Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kiko 300 and 347 with a comparison

 Wow, lately I'm bursting with imagination when it comes to titles, aren't I? Well, right now I'm effing starving, so my thoughts are pretty much all about that very unhealthy pizza I'm about to have. ;) I want to show you another two Kikos I have. 300 beat 299 and is now my number 1 Kiko polish, 347 was number two for the longest time, now it's number 4, but it's still utterly gorgeous! I also did a comparison between Kiko 347 and Orly Enchanted Forest ages ago, so I'm finally showing it to you.

First Kiko 300. Oh dear Lord of the Rings. I never thought I'd seen more gorgeous Kiko than 299, but they did it. It's one of those shades that make you stare at your nails, thinking: 'how the hell can this polish look so awesome?!'. At least I have these moments with polish that sweeps me off my feet. ;) 

Naturally this gorgeousness doesn't photograph well at all. It looks too blue on my photos, so does on just about every photo I found online of it. So I actually went through the scales of colours I found online and the closest I got to the actual colour is a colour called 'teal blue'. And it is, in fact. Add a few drops of green in the colour, but be careful enough to still keep it strongly on the blue side of the teal. Do I make sense? It pisses me off when I can't present a colour so beautiful accurately. You can at least very accurately enjoy in the tiny shimmer/micro glitter/glass flecks this little beauty has. It creates an insanely deep colour. Gorgeous. It took three coats for full opacity, excellent formula and brush. Kiko 300 was in fact a gorgeous NY gift from a good friend of mine, all the way from Spain. Thank you, darling, I love it! :*

Next Kiko 347. A deep green creme, but still green in every light. Right up my alley. 

Great formula on this one too, it's a two coater, the brush is again fantastic. I love these deep green cremes, although I'm more in a brighter green phase now for a while. And teal phase. Loads of teal. Anyway. Still a great one! 

When I got Kiko 347 I still  had Tevta's Helmer at home, and it looked awfully close to her Orly Enchanted Forest, so I did a fast comparison back then. It's so old I'm still using my very thick Seche Vite, hence the bubbles on my middle finger and the shrinkage on Orly. *sigh*

Both need two coats for full opacity, both have great formula and great brush, although I prefer Kikos. If you look really hard you'll notice Kiko has a tiny bit more blue in the colour, in softer light or if you won't check out your nails very carefully, the difference won't be noticeable. So I'm skipping Enchanted Forest, one less on the WL! :)

Thoughts on these two? Are the greens close enough for ya?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oh my!!! 300 is A-MA-ZING!!!! I love it!

  2. totalno ljubomorna na sve tvoje kiko lakove :-p
    malo mi je kiko dublji od orly pa njemu ide moj glas :-D

  3. I keep looking at 300 every time I enter the Kiko store. And then I tell myself that I have so many untrieds that I better wait for some sales or offers! My favourite Kiko is still 346 though!

  4. Kikooo! wohoo! Tale 300 ga kr zmaga, ja.

    Ej lih sem si kupila novega, Jungle Green št. 392. :) Mal je temen, ampak je hud! Zelen! <3

  5. Oduševljena sam sa ovim 300. <3
    Evo mojih slikica ovoga ljepotana u jednom od starijih postova na mom blogu:


    Slikano je na svijetlu, ali se opet ne vidi ta njegova prekrasna boja koju ima! <3

  6. I love 300, it's so so so gorgeous! I will definitely get myself a bottle too ;)

  7. I have that orly so I don't need this kiko. They look awfully similar to me. Even for green freaks like you and I! Wish I had better access to kiko!

  8. It's really making me sad that Kikos aren't available here. I especially like 347 seeing as I don't own the Orly yet. ;)

  9. Prvi odtenek je božanski, škoda da se Kiko ne prodaja pri nas