Thursday, 30 January 2014

Miss Sporty ~ Metal Flip ~ 050 shade

Hey everyone! It is snowing here in Bratislava, it is beautiful!! I mean, the wind was blowing so hard the snow was falling horizontally for a while, but it looks amazing from my warm room. :) 

Today I managed to get better pictures of the 050 shade from Metal Flip collection. If you googled this particular Miss Sporty line, you might have noticed that the western bloggers mostly show shades 010, 030 and 040, they all also have names (as you can also see on Miss Sporty UK official site), but the eastern bloggers show 030, 040 and 050. And these have no names. So when I bought them I found the Beetle wings a bit off, only to realise I do not have Beetle wings (010), but an unnamed shade 050. As I think it is a pity that is nameless, so I shall call it Autumn Forest. Yeah. It reminds me of Fall and the colours of the the leaves in Autumn.

The other set of pictures I took when wearing the shade for the first time (some sunlight pictures):

This was all three coats. I love shades like this. And I like how brush strokes are not (too) visible, even if it is a metallic nail polish. All in all I just wish I could get the 010 too. :)

Do you have any shades from Metal Flip collection? 

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Rimmel Pro ~ Rags to Riches (with Angry Birds)

Whoa, this is my 500th post! And of course it has to be a green nail polish. :) Quite by accident, but still it makes sense. It is snowing here in Bratislava, it looks nice, first snow that actually stuck to the ground and whitened the country this Winter. I like it. I'm heading out soon, hope I don't freeze to death. :D I think the old part of town will look quite amazing covered in snow.

This Rimmel is my flatmate's. It looked like a nice foil green so I had to try it. I put Angry birds on just for fun. I think the big pink/red Angry bird is just being a bad type of sticker, because it again peeled the first, the others stayed on very nicely (same happened with my first Angry Birds mani here). 

This was two coats. I have never seen Rimmel in bottles like this, I guess they are sold in them in the USA, in Europe I've seen only two round type of bottles. Plus it looks like a line, Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO, up to 10 days. It is a nice green colour. Nothing to roll on the ground from excitement about but still, a neat colour. 

What is on your nails today?

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

New in January (again) ~ Haul, an USA one

Hello, my dear readers! I am still in (at the moment) freezing Bratislava, with a small piece of USA in my room. :) When I posted my haul post of January about two weeks ago, I thought that was really it for January, I spent a lot of money on the cosmetics and didn't feel like shopping for anything else. How was I supposed to know my flatmate would return from the USA with an entire suitcase of stuff just for me?? Well, ok, not entire suitcase, but, really, I was flabbergasted when she started pulling out all the gifts for me. USA is the paradise for shopping, seriously. Even as I browsed through her cosmetics, all from Lancome to Shisheido and asked her about the prices, I was shocked, the prices in USA for the high end brands are ... laughable comparing to the European ones. But that you already know, don't you? How about I show you all I've gotten?

Group photo! Everything from nail polish, make up, hair, facial and body cosmetics. Oh, and a cosmetics bag from Estee Lauder. You know why she got the bag? They put the testers in it. Yes. The bag just for the testers. I laughed out loud, really. Here you are lucky if you get testers at all. Or bag for that matter. Even if you do, it is the regular plastic one, that I have no use for. This one is actually great, I need more cosmetic bags.

Nail polish first, right? China Glaze Champagne Bubbles, this one is from 2011 holiday collection, one of my favourites from china glaze, as they gave us Tinsel Town, Glittering Garland AND Twinkle Lights in that collection. Orly mini called Conduit. If you search for swatches, you shan't find Orly one, but SpaRitual one. Did you know Orly and SpaRitual are sister companies? I sure didn't. But Conduit is a GORGEOUS copper gold, I cannot wait to try it! And a set of minis Orly Secret Society. I cannot wait to play with these, they flew under my radar completely, so it will be a complete surprise, trying them. I like Orly, so I do not think I'll be disappointed. 

We proceed with The Body Shop set.

 The set is for brown smokey eyes and it is utterly gorgeous (although the picture below does not do them justice). Plus, I like how I accidentaly took a picture of my Iron Maiden T-shirt in the mirror, so I left it uncropped. :D

I was crazy about The Body Shop a couple of years ago, I wanted everything from them. Then I kinda realised they are not worth the price for me. I mean, their products smell ah-mazing and they are good, but the price tag is too much for me, at least now. Still, I like their shower gels and body butters and I have an eyeshadow that is amazing ... yeah, I would buy more of it, if their price wasn't too much. The Body Shop Sugar Body Scrubs are Karite and Chocolate and they smell divine. The 4-step Smokey Eyes Set looks awesome and the brushes actually look useful, another win! The palette seems like the perfect set for quick brown smokey eyes, I will try them asap.

