Friday, 4 January 2013

My top 20 of 2012

Hello dear people! I'm really late with my top 20 of 2012, but you know time is never on my side. :) This is the polish I used and showed on the blog in year 2012, no matter when it came out, 2012 is the year I discovered it. There is no particular order to it, these are simply the colours that I loved most in the past year. Maybe you will remember having them in your stash and wear them again soon. :)

I am not surprised that the main colours in my nail polish year were green and blue. Green is the colour that just does not let me go (or better said, I don't let her go), I love it oh so much. Although I'm not as 'fanatical' for blue as I am for green, it's the silent water in my stash. I wear it often, have tons of blue shades ... but still, I think of myself as total green fanatic, not really blue. Dunno why though.

I remember I said to myself last year that I shall do more nail art in 2012. Although I still don't do it as often as I want to, the work in that direction has definitively been done - I started stamping, I'm doing stripe tapes manicures more often ... I'm glad I kept at least a little bit of that NY's resolution. 
Generally in 2012 my heavy obsession with nail polish somewhat cooled off to a rather 'normal' level, if you will. I became picky and I returned to my stash for colours I love, instead of constantly searching for new shades. 
I still have a couple of unfulfilled wishes in nail polish department, though. BB Couture greens are on my WL from day one and 80% of them are still not in my possession. There is still that white holo I wish for. And A England has a long list of polish I desire. 

My most worn brand in year 2012 was certainly Zoya, second place takes China Glaze. I adore their formula and brush and their colours, of course. Zoya is the brand that is making colours I often wear for the second, third, fourth etc. time, which is not often with my stash in general. 
The strongest collectionthis year, IMHO, was China Glaze Capitol Colors. That was an amazing collection, very, very nice, I think I've gotten most colours from one collection there. Second place takes Zoya's Surf Collection, I only skipped on the pink one, the rest of colours in the collection is a perfection.

I have also gotten the entire Nubar Going Green collection, thanks to my awesome swap buddy Kris, that was one of my biggest wishes ever in nail polish. And I've gotten Ludurana multichromes and Hits holos that I never imagined I would have, thanks to wonderful Eveline. Not to mention the wonderful surprises from other nail polish fanatics and friends, you know who you are, I thank you for your kindness.  :*

Last, but certainly not least, I wish to thank you, dear reader, for making my days better with your comments and ideas. This blog is still a wonderful experience and reason why I met so many truly amazing persons, and for that I'm still sticking to it. Thank you all for sticking with me as well! :)


  1. ajmeeeee *.*
    guacamole i lotus su mi zbilja nešto posebno <3
    i nemam nijedan od ovih :(

  2. tvoja lista mi je apsolutno najbolja od svih koje sam videla. prelepi lakovi!

  3. Love your list! There are definitely some of my favorites in there too. It's funny - I also have quite some bb Couture polishes on my list - they never fail to amaze me. Anyhow, the brand that most amazed me this year is KIKO. I absolutely adore their formula, and spent so much money there in summer! :)

  4. Same lepe lake imaš na tej listi. Mojito Green je tudi med mojimi najljubšimi lanskega leta. :)

  5. KIKO 300 is my Kiko favourite shade ever!
    Smoke and Ashes is a very interesting polish too...but no one can defeat Brazilian bottles...they're my lemming and my hidden nailpolish dream!

    Happy new year, dear!

  6. I definitely share your love of Zoyas here!! Tallulah is my fav Zoya blue!!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments! :)

  8. Lotus i Tallulah definitivno dva najbolja s ove liste :D a jedini kojeg posjedujem je Mohito green. I top 20, pretpostavljam da bi top 10 bilo puno teze izabrat :D

  9. Great choices! I love Grey Matters, Skylar, Zuza and Depend the most! :)

  10. Zelo lep top 20! ;)
    Čeprav je res nekaj več zelenih in modrih kot ostalih, ti je drugače kar uspelo zelo različne odtenke spraviti v svojih top 20. Bravo!