Wednesday, 12 January 2011

BB Couture Clyde - a very special mani

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm great, my back pain is almost gone and it's been an interesting nail-polsih day. Hey new people! We reached 200, guys, you're amazing, thank you!! :) 
I'm about to hit the books right now, but first I want to share my NOTD with the story behind it, since it's totally awesome.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a reader and at first I couldn't believe what she was asking me. Her order of BBs was false, they sent one wrong bottle and since she knew it's on my WL, she asked me if I want it. I was shocked and saying that is an understatment. After a few emails I got it today in my mail (really quick delivery, I didn't expect it for at least 4 days more) and while opening the envelope I was still like: no freaking way! I got a lovely note and a beautiful bottle full of dark green polish. Oh-my-Lord-Of-The-Rings! I'm so honoured that a person a few hundred kilometres up North of my little neck of the woods that never even met me, likes my blog so much she thought of me when thinking what to do with the BB. So honoured, I cannot even express it. This is by far the biggest compliment to my blog. I have beyond any doubt the most awesome readers on the freaking internet! Stefanie, I can't thank you enough for this lovely surprise!

And here it is, BB Couture Clyde, on my abnormally short nails (sadly nail on my middle finger broke the other day).

Clyde is a part of Infamos Lovers Collection for Fall 2010, a glorious green (the shade that BB Couture does the best on the whole wide world, I must add!) creme that is a dream to work with. It's completely even in only two coats!! I was sure I'll need three because the dark cremes tend to be uneven on the nail, but it was a perfection to apply. Also it's one of those dark greens that remain green in every light. Sure in a very soft light it will go quite vampy, but it will stay green. And on the normal lighting it's just to die for dark forest green. I am completely in love with Clyde. I find no cons on this polish or brand. Perfect brush, perfect application, perfect shade. Enough said. :)

What do you think about Clyde?

Thank you for reading!


  1. That was incredibly nice of her :) What a gorgeous green *drools* I must try out BBs one day!

  2. Zelo so mi všeč tvoji krajši nohti :)
    Tudi barva je lepa.

  3. I love it! Really beautiful green and i LOVE green :)

  4. Zelooo prijazno od Stefanie!!! Človeka kar pri srčku stisne, kako prijazni ljudje obstajajo. <3
    Lak je čudovit! Tvoji nohti pa so mi sedaj perfektni! Prečudoviti!

  5. BB is great. That particular BB is great. I love your nails. Very chic.

  6. Hey Hey,
    just gave you the stylish blogger ward! :)

  7. Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

    Jette, yeah, u must! Although a fair warning: once you try it you can never go back. ;)

    Katkoc, hvala! Jaz sem rabila nekaj časa, da sem se navadila, zdaj so pa tudi meni kar všeč. :) Ena živo rdeča že čaka name. ;)

    peripatetic33, thank you!

    Kelliegonzo, hey, welcome to my blog! :) And yes, Clyde is a keeper. :)

    Mina, I completely agree, total green junkie. :D

    Maestra, vem, jaz sem oobčutila mešanico šokiranosti in ganjenosti ko sem videla paket. Neverjetno. In hvala za prelepe komplimente. :)

    jaljen, word! :) And thank you. :)

    Danny, thanks girl! I'll post it right away, since there is quite a few of you now. :D

  8. Vau, to pa je zelo prijazno dejanje. Dandanes to redko doživiš.
    Tvoji nohti so prelepi, pa če so dolgi ali kratki. Všeč mi je tale Clyde. Ničesar podobnega še nimam v zbirki, tako da se ga ne bi branila. ;)

  9. eto,nisam jedina kojoj je jučer bio dobar dan :-D
    drago mi je zbog tebe,staphanie je stvarno krasna kad si joj baš ti pala na pamet (a mogla ga je recimo, meni dati :-p)

  10. Zelo lepa barva, že vidim kaj se bo zgodilo: Ko sem začela spremljati Ivano sem vzljubila roza barvo, zaj bom pa še zeleno =)

  11. Taya, res je prelep, prav tako je čudovito od Stefanie da mi ga je podarila. :)

    nail crazy, ma, dobila si dovoljno lakova na isti dan. ;) :D

    colorfulbottle, hehehehe, zelena je pa res tako hvaležna barva. :D Milijon odtenkov, en te bo že zadel v srce. ;)

    Hvala za komentarje!