The Lancome set.

Ok, girls, get this. These are all testers! All of them! And the tubes contain 15 ml of product. Is it just me or we don't get that in EU?? And if we do, can you please tell me where? Ok, I am not going to retype the names of the products, just in short: the silver tubes are a serum for under moisturiser, the purple one is a daily cream with SPF 15 (really happy about that), the pot is an eye creme. The teal bag is Advanced Skin Correction (Visionnaire), also for pores - and if this baby works, I just might sell my kidney for it, or something. The black bag is Youth Activating Concentrate, whatever that means. If you want to know more, please let me know. :)

And the rest, a mixture:

The Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream smells utterly divine. Quite strong smell, but I love it. The hands are incredibly soft after applying, it absorbs really fast and just works great on your skin and cuticles. I love it. As I am running low on my hand creme here (was already looking for replacements in drugstores), it is a perfect gift.
Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue is menthol scented "medicated" lip balm. I love the feeling of menthol on my lips (I liked the Blistex one that everyone around me hated, too) and it is not too strong, plus it feels amazing on the lips.
Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner, at last! Yay! This one is purple, not white as the ones I saw in DM in Bratislava, I am not sure, if it is different or is it just the package, either way, I am supper happy that I have it! 
I also got Crabtree & Evelyn Lily bath and shower gel, travel sized gorgeously smelling goodie. I love the smell.

I also got a Yankee candle, jogging pants, T-shirt and two bras. At that point I was standing in the middle of the room, speechless, having the first world problem of not being able to hold all my presents and making two rounds of taking them into my room. Yeah. My flatmate seriously rocks (thanks, dear!). I need to go on a shopping spree in the USA! 

Have you tried any of these stuff? Any nail polish you would like to see first?

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Matte winter frost lace mani

Whoa, would you believe the stupidity of the title? I have no idea how to name this mani. :) In the last few days I fell in love with Inspired by Winter posts Taya is posting (I'm trying to recreate this today for a night out, j'adore!) and while I was trying to watch an incredibly stupid movie about going to the north pole, the screen being all white and frosty, I wanted to occupy myself with something cool and the idea of winter helped to create this mani. 

I used the water decals I've already shown you and I must say, I prefer water decals over nail stickers, they are so easy to use and they last on the nails for days. Other than that, Deborah Milano was already a matte, I put matte TC over the decal, and I mattefied the gorgeous Misa Grey Matters, one of my favourite shades ever. Why I do not have more Misa in my stash, I will never know, their polish is amazing. 

My matte TC is the Essence one, I think it is already discontinued and I hate that, because it is perfect and I already spent more than half of it. The rest I already described. It was actually a very easy mani to make, because both Deborah Milano and Misa are great, opaque in two coats (DM might need only one, actually), water decal sticks to the nail in no time (I needed to cut half of it for my short nails, still, I love the way they look), and you put your matte TC on et voila!

What is on your nails today?

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Miss Sporty ~ Metal Flip ~ Fiery Blaze (040)

Hey people! So I bought the Miss Sporty duochromes a while ago and wore them too, but waited with publishing in want of better pictures. As that never happened, I will publish those that I have, at least of the two shades I'm OK with how pictures turned out. I have a feeling these babies kinda flew under the radar of nail polish fanatics, although you can see some pretty awesome swatches on some of the blogs. Admittedly, I am not a fan of Miss Sporty in general. I haven't had a single polish by them, until now. And even in the bottle, Metal Flip looked by far too metallic and brush strokey to me, that is why I searched for swatches before I bought them. Luckily, they are really great nail polish, and for 1.80€ too. 

First I tried is Fiery Blaze. Sadly my bottle doesn't have the name on it, I found it online. It is a neat one, shifts from this rich bronze gold/green to the main shift of dark purple. Looks fantastic on the nails.

This was two coats, as far as I can remember. I am impressed by the brush, it is very nice for such a low-budget nail polish, not to mention brush strokes are non-existent. Major plus, as that can be the only thing to really turn me off when it comes to metallic duochromes. Lasted on my nails for good 5 or 6 days as well, but they were short, as you can see.

It is a very nice duochrome for a very nice price. Nothing groundbreaking, but I at least cannot get sick of the duochromes. Ever. :) 

Still on board with duochromes? Any Miss Sporty nail polish you would recommend me? Have you seen these in your drugstores, bought any of the collection?

