Monday, 28 January 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Angry Birds stamping plate (QA17)

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? Again a review, but this one is so awesome, I could not wait to show it to you. Angry birds!! Actually a very simple game, that is saved by the cuteness of it. I am a big fan of the game, I used to played it all the time. Now I do not really have the time (plus I can only play it on my BF's cellphone, mine does not cover the applications and games), but I still think the entire game is adorable. 
And now you have the opportunity to join the Angry Birds game with your nail polish obsession. Born Pretty Store carries the Angry Birds stamping plate, item ID is 4872. I was happy to receive one for a review. BTW, my 10% discount code is still valid: SSL91!

Let's see what I came up with. First some general observations:
1. The plate is really cheap, 2.99 dollars.
2. The birds actually look like Angry birds! 
3. The birds are very big, or the patterns are very big. I have done all the stampings on very short nails, so that is very obvious. 

I did two manicures for this review. 

First, I wanted to make a bird attacking the pig. There's the catapult, and my second favourite yellow bird (first one is the black one that explodes) and the pig. As you can see, I had the help of an Angry bird taking these photos, a birthday present I received last year. :) The pig is so big, it fits on my nail by millimetres, and the catapult is cut off by a millimetre or two.

Second is "bring forth all legions" kind of mani. I wanted to do four Angry birds in their colours. Alas, the red and the black one acted really funny, they did not want to get nicely stamped. I redid them twice with the same result. Pity. Here you can also see how big the birds actually are, only the yellow one fit on my nails, the rest have their feathers cut off. 

Since I love Angry birds, this plate is loads of fun for me. But I will try again when my nails are longer, I think then the results will also be much better. I would love to see another plate done with eggs and with different pigs. I like the designs on this one, so I think they would do a good second one as well. 

I think the only minus of this plate is the patterns being too big for short nails. My nails beds are rather big, so even when I'm having short nails, they are often bigger than short nails of people I know and the patterns are still too big for my short nails. So it is more of a longer nails stamping plate. I do not really mind this, since I wear my nails long too, but I know a lot of people that keep their nails short, so that could present a problem for them. 

I am happy with everything else. Born Pretty Store has tons of items to choose from, they are nice and they pack the goodies good, so the items arrive safely. I think the stamping plate is a neat toy, especially for an Angry bird fan. I recommend it. Here is also my 10% off code if you choose to buy anything from Born Pretty Store:

Do you like Angry Birds?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.   


  1. I don't even care too much for Angry Birds, but these stamps are too cute!!

    1. Yeah, they are adorable, even if you don't connect them to the game. :)

  2. hehehe, čist hudo je tole!! :D super!

  3. ja nikad nisam igrala tu igricu, to je nesto na smartphoneima? cula jesam za nju

    1. Da. I ja je nemam, ali ima BF HTC sa Androidom pa onda zbog toga možeš downloadat ove aplikacije. High-tech, meni je sve to japanese. :D

  4. predobre, super je pločica :D
    čak sam i ja probala igrat ove lude kokice, obožavam zvukove u igri ;)

    1. Hehehe, kokice, odlično, od sad jih zovem samo kokice. :D I zvukovi su i meni najbolji. :D Chirp!

  5. i wanna buy the stamping plate, i was searching for images on the net!! thank you love!! you make me decide to buy it!! i love your mani!! ;)