Thursday, 13 January 2011

Color Club Spring Collection preview and another giveaway

Hey people. While I'm relaxing from the studying I just as may ask you for your opinion on new Color Club collection. Bottle photos are out, and some of them are looking goooooooood!

I got the photos on Scrangie's blog, I hope she doesn't mind, click on the nick to go to her page. Not that you don't already know it. ;) 

The bottom bottles look soooooooo awesome! From these picutres I want the first, the third, the fourth and the sixth. On the upper picture, with pastels I'm not sure if I want any. Perhaps the fifth one, but I'll need to see some swatches. Anyway. Duochrome, baby!! Color club is so freakishly awesome! Can you believe I don't have a single bottle of Color Club? Sure, I tried them out from Tevta's stash, but a bottle of Color Club being just mine? Not yet! OMG! I know! These look beyond awesome to me. Can't wait for some swatches and I bet I'll want at least 4 colours.

Second thing I want to point out is American Apparel giveaway Sam from Fashion Polish is having.

Now, American Apparel is one of those "I wannaaa" brands for me. Like Eyeko. I just totally want to have them and I can't get them anywhere, and they don't even have the top number of  colours on my WL I want. There were a couple of giveaways of AA I was chanting every day to get, but of course I didn't. I don't know what's with AA that I want so badly. Ever since I saw giant haul Parokeets ladies did, I seriously want them. Colours like Hunter, Peacock, Army Jacket (!!), Malibu Green, Mount Royal, Dynasty, American Violet get me drooling all over my keyboard. Although I know I must know million dupes of Hunter, but all others I wouldn't mind one bit to have. Anyway. Sam gives us the opportunity to get 5 polishes from the new American Apparel line of our choice. From the colours above I think it's quite obvious that won't be a problem. Army Jacket is the third from the left and it's killing me!

Now, I'm curious. What do you think about new Color Club colours? And do you have any brand that you totally want to have, even though it doesn't have the highest number of shades on your WL? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Eyeko has a promotion right now - buy 3 pay for 2 :-)

  2. Maaaan, I wish I knew this before! Right now I'm giving my monthly "you can spend this on nail polish and nothing more!" on new China Glaze. Oh well ... maybe I'll manage to squeeze both in. :D Thanks for the info!

  3. I'm in Canada!
    I can get them for you!

    We should do an Aussie/Canada swap!
    Email me

    nailpolishn00b gmail com

    You cannot be without AA nail polish. It's amazing in every way!!!!!