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Caitlin in black lace (a review)

Hey everyone! Today I have for you a review I am awfully late with posting. Lace nail art was always one of my favourite ones, because I love love love lace and well ... lace on the nails, why not? But again, I am a nail art noob, so stickers with lace pattern sounded pretty darn awesome to me! Born Pretty Store offers the stickers for under 2 dollars and well, I was more than tempted to try them out! 

A lot of people try it on nude nails and I absolutely adore the end result, but alas I haven't brought any nude polish with me. Still, I wanted something classy, and Zoya Caitlin seemed perfect for the job. Lovely shade of purple that isn't too dark. And now I want a dress with similar pattern!

Blurry one to show the glitter the stickers contain.

And the sheet itself, with different patterns. The one I used is already missing.

I picked the pattern HL210, as it is obvious from the last photo, but these Lace Style 3D stickers (item ID is 7381) come in 12 different patterns and in both black and white! So you can have your pick, and for 1.99$ a piece you can knock yourself out shopping. :) Here is also my code for your 10% discount:

So yeah, I love the effect, but the stickers reacted badly with my topcoat (Essence fast drying one), they wrinkled a bit. That didn't ruin the effect, but consequently stickers came off the in chunks in couple of hours, as they got stuck to everything (especially my hair) and got pulled off. Too bad, I  need to try them with another TC. Just a fair warning for all Essence TC users. :) I did love the combo with Caitlin so much, I'll do it again, just with another TC. :)

Do you like the lace nail art on the nails?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rimmel ~ Space Dust ~ Total Eclipse

Hey everyone! How about a quick post before I go jogging? Yeah, I have an exam tomorrow and I have been locked up in my room for three days now, I need to move my ass! :) Actually, I think I went for a jog two days ago ... I always lose sense of time when studying.

Total Eclipse by Rimmel is my first (and probably last) textured polish. I am not a fan of this trend, nope. I think it looks like your manicure got smudged real bad. :) But that's just me! And I would not have purchased Total Eclipse but after I saw some swatches of it with TC on, I needed it, the green glitter looks amazing. 

First with top coat:

See how it looks like lava that is already kind of cooled off but the fire under the crust is still alive and ... well, GREEN? Awesomeness! I love it. And it is really sparkly in real life.

Without top coat it also looks really nice, but glitter is of course not so obvious.

My camera did not capture the duochrome effect the glitter actually has, because on the nails it is quite subtle, not as obvious as it is in the bottle. But it is there if you move your fingers the right way.

This was two coats, I think, again great brush by Rimmel. As I said before, textured polish is not really my thing, but Total Eclipse is absolutely gorgeous nail polish, so I do not mind the finish much. I might buy another textured one, but it will have to be at least as awesome as Total Eclipse is. :)

How do you feel about textured polish? Do you like it or hate it? You think it is just a phase like crackles were or will it stick like matte polish did?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New In January ~ A haul post

Hey my dear people! Time for another haul post.

This time it contains absolutely no make up. Nothing looked good enough for me to buy. And since I spent a huge amount of money on my skin care, I'll probably skip make up for a while anyway. This is what I've gotten in the past two weeks.

There is this online shop here in Slovakia (called and they had very good deal on Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle solution. For 17 eur I got 500 ml bottle and 100 ml one as a gift. Now, tell me, isn't the small bottle the cutest thing EVER? It is so adorable! And dead useful, absolutely perfect for travelling! I read quite often comparisons between micelle solutions on blogsphere and I find them really interesting. Bioderma's still rocks for me though. Yeah, it is expensive, but after battling with Ziaja make up remover I really appreciate how easy make up is removed with it. And after re-removing the make up after using Ziaja with my Argan & Mandel oil that I usually have for hair, I really appreciate how Bioderma does not make my eyes watery because they are so irritated (one of the reasons why I simply cannot use oil based removers). So, honestly, I'll just stick to Bioderma. I am really impressed by the brand in general. Also the Bioderma Sensibio Rich creme has become holy grail for my mother's dry skin (so dry oils were not enough for her skin!). And I am fortunate enough to be living at home right around the corner of Leposana, where Bioderma is offer at the lowest price in Slovenia, I think. FTW. :)

I have also bought Bioderma Hydrabio Legere creme after using Sensibio Light tester for a while. That one was too rich for me, it cloged my pores a bit on the greasy part of my skin, but for my dry half of the face (yes, I love my skin) it was perfect, I haven't found a creme that would suit me that much in years. So I tried with Hydrabio line, hoping it would tone down the pore clogging but keep my skin hydrated and so far it is absolute perfection. It just might take Derma E's first place on my creme list, also because the packaging is perfect. 

