Tuesday, 4 January 2011

100+ followers, info on giveaway and Nubar Torrid Red

Hey people!! How are you doing on this cccccooold day? I have tons of work today for my studies so I'm posting this earlier than usual. Before I say anything else I must say: wooooooooooow!! My GFC window is showing that 104 totally awesome people dig this blog so much they're willing to spend their time reading it! Major "thank you" to all of you, guys, you're amazing! 

Aaaand a promise is a promise, my 100 followers giveaway is almost ready! I cannot launch it yet, because I still haven't got all the polish from the bunch, I must find time to get it, I promise it will be this week! And a bit of teaser, just to keep you on your toes! 
The bottles will hide glitter, holo and shimmer and little particles that make you play with polish, the bottles will be little soldiers of 5 different brands and all the bottles will hold together 191 ml of polish. Which is almost 2 dl of polish. Don't worry, I won't pour it all into one glass. ;) So there you have it! The official giveaway will be launched by the end of the week, when I'll have them all in one place for photoshooting. :)

And now to my NY manicure. I must say I'm deeply in love with this red. It's a perfect red. With perfect application, since it is Nubar. Torrid red is a must have for red polish lovers.

 Sunlight picture, although it was already setting and so it's a bit yellowish.

Aaaaaaaaah, the perfection! I absolutely adore this one! It's so sexy! I didn't have time to do something extra for my NY manicure and yet I wanted something super awesome on my nails, and Torrid Red did a fine job making my hands look awesome. ;) 
This is two coats, I think I did three on my ring and middle fingure because I was a jerk and drank coffee while doing my nails, and of course I spilled it at some point and it got kinda smudged and then I had to remove it again and I was really running out of time so I did an uneven layer, being in a hurry and all. Otherwise it's a two coater that applies like butter on bread and it's no trouble whatsoever. Trully an awesome polish.

I know what you're thinking. It looks familliar, doesn't it? It bugged the hell out of me, trying to figure out which red looks like Torrid Red. And I found only one that sort of gets close. But let me tell you - although the concept is similar, this baby is staying unique in my eyes. Perhaps it looks so familiar because it's a dark red, and we know there is lots of dark red polish out there. But this one is a must have, I'd say. Really gorgeous!

Do you have any suggestions on possible dupes on Torrid Red? I'm really wondering if I'm missing some very obvious colour. :) Any thoughts on giveaway, did I made you at least a bit curious? :)

Thank you for reading and following, you're awesome! *mwa*


  1. Prekrasno :)

    A giveaway.. jedva čekam da ga osvojim.. hahhahhaa.. šalim se ;) ili ne.. hm..

  2. It's absolutely stunning! It's been on my wishlist for awhile. Gorgeous red shimmer! And your mani :))

  3. What an awesome red, love it! It looks a bit like Short & Sassy from China Glaze...

    I ám curious about the giveaway :o)

  4. Čudovit rdečko!
    Drugače pa z velikim veseljem prebiram tvoj blog! Imaš poseben stil pisanja. Zelo prijetno branje, res. ;)
    Hmm, prav mamljivo je brati tvoje teaserje. :)Naše priprave so prav tako v čisto čisto zadnji fazi. Še danes se bo začelo. ;)

  5. That's a gorgeous red. It looks perfect on you!

  6. opet nubar!!! trebam li uopće spominjati kako je krasan!?
    čestitam na broju sljedbenika,nadam se da ih bude još 10 puta toliko :-)

  7. prekrasan i bas sexy kao sto kazes :)

  8. Aaaahhhh, prečudovit! <3

    Giveaway pa komaj čakam! :D

  9. Čestitam za 100+

    Tale lak je čudovit, in tvoji nohti tudi =)

  10. Lalica, LOL :D Nadam se, da če ti biti dobar izbor mojih lakova za giveaway. :)

    alluring_mum, thank you! And yeeesssss, perfect red! <3

    AmyGrace, I compared Scrangie's swatch of Short & Sassy with Torrid Red and I think S&S is more purple toned. :) Sadly, I don't have it to compare, that's also one goregous colour.

    Katkoc, res je!

    Maestra, hvala! Cenim mnenje, sploh, ker se mi včasih zdi, da preveč nalagam. In vaš giveaway je za dol past dober!!!

    Lola B., hey, welcome to my blog! And Thank you!!

    Nail crazy, hehehe, bojim se, da imam još 4 Nubarja. ;) Toliko, da te malo pripremim. ;) :D I hvala na čestitki! :)

    Lendoxia, da, i onda se i ja osječam sexy, i to je vrlo rijetko. :D

    Biba, super, upam, da mi uspe do petka! :)

    Colorfulbottle, hvala! :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  11. Opis za giveaway je super, le še bolj firbčna sem sedaj. xD Česitke za 100ko, bo jih pa še veliko veliko več, sem 105%. :D

  12. I love red!!
    and I am in love with this polish!! OMG!!

  13. Congrats on 100+ followers! You deserve it!

  14. congrats on over 100 followers! woot! :) cant wait for the giveaway! thank u for being so generous! :)
    tht red looks gorg on u!!!
    happy new yr!

  15. Ivana, super, moj namen je dosežen. :D

    Renate, yes, Nubar is a perfection in a bottle, really.

    Gejba, thank you dear! :)

    Lara, thank you! :) Happy new year to you too!

    Thanks for the comments! Hvala za komentarje! :)