Thursday, 24 January 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Punk Retro copper Earring

Hello everyone! I'm back with a review. The last few weeks were very hectic, so I had to put everything else on hold. But I got the Born Pretty Store package a few days ago and I could not resist playing with it. Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me two items for a review and today I will show you the first one. BTW, my code for 10% is still valid, if you wish to shop there!: SSL91. It's on my sidebar as well. :)

I love jewellery, especially earrings. And perhaps you did not know this, but Born Pretty Store has a lot of different jewelry to offer, not just nail art related items! So I decided to explore the jewelry part of their site, and fell in love with this particular Punk Retro copper Earring, its item ID is 4654. It looked so awesome I was willing to ignore the rhinestones in the flower (or a cross rather). ;) The pictures on the site are not the best you can get, since the earring is not shown on a model, but I took my chances, and sadly realised the earring is too small for my ear. That is why I'm adding the measurements on the pictures of the earring, so hopefully if any of you are thinking about ordering it, you can check if it will fit first. 

Now, I do not consider myself to have Dumbo ears, thank you very much, I think my ears are of normal size. ;) But apparently this earring is made for very petite ears, or I try to wear it wrong somehow. Here are the pictures.

 I also took pictures of the earring on my ear, trying very hard to fit it somehow.

 I have it in my earlobe, but the upper part would not stand without me holding it. 

 Again, the earring fits with the lower half without a problem (I have the holes in the middle of the earlobes, I have two holes in my other ear, but obviously I could not try it there), but the upper part is too short and curves the upper part of my ear, so it looks really funny).

Sorry for the blurry first one. I think the earring is supposed to be worn as I try to wear it on the second photo, because it would fit perfectly if it was a centimetre longer. Now I look like a weird hybrid of human and elf wearing it. So obviously I shall not wear it. Pity, really, I still think it looks gorgeous. But I would have picked the snake earring, had I known the measurements of them both.

As far as Born Pretty Store is concerned I am happy with their service. Very nice people, willing to help. Also their choice of nail art products is very vast and nice, together with everything else. This package took longer than the last one, but we had around a week of holidays, so it is understandable. The package came in good shape and the earring was in perfect condition. The only minus is obvious - with earring that obviously is not one size fits all they should put measurements of it on the site, and possibly a how-to-wear it on a model, not just on a glass. 

There you have it. If you like it, check the size of it and your ear, and let me know if it fits. Perhaps I do have Dumbo ears! o.O ;) Oh, if you think I am trying to wear it the wrong way, let me know, perhaps that is the problem. :)

 Here is a code for 10% discount if you wish to order anything from Born Pretty Store!

What do you think of these kinds of earrings, yay or nay?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.   


  1. Bas mi je zao sto ti nije uspjela stat na uho kako treba. Lijepo mi je vidjet ovakve nausnice, ali sama jos uvijek nisam probala, a nosila bi zasto ne

    1. Hvala ti za komentar. :) Ako misliš, da imaš dovoljno malo uho za ovog, šalji mi email sa adresu i šaljem ti ga. :)

    2. hvala za ponudu :) bas sam isla provjeravat dimenzije uha i koliko mi se cini ne bi stala. a bas sam mislila kako imam male usi XD