Friday, 3 February 2012

Paket Petek

Heya people! Another Friday, another package! Ah, but this one is even more special than usual. I'm always extremely happy to receive any kind of packages, you know, in general, they're just super fun, and with having an awesome swap buddy every package is a total win. That is why I started with this particular label. To praise the packages! :)

Today's particular little gem of a package came yesterday. And it was completely unexpected and I can't get over the awesomeness of it. Remember when I was utterly surprised by dear Stefanie with a bottle of BB Couture Clyde? I keep it in my display picture too. Well, guess what. A couple of days ago I received another email from her. I don't think I could be more surprised about it. It was also a surprise package, so I could hardly wait to get it and when it arrived in a cute box, I could not open it fast enough. What was inside left me speechless. The totally great Rembrandt card with the cutest message that made me smile and ... these:

I couldn't believe it. Honestly. I mean, look at them. Before I forget, L to R: Kiko Frozen LE 06, BB Couture Horned Devil and Widow Maker, A England Order of the Garter, Cult Nails Power Thief and Nubar Gem. And now I'll go faint. 

I could go on and on about this. Two of my great lemmings, my first A England (and what a pick, this blue and the teal and the green holo are the ones I want the most from the new collection, the blue is SO electric and bright!), my first Cult (that looks like a darker Orly Nite Owl with not only silver but green and pink shimmer, FTW!!) ... Kiko looks like it's going to kill my Zoya Raven lemming and Widow maker makes me stare at the bottle for a few moments with its black glitter.
No words for how awesome this package is. Nor for how touched and honoured I am that Stefanie remembered me once more with this wonderful gift. Thank you so much, darling. It was the nicest surprise, I just can't get over it. I'll stop typing right here, because I can't think of words cool enough to express my gratitude or happiness. In short, Stefanie, you rock!

And now to pick the first one to wear! I'm thinking bright orange or bright blue. They are BRIGHT! 

What was in your latest package? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Yay, fantastičen paket! Yay za super swap prijateljice :D

    In dobrodošla v Cultu tudi ti ;)

  2. ajmeeeee, dobila si cult lakić *.*

  3. Great stuff! I got a lot in my mail today but I wasn't able to get a decent pic to show, it's snowing and it's incredibly too dark!

  4. Ves cas te berem in nic ne komentiram... ojej. Kakorkoli - moj paket je vseboval dva glosa in dve sminki od Illamasque (ponavljam za Tevto, hihi). Sicer pa super laki!

  5. Great polishes. I can't wait to see them on your nails!

  6. Thanks, everyone! I can't wait to show them to you!

  7. Wow - tole je pa KRASEN paket! *drool*