Sunday, 12 January 2014

New In January ~ A haul post

Hey my dear people! Time for another haul post.

This time it contains absolutely no make up. Nothing looked good enough for me to buy. And since I spent a huge amount of money on my skin care, I'll probably skip make up for a while anyway. This is what I've gotten in the past two weeks.

There is this online shop here in Slovakia (called and they had very good deal on Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle solution. For 17 eur I got 500 ml bottle and 100 ml one as a gift. Now, tell me, isn't the small bottle the cutest thing EVER? It is so adorable! And dead useful, absolutely perfect for travelling! I read quite often comparisons between micelle solutions on blogsphere and I find them really interesting. Bioderma's still rocks for me though. Yeah, it is expensive, but after battling with Ziaja make up remover I really appreciate how easy make up is removed with it. And after re-removing the make up after using Ziaja with my Argan & Mandel oil that I usually have for hair, I really appreciate how Bioderma does not make my eyes watery because they are so irritated (one of the reasons why I simply cannot use oil based removers). So, honestly, I'll just stick to Bioderma. I am really impressed by the brand in general. Also the Bioderma Sensibio Rich creme has become holy grail for my mother's dry skin (so dry oils were not enough for her skin!). And I am fortunate enough to be living at home right around the corner of Leposana, where Bioderma is offer at the lowest price in Slovenia, I think. FTW. :)

I have also bought Bioderma Hydrabio Legere creme after using Sensibio Light tester for a while. That one was too rich for me, it cloged my pores a bit on the greasy part of my skin, but for my dry half of the face (yes, I love my skin) it was perfect, I haven't found a creme that would suit me that much in years. So I tried with Hydrabio line, hoping it would tone down the pore clogging but keep my skin hydrated and so far it is absolute perfection. It just might take Derma E's first place on my creme list, also because the packaging is perfect. 

Second half is for my body. Dermacol Aroma Ritual Sicilian Pistachio shower gel smells divine. Most people are like: wtf, pistachio, really?? And I think they are discontinuing it, but I adore the smell. It smells like pistachio ice cream in Cocoa in Ljubljana (where you can get the best pistachio ice cream ever, it really tastes like pistachio!). So yeah, I love Dermacol shower gels, I need to buy Jasmine one as well.
Fennel Body Yogurt I bought on sale, chocolate chip cookie smell sounded like an awesome idea for some odd reason. I am normally not too fond of sweet smells, but if they are done properly, I like them. This one smells amazing for a couple of minutes, really like chocolate cookie dough, but after 15 minutes it dissolves into this sweet smell that is not really defined. Pity. It has a good texture and keeps my skin soft though. They also have strawberry ice cream scent, but as I dread the artificial strawberry smell, I will not buy it evah.

What did you buy in the past few weeks? Do you like Bioderma? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!


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    1. Nema lakićev ovog mjeseca, ćekam bolje boje.. ;) :D

  2. Od svega mi je zanimljiva jedino Hidrabio krema, znaci dobra je za mjesovitu kozu, ja sam isto mjesovita, ali nemam intenzivno naglasenu razliku izmedju t zone i obraza

    1. Jeste, meni se čini odlična za mješovito kožu, barem je za moju fantastična. Ali neznam, kako će biti kad prođe zima, za sad mi je super. :)