Second half is for my body. Dermacol Aroma Ritual Sicilian Pistachio shower gel smells divine. Most people are like: wtf, pistachio, really?? And I think they are discontinuing it, but I adore the smell. It smells like pistachio ice cream in Cocoa in Ljubljana (where you can get the best pistachio ice cream ever, it really tastes like pistachio!). So yeah, I love Dermacol shower gels, I need to buy Jasmine one as well.
Fennel Body Yogurt I bought on sale, chocolate chip cookie smell sounded like an awesome idea for some odd reason. I am normally not too fond of sweet smells, but if they are done properly, I like them. This one smells amazing for a couple of minutes, really like chocolate cookie dough, but after 15 minutes it dissolves into this sweet smell that is not really defined. Pity. It has a good texture and keeps my skin soft though. They also have strawberry ice cream scent, but as I dread the artificial strawberry smell, I will not buy it evah.

What did you buy in the past few weeks? Do you like Bioderma? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hits Speciallita Mari Moon ~ Unconventional

Hey everybody. How are you doing? How about a minute to reflect on my blogging in 2013? As I didn't manage to do any of the favourites of 2013 post, where that would be more fitting ... My blogging in 2013, to put it short, sucked. 
As my regular readers will know, in the beginning of the year I was a part of a large international competition that lasted until April, and afterwards of course I had my exams and my social life to put back in order, and before you know it I was here in Bratislava in September. During all that time for blog was non-existent or I simply lacked the energy for writing and taking pictures (even went entire March without nail polish, which hasn't happened in years before that). 
If I thought I will have more time for blogging here, even about Bratislava, I was of course mistaken. In fact, during Summer I actually considered closing the blog, but then a friend of mine convinced me not to do it. Still, the statistic are a bit sad. I wrote 60 blog posts in the last year. In year before that 112 and in 2011 222 posts. I think one factor was also the fact my camera got kind of broken this year, the battery case keeps randomly opening up, which sometimes makes shooting decent photos quite frustrating and time consuming. Now that I have a decent phone with a camera better than the previous one I think I'll get back the joy of taking pictures of my hands. ;)
I will not make any promises to write regularly, because I make them way too often and then just break them, but I will try. I do love blogging and I have "met" through blog so many great people I think I should keep on doing it. So if you stuck with me until now: thank you, and I hope I'll met you here in 2014 too. :)

The star of this blogpost is from the package wonderful Eveline from Tudo Sobre Esmaltes sent me oh so many months ago. For some odd reason I have not worn Mari Moon Unconventional until now. And it is one of the most stunning multichromes I own. It is insane, really, you should see it in person. Sometimes it is warm purple with blue shimmer, but then it shifts to brighter royal purple and if you shift your hand some more, to a sexy dark red (not unlike Zoya Isla, I think), and if you shift your hand even more it goes orange-y red. Stunningly gorgeous. 

The photos were made with my new phone my BF bought me for NY and the camera is pretty darn awesome, much better than my old one. I love how these pictures turned out. I couldn't capture all the colours of Unconventional, there are too many and some of them get most obvious in light too soft for the camera to work properly in. But even these pictures ... ah, isn't it gorgeous?

This was three coats. It is in fact a two coater, but the brush is very Hits Speciallita like, which means way too stiff and bristles are messy, so they dent the polish surface and you need the third coat to even it up. Totally worth the trouble though. :)

Eveline, thank you! I think every single polish from your package was breathtaking. :)

What is your favourite multi/duochrome shade?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Hard Rock Angry Birds

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I hope your NY celebrations were awesome! I had a blast, first a week with my BF, then almost four days with my girls. It was great! :) I have one month left here in Bratislava, I'm planing to leave on February 7th. One last month. Holy crap. Better make the best of it. :)

Today I am supposed to do a review, but something odd happened at Born Pretty Store page. The item cannot be found on the page. Maybe they completely sold it out? No idea. Anyway, it is 3D Nail stickers and they are Aaaaangry Birds!!! I love Angry birds. I haven't played them in a year at least, but I think they are adorable. :) The ID of the item is 3510, so if you want them and they come back on page, grab them. :)

The base colour is Essie School of Hard Rocks and the colour is a bit off on my pictures, as always. But it is an awesome shade, I love this colour.

The stickers have tiny green glitter on them, a bit unecessary, but it doesn't bother me much. The stickers are 3D and I do not have good experiences with them, they usually last on my nails a good day without any damage. Then they begin to chip and tear from the nail. Still, they look cool, but they are more of a one-day mani thing. And they were cheap, so if they come back on Born Pretty Store, grab them!

My code for your 10% discount:

Do you like Angry Birds? How about 3D stickers? ;)

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.