Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nubar - Petunia Sparkle

Hey people! How are you doing? I am supposed to be studying, of course, but I got home an hour ago and I'm just too freaking tired. Insomnia is back in my life, baby! Oh well. Stop whining, Ulmiel! I'm also excited because I'll get the giveaway goodies and I hope I'll launch my +100 GA tomorrow! Because you're amazing and you keep rocking the number on GFC and on the comments every single day, you totally deserve it. 

Yesterday I realized I neglected a bit my comparisons, Nubar vs. OPI being the first one after whole month or something. I have three others prepared, so you'll get more "useful" entires this month, I promise. :) And we haven't chatted for a while now! Tell me, do you have any wishes on nail polish or nail care related topics you'd like me to do an entry on so we can talk about it? Let me know!
Today I have another Nubar from Tevta's Bday Project. This package spoils me greatly with my greatest lemmings, really, I didn't delete one off my WL. But Petunia Sparkle wasn't one of them. Besides Hyacinth and Sky Sparkle as a "maybe" Petunia was the only Sparkle I said "pass" for. It looked to pink for me on the swatches even though most of bloggers warned us that the photos take the most oomph out of Petunia. Let's check her out. And lo and behold, my first video! Yes, this was taken on the sun! I was finally wearing Sparkle on a sunny day, can you believe it?! :D So sunny pictures and sunny video, to capture the major sparkle effect.

 Picture taken with flash. 

Sparkle check photo. Sparkly!!

Ta-dam, sparkly sparkly sparkly! My first video, hope it's not too horrible. :)

The flash photo was taken on the first day of wearing Petunia, on the second I put Essence Matte Top Coat on my ring finger, that's why it doesn't sparkle, as you probably figured out already. ;) It looks cool mattefied, doesn't it? :)

Now to Petunia Sparkle. I was very surprised when I realized right after doing my mani that I like it. I like it a lot. It has just enough purple in it. And I really must admit the pictures don't do Petunia any justice. It's such a playful colour! Really ... bouncy, if a polish can be bouncy anyway. :S Very ... playful colour, I'd say. Well, what? If a colour can be elegant, sophisticated, sexy, it can also be playful. ;) Sorry to say, this playfulness doesn't transfer on the pictures. It still looks nice on pictures, but kinda ... not as special as the other Sparkles. But it is. It's one of those "see them IRL" polishes. And it's one of the colours I'd gladly wear when in need of something bright.

Saying that, I must also tell you, this baby is a diva. Oh yes. If any of you bought Petunia Sparkle only and are now thinking all the bloggers are simply mad, claiming that Sparkle Collection is easy to work with, I must tell you that Petunia is the exception in the Sparkle Collection. :) I don't know if it's the only one, but Fire and Violet Sparkle gave me no trouble at all, while Petunia did. After second coat it was still like half solid glue, bold spots on every nail, I couldn't get it even to save my life. The polish actually piled in little heaps. I thought it will be a total disaster. Tevta warned me about it, but this mayhem on my nails?? So I did a thicker third coat and as you can see, it worked like a charm, although it thickened my nails a bit. I was really surprised, it's like the third coat evened everything up. Go figure, eh? I put two coats of Seche Vite on top, because Petunia was also rougher than the others. 

So yeah. Guess Sparkle Collection really is a total win. Petunia got me thinking about having entire set. Although I've heard only Fire and Night Sparkle are worth the money. I don't know. Violet totally rocked my world. So did Petunia, quite unexpectedly. So maybe the others would too. :D Oh, I have one more Sparkle for you. But that one on some other day! 

What do you think about Petunia Sparkle? Do you like it? If you have it, does it give you the same trouble with application? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Meni je Petunia PREKRASNA! <3 Nanesem pa ponavadi 3 tanke sloje, včasih mi čopič ponagaja in namesto, da bi pustil sled laka, ga ta obriše, tak da je treba met dovolj laka na čopiču. :D In ja, šaaaaaaaajni, šajniiiiiiii. <3 Video je res edina možnost, kjer lahko pokažeš vso njeno lepoto. :)

  2. Vau, tole je pa bleščeče. Moram priznati, da mi je kar precej všeč.
    Ko že sprašujem, jaz bi rada videla kak prispevek o tem, kako skrbiš za obnohtno kožico in katere izdelke uporabljaš, glede na to, kako čudovito je urejena. :)

  3. I think it's beautiful! <3 The hint of purple makes it quite unique :)

  4. ajooooooooooj,oči me zabole od ovog bljeska :-/
    još samo tri nubara ha...i mojim je mukama kraj :-)

  5. Savršeno!!!! Totalno.. ne znam jel imam ovaj na wish listi.. ako nemam odmah ga pišem. Prekrasan je.

  6. OMG what a gorgeous polish!!!
    I love it!!
    great video!!

  7. I keep seeing this one and thinking I need it, but so far have resisted.

  8. i dont need this
    i dont need this
    i dont need this...

    hate u Ulmiel! :<

  9. WOW I love these! :) this sparkle is so amazing! love your lil video! :D

  10. I love love love love it!!!!!

  11. Hi! :) I found your blog via MyLucidBubble. This polish really looked nice on you. Super blingy! :)

  12. That is gorgeous! :O

    I wish we had Nubar in my country. ><

  13. Gah! This is the perfect purple glitter polish!

  14. aaaaaaaaa kako predobro blijesti, a i nijansa ljubicaste je bas dobra, mislim da bi se zbog ovako neceg prezivjeli i problemi s aplikacijom

  15. Thank you all for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

    Ivana, pri tebi sem jo že videla, se vedela, da ti bo všeč. :)

    Taya, zmenjeno, naredim takoj ko utegnem. Hvala za predlog!

    Jette, I agree!

    Nail crazy, da, samo još tri. I jedan za primerjavo, al tri manikure, obečavam. ;)

    Hehe, Lalica, jedan više ili manje. :D Al je prekrasan.

    Renate, thanks a lot!

    KarenD, good for you! When you try a Sparkle, you never go back. ;)

    sabbatha LOL :D Sorry dear ;)

    Danny, thanks! I hoped you guys will like it. :)

    Mina, glad you do. :)

    Melisende, hey, welcome to my blog! :) Yeah, Kris is awesome to honour me with putting the blog in one of her entry. :)

    Xeno, you can always order it! :)

    Rachel, indeed it is!

    Lendoxia, slažem se, aplikacija mi nije tako teška kad znam, da je finiš ovakav. :)

  16. I have violet sparkle but I might just need the rest of them too! ^^
    I think this color looks great on you and the video was great to show off the glitter more!! D

  17. Namig: Feelunique ima trenutno akcijo vseh Nubarjev - pridejo kar ugodno =)

  18. I love that video :). It was like God was shinning purple light on your nails, lol.


  19. T, hvala za informacijo! :)

    loodie loodie loodie, LOL!! :D Yeah, I say the effect too. :D

    Thanks for the comments!

  20. Pa sem mislila, da ne maram bleščic, zaj imam pa že kar nekaj beščičastih lakov na WL. Jooj, tvoj blog je strup za mojo WL =).
    Tvoji nohti so pa tud čudoviti =)