Držim pesti za izpite!
    Me veseli, da si si vzela čas za bloganje. Sem že pogrešala tvoje poste. ;)

  3. they're beautiful, especially 120 and 145 :)
    145 is a great duchrome, I love it :)

  4. Vsi trije so krasni, sploh zadnji mi je noro všeč!

  5. Great swatches!

  6. The first two polishes are really stunning, and this brand sounds new to me.
    Good luck for your exams!
    (in italian we'd say: "In culo alla balena!", that literally means "In the a*s of the whale" :D )

  7. Oooh, I love Jumpy nail polishes! ;) It's cool you liked them.

  8. Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy!

    I'm glad that you like them :)

  9. Oh my, those three are all great! I have no Jumpy, which seems quite unfortunate.

  10. Hehe, I'm glad you love them too! I really recommend finding an awesome Polish blogger and arrange a swap with them. Because not only Jumpy, basically every single brand Sabbatha sent me and is Polish is also totally awesome. Wibo brush = epic win!

  11. Agree with Ulmiel, Polish varnishes are VERY distinctive!

  12. I just discovered Vipera Jumpy polishes as I'm in Poland right now. I actually picked up one of them without a label and judging by your photos, it's the 2nd one from the right in your first group photo. Mind telling me the number? Pretty please!

    I'm going to try the ones I picked up today and do some swatches to post. Judging by your excitement about them, I am now more excited, I love duochromes!