Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Color Club - Snakeskin

Hello everyone!  How are you doing? First of all - hello new people!! :) These past few days have been really shocking for me. I'm just about to get my 200th follower, which is beyond amazing! I'm trying to get through all your blogs - which I haven't discovered before already -  (if i find the link on the profile), but I'm really short on time and there is so many of you. :) I'm gonna get there in time, hopefully. I love finding new blogs through my GFC. :) So - welcome!

Other than that it has been a "Screw you, Ulmiel" day. Seriously. I've slept for three hours I think. My BF woke me up before 6 a.m. I was wondering if I should follow my "kill everyone that wakes you up before 8 a.m." policy, but since he's a perfect match to my highschool dream man list (with exception of feeding on human blood FYI my high shool days were before Twiligth time (luckily!), but I was a total Anne Rice freak;)), I let him pass. :) The weather was just to throw up on, it rained cats and dogs and I came to my college completely wet. Somewhere in the middle of all this I probably pinched a nerve in my back or something, because I basically can't move my left arm without pain. Luckily it ceased a bit, but it still hurts as hell with some movements. Luckily I can type this with only moving my writst and fingers. I somehow managed to get thorugh my classes and then my darling totally made up for early awakening (which wasn't his fault anyway, since he did tell me the day before about the early rising hour :)) - he picked me up and drove me home where he gave me a nice massage. So I guess although it's really not my day, at least someone takes care of me when I'm getting the finger from lady Karma. ;) 

Aaand since the weather is that of the land of Mordor, where shadows lie, I'm quite lucky I had some swatches made when the weather was sunny. So this is a few days old, but nothing acient. I did my todays manicure with China Glaze Watermelon Rind that I already showed you. I freakishly love that polish! BTW guys. If you're getting Night Sparkle from Nubar, beware of the heavy staining! I'm totally loving Sapphire even more because it doesn't stain one bit. Night Sparkle gave me blue nails. Completely blue. I didn't have this kind of staining even with Orly's Cosmic FX collection and honesty, back then I thought it couldn't get worse. Base coat, people! That I still didn't buy ... eh. 

OK, I talk too much again. To the polish! Another from Tevta's Bday Project, the first out of two Color Clubs, this one is called Snakeskin. When I saw it I was like: Tevta, what the hell?? But when I put it on my nails, I actually kinda liked it, the main reason being this awesome glitter that it has, just a speck here and there, it is still noticable, especially on strong light. I'm not a big fan of base colour though. Still ... a pretty hot shade.

 The sparkle check reveals the mesmerzing glitter on my ring and little finger.

 Again the cool glitter. You can see the base colour on the lightbox picture more accurate.

This was two coats, no major problems, it's Color Club and I love just about everything about that brand. The application can get a bit tricky with visible brush strokes, but I don't think it's a major problem. Snakeskin is a part of Color Club 2010 Fall Collection called Untamed Luxury. It came out in two parts, Diamond and Indulgence, Snakeskin was part of Diamond. 

Hm, anything else? Think that's it. Like I said, a very not me colour in the bottle, but it looked kinda cool on my nails. Can't really decide if I like it or not, but the glitter is a total win for me in this one. Subtile yet noticable. :)

What do you think about Snakeskin?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I don't like this color :)
    I've tagged you: http://miina-blog.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award.html

  2. I don't like Color club..
    but this one is gorgeous!!

  3. Za tega se pa res ne morem odločit, če mi je tako všeč, da ga želim ali ne... Hmmm...

  4. Night Sparkle meni ni niti malo obarval nohtov pa sem ga nosila vsaj 5 dni skupaj. Sicer sem imela spodaj en zelo zelo tanek sloj Nail Envy, pa vseeno.

  5. wow.. never thought Night Sparkle would stain.. its weird since it is not even a dark blue (had bad luck with midnight blue once - it sucked)
    but totally love this color -- glitters are always pretty :)

  6. Mislim, da tole ne bi bila ravno moja barva... imam pa trenutno svoj prvi SpaRitual na nohtih - Drop Dead Gorgeous - in sem zelo zadovoljna tako z odtenkom kot tudi s formulo. :) Podlak je pri meni vedno obvezen, tako da ga vsekakor priporočam.

  7. ajme ženo,koooooooliko sljedbenika :-) čestitam!
    i baš mi je drago da konačno imaš lak koji sam ja već odradila hihiha

  8. Kot si lahko misliš, mi je barva zelo všeč.

  9. oooh that's so pretty! Thanks for the swatches!

  10. Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

    Mina, thanks! I'll get to the awards this week, I promise!

    Renate, how come you don't like Color Club? :)

    Biba, jaz sem tudi tam tam. Čeprav ga verjetno ne bom naročila še zase.

    T, točno tako, z base lakom mislim, da ne dela težav. Meni je nohte res zelo močno obarval.

    brownsmoke, T says on the previous post that hers didn't stain, but she had a thin coat of Nail Envy under it. And it is weird, I agree. Especially because it stains really strongly.

    Kaneli, tisti je zelo lušten, kolikor sem videla na PLju. :)

    nail crazy, hvala! Hehe, super! :)

    Nina, res? No, je pa res taka unikatna barva. :)

    Iluvmidge2 - you're very welcome, I'm glad you like it. :)