Thursday, 30 January 2014

Miss Sporty ~ Metal Flip ~ 050 shade

Hey everyone! It is snowing here in Bratislava, it is beautiful!! I mean, the wind was blowing so hard the snow was falling horizontally for a while, but it looks amazing from my warm room. :) 

Today I managed to get better pictures of the 050 shade from Metal Flip collection. If you googled this particular Miss Sporty line, you might have noticed that the western bloggers mostly show shades 010, 030 and 040, they all also have names (as you can also see on Miss Sporty UK official site), but the eastern bloggers show 030, 040 and 050. And these have no names. So when I bought them I found the Beetle wings a bit off, only to realise I do not have Beetle wings (010), but an unnamed shade 050. As I think it is a pity that is nameless, so I shall call it Autumn Forest. Yeah. It reminds me of Fall and the colours of the the leaves in Autumn.

The other set of pictures I took when wearing the shade for the first time (some sunlight pictures):

This was all three coats. I love shades like this. And I like how brush strokes are not (too) visible, even if it is a metallic nail polish. All in all I just wish I could get the 010 too. :)

Do you have any shades from Metal Flip collection? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Replies
    1. Ja, meni je čisto jesenski. Ga pa tudi zdaj zelo rada nosim, res je lep. V umetni svetlobi dobi še več različnih shiftov. :D

  2. Tale je res lep, verjetno eden najlepših duochrome lakcev. :)

    1. Za moj okus je seveda premalo zelen, ampak to sem pač jaz. :D Je pa res eden mojih najljubših shiftov, pomoje jih najpogosteje nosim.

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    1. Res je :) Meni je tudi zelo všeč, sem vesela, da sem jo kupila (sem kar cincala med to in Fiery Blaze, ker sta se mi v DMu zdeli podobni).

  4. Replies
    1. Da. :) A čini mi se, da se jih može kupiti i kod drugih brandova bez problema, što je još bolje. :)

  5. ì have none of these polishes, but it looks really lovely!

  6. zbilja je krasan, podsjeća me na models own iz beetlejuice kolekcije *.*

  7. Nije moja boja, ali definitivno si mu dala pravo ime bas podsjeca na jesensko lisce