Thursday, 16 January 2014

Caitlin in black lace (a review)

Hey everyone! Today I have for you a review I am awfully late with posting. Lace nail art was always one of my favourite ones, because I love love love lace and well ... lace on the nails, why not? But again, I am a nail art noob, so stickers with lace pattern sounded pretty darn awesome to me! Born Pretty Store offers the stickers for under 2 dollars and well, I was more than tempted to try them out! 

A lot of people try it on nude nails and I absolutely adore the end result, but alas I haven't brought any nude polish with me. Still, I wanted something classy, and Zoya Caitlin seemed perfect for the job. Lovely shade of purple that isn't too dark. And now I want a dress with similar pattern!

Blurry one to show the glitter the stickers contain.

And the sheet itself, with different patterns. The one I used is already missing.

I picked the pattern HL210, as it is obvious from the last photo, but these Lace Style 3D stickers (item ID is 7381) come in 12 different patterns and in both black and white! So you can have your pick, and for 1.99$ a piece you can knock yourself out shopping. :) Here is also my code for your 10% discount:

So yeah, I love the effect, but the stickers reacted badly with my topcoat (Essence fast drying one), they wrinkled a bit. That didn't ruin the effect, but consequently stickers came off the in chunks in couple of hours, as they got stuck to everything (especially my hair) and got pulled off. Too bad, I  need to try them with another TC. Just a fair warning for all Essence TC users. :) I did love the combo with Caitlin so much, I'll do it again, just with another TC. :)

Do you like the lace nail art on the nails?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.


  1. this looks like stamping!! so cool, love these stickers!!

  2. Lijepe su naljepnice, al je Caitlin ipak zvijezda :D

  3. Te nalepke so mi res krasne, že prav vidim, kako bi jih kombinirala na nohtih. :P