Saturday, 25 January 2014

New in January (again) ~ Haul, an USA one

Hello, my dear readers! I am still in (at the moment) freezing Bratislava, with a small piece of USA in my room. :) When I posted my haul post of January about two weeks ago, I thought that was really it for January, I spent a lot of money on the cosmetics and didn't feel like shopping for anything else. How was I supposed to know my flatmate would return from the USA with an entire suitcase of stuff just for me?? Well, ok, not entire suitcase, but, really, I was flabbergasted when she started pulling out all the gifts for me. USA is the paradise for shopping, seriously. Even as I browsed through her cosmetics, all from Lancome to Shisheido and asked her about the prices, I was shocked, the prices in USA for the high end brands are ... laughable comparing to the European ones. But that you already know, don't you? How about I show you all I've gotten?

Group photo! Everything from nail polish, make up, hair, facial and body cosmetics. Oh, and a cosmetics bag from Estee Lauder. You know why she got the bag? They put the testers in it. Yes. The bag just for the testers. I laughed out loud, really. Here you are lucky if you get testers at all. Or bag for that matter. Even if you do, it is the regular plastic one, that I have no use for. This one is actually great, I need more cosmetic bags.

Nail polish first, right? China Glaze Champagne Bubbles, this one is from 2011 holiday collection, one of my favourites from china glaze, as they gave us Tinsel Town, Glittering Garland AND Twinkle Lights in that collection. Orly mini called Conduit. If you search for swatches, you shan't find Orly one, but SpaRitual one. Did you know Orly and SpaRitual are sister companies? I sure didn't. But Conduit is a GORGEOUS copper gold, I cannot wait to try it! And a set of minis Orly Secret Society. I cannot wait to play with these, they flew under my radar completely, so it will be a complete surprise, trying them. I like Orly, so I do not think I'll be disappointed. 

We proceed with The Body Shop set.

 The set is for brown smokey eyes and it is utterly gorgeous (although the picture below does not do them justice). Plus, I like how I accidentaly took a picture of my Iron Maiden T-shirt in the mirror, so I left it uncropped. :D

I was crazy about The Body Shop a couple of years ago, I wanted everything from them. Then I kinda realised they are not worth the price for me. I mean, their products smell ah-mazing and they are good, but the price tag is too much for me, at least now. Still, I like their shower gels and body butters and I have an eyeshadow that is amazing ... yeah, I would buy more of it, if their price wasn't too much. The Body Shop Sugar Body Scrubs are Karite and Chocolate and they smell divine. The 4-step Smokey Eyes Set looks awesome and the brushes actually look useful, another win! The palette seems like the perfect set for quick brown smokey eyes, I will try them asap.

The Lancome set.

Ok, girls, get this. These are all testers! All of them! And the tubes contain 15 ml of product. Is it just me or we don't get that in EU?? And if we do, can you please tell me where? Ok, I am not going to retype the names of the products, just in short: the silver tubes are a serum for under moisturiser, the purple one is a daily cream with SPF 15 (really happy about that), the pot is an eye creme. The teal bag is Advanced Skin Correction (Visionnaire), also for pores - and if this baby works, I just might sell my kidney for it, or something. The black bag is Youth Activating Concentrate, whatever that means. If you want to know more, please let me know. :)

And the rest, a mixture:

The Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream smells utterly divine. Quite strong smell, but I love it. The hands are incredibly soft after applying, it absorbs really fast and just works great on your skin and cuticles. I love it. As I am running low on my hand creme here (was already looking for replacements in drugstores), it is a perfect gift.
Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue is menthol scented "medicated" lip balm. I love the feeling of menthol on my lips (I liked the Blistex one that everyone around me hated, too) and it is not too strong, plus it feels amazing on the lips.
Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner, at last! Yay! This one is purple, not white as the ones I saw in DM in Bratislava, I am not sure, if it is different or is it just the package, either way, I am supper happy that I have it! 
I also got Crabtree & Evelyn Lily bath and shower gel, travel sized gorgeously smelling goodie. I love the smell.

I also got a Yankee candle, jogging pants, T-shirt and two bras. At that point I was standing in the middle of the room, speechless, having the first world problem of not being able to hold all my presents and making two rounds of taking them into my room. Yeah. My flatmate seriously rocks (thanks, dear!). I need to go on a shopping spree in the USA! 

Have you tried any of these stuff? Any nail polish you would like to see first?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Res maš najboljšo cimro, ane :D
    Mja, maš prav glede TBS - jz sem sicer še vedno čist navdušena, ampak so res mal predragi :/
    Aja, pa fajn bi blo vidt najprej lake (valda), Orly Secret Society zgleda zanimivo.

    1. Ja, mislim, da bom s Secret Society začela. Bomo videli, kateri me najbolj pritegne. :) Ja, TBS bi lahko malce znižal cene, ker se mi ne zdi da so ravno TOLIKO kvalitetnejši, da bi upravičili ceno, gre bolj za famo. Ampak ja, cimro imam pa najboljšo. :D

  2. yeah I'll go with you to shop in the US... the testers are incredibly big and most of the time I'd like to just have the testers, it's enough product! :) Lovely gifts your flatmate brought you, seems like you're going to have a lot of fun!
    PS: BodyShop products are super affordable in the outletcenter near vienna in Parndorf, if you ever want to buy any. Body butters are like 4 euros, shower gels from around 2.

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing that!! I'll check it out, ASAP, maybe on my way home, we can go via Wien. :)

  3. body shop set za sjenila mi se cini super stvar :D a bome i ostatak je fini :) a placem kad cujem za prakse u americi i onda se sjetim kako je kod nas

    1. Ma da, mogli bi se naši ljudi nešto naučit od njih. :D