Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Powerpuff Girls set

Heya people! I have been away for a while, thanks to my college work. It does not mean I stopped polishing my nails. :) I have the Powerpuff Girls trio for ya today. I admit, I am a big fan of Powerpuff Girls, I like most of the characters, especially Him and Buttercup and Bubbles. I dislike Blossom, because she is such a smartypants. I generally dislike controlfreak-ish, bossy people. And she is 'the leader'. Oh well.:) 

Hits had come up with an entire Powerpuff girls collection, so I asked the lovely Eveline to get me one for each girl. I chose Cotton Candy from Bubbles line, Elemento X from Buttercup's and Pink Night from Blossom's.

Cotton Candy (the last one) is in fact more pink than purple, but my camera refused to show the real warmth of the shade, on the photos it is much too blue based.
Pink Nights is in fact a neon, yes. My first neon too! I love it. It has a tad bit more pink in the red than my photos show. 
Elemento X is a blackened green that looks black most of the time. You see the flash of green, if you really pay attention to your nails though. 

What all of these have in common is a seriously bad brush. I also tried a Hits holo and it came with the same bad brush, so I guess it is how Hits brushes roll or something. Not an easy application with these, especially with Elemento X, where the bristles are actually so stiff they scrape off the polish already on the nails, when applying a new coat. Formula wise they are all two coaters, but thanks to the brush you have to put three for an even mani. Just a fair warning. Still, I love the theme of these bottles. Powerpuff girls, yay! You know what would be awesome? Dexter's Laboratory and Forster's Home for Imaginary Friends collection! Oh, and Beetlejuice too! Oh oh, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Oh man, that would be so cool. :)

Do you like Powerpuff girls? How about Hits polish?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Bubbles should have been blue :( But all of them are pretty <3

  2. I love all of these!! They look gorgeous! Sorry about the bad brush.

  3. very cute collection! i loved powerpuff girls at a kid!


  4. to risanko sem oboževala :) hehe... lepe barve

  5. oh wow, the first one is amazing!

  6. Prvi mi je zelo všeč. :)

  7. preslatki lakići, prvi mi se ipak najviše sviđa... ali bočice su preslatke i rado bih ih imala sve :D

  8. I know how much you love green like I do. Have you seen the Pretty Serious Blu Gums on Boxing Day? I am waiting for it to arrive but the swatches are stunning!

  9. nisam bas nikad gledala powerpuff girls tako da ne znam sto bi mislila o njima, a od lakova mi je ovaj zadnji rozi (ljubicasti) najljepsi

  10. They all look very cute on you!
    Sometimes I buy polishes (ok, not only polishes) just because of the names. I almost freaked out a few days ago when I realized that there's a nail polish named The Pinky and The Brain (from Catrice). Could it be cooler?
    If Speciallitá created a collection based on The Fairly OddParents, I'd have no choice but bring it home, LOL. I love this cartoon!