Thursday, 29 September 2011

My two ultimate crackle combinations

Crackled-out, are ya? Yeah ... actually I still do a crackle mani if I think it will look good. Then again, when the crackle effect was the most popular this year I didn't really dive in as I thought I will. So perhaps that's why I still use it. 
When I first heard of crackle effect these two combinations were the first to hit me. My favourite colour combination in clothes department too is black and red. That's the combination. So let's see this one first. 

Elf asked me in one of my older posts when will I show any Polish nail polish. Well, since I always like when you give me an idea what to post I dug up my Polish polish swatches, and I have a lot to show you. Also lots of raving to do. These polishes are amazing. 

Virtual by Joko Lady in Red, from collection Vinyl Mania was a perfect red for the base of my red-black crackle mani. From the moment I put on the first coat I knew this will be my favourite red creme in my stash. So bright, so sexy, so bold! That's a red I can wear!! 

It's also so glossy I had troubles picking pictures that don't have half of our garden on my nails. 

The black crackle I use is p2 Black Explosion:

Lady in Red is a beautiful one coater, I did two just because. The pigmentation is amazing. Amazing, seriously amazing brush too, the application is a complete perfection, seriously, why don't I read about worshiping the brand more often? It deserves a lot of love! The colour is amazing, I wanted to have this kind of red since I can remember, sexy, awesome, bright. Love it! I put then one coat of p2 on and I didn't get bored of my mani for whole 8 days - that was also why I did this mani, in thought of my fantasy vacation, I needed it themed and cool enough for a week without any nail polish change. :) Sabbatha, thank you for this one, it's perfect go-to red!

The second combination is a crazier one. Green and purple. I needed a vicious green and China Glaze Tree Hugger seemed perfect for the job (old post on it). I redid the swatches too, so a couple of them here. 

Man, I loved this combination. I needed three coats on Tree Hugger and wasn't too happy about it, but hey, i *adore* this green. One coat of Depend 5005 over it and my poisonous combo was done. I loved it, wore if for a couple of days straight too. I have to do similar one with red crackle. This one was also inspired by Acetone and Old Lacquer, she did a similar one with two amazing polishes. But then again, her combinations are divine.

What's your perfect crackle combination? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you ;)
    Polish nail polish are awesome and cheap ;d

  2. Druga kombinacija je prekrasna, tudi jaz moram preizkusiti kaj takega.

  3. the second combination is so pretty! And I like the way both polishes crackle. better than some of those that never seem to.

  4. Rdeča & črna je tudi meni zakon :)

  5. Elf, you're welcome. :) here is more to come, i have loads of pictures. But since the pile of everything is so big, they got lost for a while. :D

    Taya, ja, meni je bila tudi blazno všeč. :D

    BMR, yeah, both of these are cool, I'm glad I got them. :)

    Biba, zame je ultimativna kombinacija, vedno. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thank you for the comments!

  6. Rdeča in črna je itak standardno huda! :)

    Zelena pa vijolična, ful zanimivo, na tvojih nohtkih zgleda res dobro, ne vem kako bi na mojih, mogoče enkrat probam :D

  7. You really have the crackle method down... I LOVE Tree Hugger with the black!

  8. Love the green and purple!

  9. Meni so (če že moram izbrati) všeč strupene. Taka je bila kombinacija z zelenim Depend frostijem (225) in čez črn crackle. Sem se tisti dan počutila kot zelena mamba. :D

  10. I like gren and purple, but my favourite is black and white :)

  11. Both combinations are really eye-catching and pretty. :)

  12. predobro, sviđaju mi se obje kombinacije iako mi se čini da p2 čak i bolje puca od dependa :-D

  13. Both combinations are really pretty, but if I have to choose, I think I prefer the red and black one... ^^

  14. Thanks ladies! Hehe, I find it quite interesting, that most of you prefer the green & purple combo, I was sure I will be the only one (or in total minority) for doing it. :D