Monday, 27 January 2014

Rimmel Pro ~ Rags to Riches (with Angry Birds)

Whoa, this is my 500th post! And of course it has to be a green nail polish. :) Quite by accident, but still it makes sense. It is snowing here in Bratislava, it looks nice, first snow that actually stuck to the ground and whitened the country this Winter. I like it. I'm heading out soon, hope I don't freeze to death. :D I think the old part of town will look quite amazing covered in snow.

This Rimmel is my flatmate's. It looked like a nice foil green so I had to try it. I put Angry birds on just for fun. I think the big pink/red Angry bird is just being a bad type of sticker, because it again peeled the first, the others stayed on very nicely (same happened with my first Angry Birds mani here). 

This was two coats. I have never seen Rimmel in bottles like this, I guess they are sold in them in the USA, in Europe I've seen only two round type of bottles. Plus it looks like a line, Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO, up to 10 days. It is a nice green colour. Nothing to roll on the ground from excitement about but still, a neat colour. 

What is on your nails today?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Čestitke za 500. post. :) Tale Rimmlov lak mi je zelo všeč. :D

  2. Trenutno nista, a i ovaj zeleni nije bas po mo ukusu, ic ce vjerojatno nesto plavo poslije :D