Monday, 28 January 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Angry Birds stamping plate (QA17)

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? Again a review, but this one is so awesome, I could not wait to show it to you. Angry birds!! Actually a very simple game, that is saved by the cuteness of it. I am a big fan of the game, I used to played it all the time. Now I do not really have the time (plus I can only play it on my BF's cellphone, mine does not cover the applications and games), but I still think the entire game is adorable. 
And now you have the opportunity to join the Angry Birds game with your nail polish obsession. Born Pretty Store carries the Angry Birds stamping plate, item ID is 4872. I was happy to receive one for a review. BTW, my 10% discount code is still valid: SSL91!

Let's see what I came up with. First some general observations:
1. The plate is really cheap, 2.99 dollars.
2. The birds actually look like Angry birds! 
3. The birds are very big, or the patterns are very big. I have done all the stampings on very short nails, so that is very obvious. 

I did two manicures for this review. 

First, I wanted to make a bird attacking the pig. There's the catapult, and my second favourite yellow bird (first one is the black one that explodes) and the pig. As you can see, I had the help of an Angry bird taking these photos, a birthday present I received last year. :) The pig is so big, it fits on my nail by millimetres, and the catapult is cut off by a millimetre or two.

Second is "bring forth all legions" kind of mani. I wanted to do four Angry birds in their colours. Alas, the red and the black one acted really funny, they did not want to get nicely stamped. I redid them twice with the same result. Pity. Here you can also see how big the birds actually are, only the yellow one fit on my nails, the rest have their feathers cut off. 

Since I love Angry birds, this plate is loads of fun for me. But I will try again when my nails are longer, I think then the results will also be much better. I would love to see another plate done with eggs and with different pigs. I like the designs on this one, so I think they would do a good second one as well. 

I think the only minus of this plate is the patterns being too big for short nails. My nails beds are rather big, so even when I'm having short nails, they are often bigger than short nails of people I know and the patterns are still too big for my short nails. So it is more of a longer nails stamping plate. I do not really mind this, since I wear my nails long too, but I know a lot of people that keep their nails short, so that could present a problem for them. 

I am happy with everything else. Born Pretty Store has tons of items to choose from, they are nice and they pack the goodies good, so the items arrive safely. I think the stamping plate is a neat toy, especially for an Angry bird fan. I recommend it. Here is also my 10% off code if you choose to buy anything from Born Pretty Store:

Do you like Angry Birds?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.   

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Punk Retro copper Earring

Hello everyone! I'm back with a review. The last few weeks were very hectic, so I had to put everything else on hold. But I got the Born Pretty Store package a few days ago and I could not resist playing with it. Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me two items for a review and today I will show you the first one. BTW, my code for 10% is still valid, if you wish to shop there!: SSL91. It's on my sidebar as well. :)

I love jewellery, especially earrings. And perhaps you did not know this, but Born Pretty Store has a lot of different jewelry to offer, not just nail art related items! So I decided to explore the jewelry part of their site, and fell in love with this particular Punk Retro copper Earring, its item ID is 4654. It looked so awesome I was willing to ignore the rhinestones in the flower (or a cross rather). ;) The pictures on the site are not the best you can get, since the earring is not shown on a model, but I took my chances, and sadly realised the earring is too small for my ear. That is why I'm adding the measurements on the pictures of the earring, so hopefully if any of you are thinking about ordering it, you can check if it will fit first. 

Now, I do not consider myself to have Dumbo ears, thank you very much, I think my ears are of normal size. ;) But apparently this earring is made for very petite ears, or I try to wear it wrong somehow. Here are the pictures.

 I also took pictures of the earring on my ear, trying very hard to fit it somehow.

 I have it in my earlobe, but the upper part would not stand without me holding it. 

 Again, the earring fits with the lower half without a problem (I have the holes in the middle of the earlobes, I have two holes in my other ear, but obviously I could not try it there), but the upper part is too short and curves the upper part of my ear, so it looks really funny).

Sorry for the blurry first one. I think the earring is supposed to be worn as I try to wear it on the second photo, because it would fit perfectly if it was a centimetre longer. Now I look like a weird hybrid of human and elf wearing it. So obviously I shall not wear it. Pity, really, I still think it looks gorgeous. But I would have picked the snake earring, had I known the measurements of them both.

As far as Born Pretty Store is concerned I am happy with their service. Very nice people, willing to help. Also their choice of nail art products is very vast and nice, together with everything else. This package took longer than the last one, but we had around a week of holidays, so it is understandable. The package came in good shape and the earring was in perfect condition. The only minus is obvious - with earring that obviously is not one size fits all they should put measurements of it on the site, and possibly a how-to-wear it on a model, not just on a glass. 

There you have it. If you like it, check the size of it and your ear, and let me know if it fits. Perhaps I do have Dumbo ears! o.O ;) Oh, if you think I am trying to wear it the wrong way, let me know, perhaps that is the problem. :)

 Here is a code for 10% discount if you wish to order anything from Born Pretty Store!

What do you think of these kinds of earrings, yay or nay?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.   

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Powerpuff Girls set

Heya people! I have been away for a while, thanks to my college work. It does not mean I stopped polishing my nails. :) I have the Powerpuff Girls trio for ya today. I admit, I am a big fan of Powerpuff Girls, I like most of the characters, especially Him and Buttercup and Bubbles. I dislike Blossom, because she is such a smartypants. I generally dislike controlfreak-ish, bossy people. And she is 'the leader'. Oh well.:) 

Hits had come up with an entire Powerpuff girls collection, so I asked the lovely Eveline to get me one for each girl. I chose Cotton Candy from Bubbles line, Elemento X from Buttercup's and Pink Night from Blossom's.

