Saturday, 8 January 2011

Depend 170 and giveaway update

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm having my second cup of coffee right now, although I promised myself, I'll cut down coffee to one cup per day ... yeah, being a coffee addict that's like saying "i'll only buy one nail polish per month". That's gonna happen, Ulmiel. Really. *sarcasm*

I want to thank you all for an insanely good response on my giveaway! I'm shocked, actually. I didn't expect it to go this big at all, let alone after a day. And I thank you for all the comments, so I can fill what's missing! Here's the deal:
  1. Yes, you can put the giveaway notice on a separate page on your blog. I'm trully sorry I didn't mention it, I meant the sidebar and the page together. Whatever system you have on your blog for publishing giveaways, you can use it. If any didn't publish it because you thought it doesn't count, send me a link in the giveaway comment, and I will count it, ok? :)
  2. I see a lot of love for the holografic set. Since many of us were expecting OMG holo with Tronica and felt disappointed about not being OMG holo, i started thinking about it and I want to tell you, althought that's the reason why I did the close-ups of the bottles, this is not an OMG intense holo! You can see that from the bottle. I haven't gotten any for myself, but I will try to and I'll swatch it, just to make sure there are no disappointments, ok? I'm doing the giveaway for you so I don't want you to feel cheated by anything you'll recieve from me. 
I think that's it. I'll post this in the GA post too, just to be on the safe side. I want everyone to have fun with the giveaway so I want to make it as clear as possible. 

And now to my today's swatches. When I tried out the green Depend, I was totally surprised by the awesomness of the colour and excellent behaviour of the polish. So I decided to try the other two as well. and so my pile of untrieds is getting a bit smaller. :) I have no idea how was I able to keep my hands off 170, being my big lemming and all, with a total awesome story behind it. So I put it on and this baby is rocking my world for the 4th day now.

Isn't this just so freaking gorgeous? A totally dusty greyed blue creme, it hits me every time I see it on my nails. I cannot get sick of it! I think 170 (the originality of the name gets me every single time. Just say it. Slowly.) is a part of 2009 Fall Collection. It's a bit thick, the structure reminded me of I Sea You! Catrice polish which is also on the thicker side. But it's also an almost one coater. Some bloggers did a mani with 1 coat, I did it with two, also because then the nail is stronger. I put SV on top, so I can't estimate drying time, but Alizarine Claws reports Depend dries really slowly. The tip wear after 4 days is less than minimal. I usually have bigger tip wear after one day with most of other polish. So it's quite amazing. I think one can wear this baby easily for a week or more, but for 5, 6 days without a doubt. I also had no trouble with the application, brush is awesome, I just had to change my strokes to "thick polish" mode.

The bottle, as you can see, is really tiny, 5ml. I don't think that's a major problem with nail polish junkies, because we have tons of polish anyway, but. This colour isn't available anymore. The only reason why I got it, is that Kaneli is totally awesome and she actually contacted the Swedish manufacturer and they sent her a few bottles. So, Kaneli, thank you again!! 
Now, I ask you. What makes you say to a beyond awesome dusty greyed blue one-to-two-coater that lasts for a week and is easy to apply: 'let's stop making it!'?? What, Depend?!?! What's the story behind your decision? Did the couple that made the colour break up and didn't want to see it on the shelves anymore, what?? 

Seriously, people, I really really dig this polish. I haven't have one shade on my nails for 4 days for months now, but this one I find interesting even now. I just may leave it on till tomorrow. I really hope they bring this one back. If you have it, you should stop random people on the street and brag about it, really. 

What do you think? Yay on ney? Do you have 170? :) Do you know any dupes of it? If you do, share, for Pete's sake!!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Mislim, da nimam nič kaj podobnega v zbirki... Šment! Hočem! :D

  2. I would love to try out a depend polish... but don't know where to buy them. guess in germany they're not available!

    looks so great on you!

  3. Damn you for showing this, now I want it badly too!! ;)

    Kind regards from Tine (Denmark).

  4. Ni tako slab za odtenek ki vleče na sivo( siva je verjetno edina barva ki jo sovražim), ampak tebi pa res more bit všeč, ker tudi sama nosim lak tako dolgo le če mi je zelo, zelo, zelo všeč =)

  5. joj joj bas je prekrasan, ako netko nadje duplic nek javi i meni, a sto je njima u Dependu stvarno ne znam mozda doddju pameti

  6. zamisli,nemam ni ovaj lakić,ma nemam ništa od marke čak :-(
    boja je stvarno krasna,volim nedefinirane boje :-)

  7. I love Depend polishes, they have such cute colors. I only wish I hadn't finished off my bottle of this color so long ago because now I am craving that on my fingertips again!

  8. Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you all for the comments!

    Biba, verjamem. Morda bo podoben tisti sivko iz ChG Anchors Away. :)

    Danny, Depend is available in Scandinavia, I don't think it is available anywhere else in Europe. It's a shame, really!

    Hey, Tine, welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by! :) Hehe, if you find it, grab it!

    colorfulbottle, res je. Danes sem ga odstranila, 5 dni, wohoo!

    Lendoxia, ako ga nađem, sigurno javim, i mene živcira tako mala boćica.

    nail crazy, marku možeš dobiti samo u Skandinaviji, tako da imam i ja samo sreću, da imam prijateljicu koja radi tamo. :)

    Renate, thank you!

    SwedishPearly, indeed they do, I'm really starting to love them. And yeah, my biggest fear right now is finishing off this bottle. Thank you for stopping by!