Cotton Candy (the last one) is in fact more pink than purple, but my camera refused to show the real warmth of the shade, on the photos it is much too blue based.
Pink Nights is in fact a neon, yes. My first neon too! I love it. It has a tad bit more pink in the red than my photos show. 
Elemento X is a blackened green that looks black most of the time. You see the flash of green, if you really pay attention to your nails though. 

What all of these have in common is a seriously bad brush. I also tried a Hits holo and it came with the same bad brush, so I guess it is how Hits brushes roll or something. Not an easy application with these, especially with Elemento X, where the bristles are actually so stiff they scrape off the polish already on the nails, when applying a new coat. Formula wise they are all two coaters, but thanks to the brush you have to put three for an even mani. Just a fair warning. Still, I love the theme of these bottles. Powerpuff girls, yay! You know what would be awesome? Dexter's Laboratory and Forster's Home for Imaginary Friends collection! Oh, and Beetlejuice too! Oh oh, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Oh man, that would be so cool. :)

Do you like Powerpuff girls? How about Hits polish?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jade Holografico ~ Energy

Oh yes, it's a beautiful sunny day here in Ljubljana! I feel much better just with having some sunlight, even if I have a lot of work to do, looking through the window makes me cheerful today. :) When I got up I also got serious craving to wear a holographic, possibly because I was able to photograph it in all its beauty. And, I mean, I have Brazilian holos just sitting there on the table, waiting for brighter days, that's kinda heretic, isn't it? I picked Jade Holografico named Energy. Please bear in mind this is in fact bluish teal, not bright blue.

And a video, because there is no way to properly show you the intense holografic effect Energy has on photos.

Energy is my first Jade to every try out and I am really impressed by their application. There was no trouble whatsoever with it, formula is really nice and the brush is great. I needed three coats for full opacity, you know I don't like VNL, but it went really fast due to the great application. The holo effect is amazing. It looks so great, plus it does not need a lot of light to be nicely visible. Naturally it goes insane on direct sunlight. The base colour is teal on the blue side, but I don't think I captured that properly, add a drop of green to the colour in the photos. Anyway, a lovely surprise from Brazil. I didn't even pick one Jade polish, but Eveline said I need it in my life. She was right. :)

Do you have Jade polish, do you like it? Are you still crazy about holo effect or has the hype calmed down a bit? :)

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Zoya ~ Carly

Hello everyone! How are you? Still too full to think? I'm actually so full of sweets, I do not wish to eat it anymore, that almost never happens to me. Sugar addict, I'm afraid. I've started year 2013, if I don't count my NY's mani, with an awesome Zoya purple named Carly. She is a part of Zoya Summer Collection Surf of 2012 , an insanely glowy warm purple. Naturally it's the purple my camera has difficulties picking up the right shade of, bit I think I did rather well. :) It is a great, great purple, vivid but still feels kinda like the classy sister in the Surf collection.

You see a lot of different lights, I wanted to capture the true shade of Carly. This is two coats, but Carly is basically a one coater, I did two just because of macro shots. Excellent formula too, I don't think I did any clean up at all. Great one, Zoya!

Did you get any colours from Surf collection?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 4 January 2013

My top 20 of 2012

Hello dear people! I'm really late with my top 20 of 2012, but you know time is never on my side. :) This is the polish I used and showed on the blog in year 2012, no matter when it came out, 2012 is the year I discovered it. There is no particular order to it, these are simply the colours that I loved most in the past year. Maybe you will remember having them in your stash and wear them again soon. :)

I am not surprised that the main colours in my nail polish year were green and blue. Green is the colour that just does not let me go (or better said, I don't let her go), I love it oh so much. Although I'm not as 'fanatical' for blue as I am for green, it's the silent water in my stash. I wear it often, have tons of blue shades ... but still, I think of myself as total green fanatic, not really blue. Dunno why though.

I remember I said to myself last year that I shall do more nail art in 2012. Although I still don't do it as often as I want to, the work in that direction has definitively been done - I started stamping, I'm doing stripe tapes manicures more often ... I'm glad I kept at least a little bit of that NY's resolution. 
Generally in 2012 my heavy obsession with nail polish somewhat cooled off to a rather 'normal' level, if you will. I became picky and I returned to my stash for colours I love, instead of constantly searching for new shades. 
I still have a couple of unfulfilled wishes in nail polish department, though. BB Couture greens are on my WL from day one and 80% of them are still not in my possession. There is still that white holo I wish for. And A England has a long list of polish I desire. 

My most worn brand in year 2012 was certainly Zoya, second place takes China Glaze. I adore their formula and brush and their colours, of course. Zoya is the brand that is making colours I often wear for the second, third, fourth etc. time, which is not often with my stash in general. 
The strongest collectionthis year, IMHO, was China Glaze Capitol Colors. That was an amazing collection, very, very nice, I think I've gotten most colours from one collection there. Second place takes Zoya's Surf Collection, I only skipped on the pink one, the rest of colours in the collection is a perfection.

I have also gotten the entire Nubar Going Green collection, thanks to my awesome swap buddy Kris, that was one of my biggest wishes ever in nail polish. And I've gotten Ludurana multichromes and Hits holos that I never imagined I would have, thanks to wonderful Eveline. Not to mention the wonderful surprises from other nail polish fanatics and friends, you know who you are, I thank you for your kindness.  :*

Last, but certainly not least, I wish to thank you, dear reader, for making my days better with your comments and ideas. This blog is still a wonderful experience and reason why I met so many truly amazing persons, and for that I'm still sticking to it. Thank you all for sticking with me as well! :)