Thursday, 20 January 2011

Depend 019

Hey darlings! How are you doing? A quick post, just to let you know I'm thinking of you. ;) 

As I mentioned in my entry on Lumene, a couple of my friends went North for NY. Surprisingly one of them, not at all a nail polish junkie and an all time 'black only on your nails' person came home with three polishes and only one was black - the crackle one! ;) I think the three nail polish junkies in our gang can pat ourselves on backs for that. ;) Anyway, as she knew how well Depend is written in my books, she lend me both of them, including Isadora Black Tag that I already showed you. And now to the first Depend, misteriously called 019.

 Quick comparison with my own OPI Kangarooby.

Let's start with the first picture, because there you can see just how extremely glossy this polish is. This is without any top coat, people! And you can clearly see the light bulbs on my nails. I really hate when this happens, btw. Sadly I still don't know the way around it.
Second picture shows you comparison with OPI Kangarooby, I was wondering how close they were. Kangarooby is darker, more blue toned. 
Third picture was the cause of my rant when I edited these pictures. I thought I saw dark spots under the polish when I took the pictures but I hoped it's just me knowing there are stains on my nails and it won't be visible otherwise. But it is! These are, ladies and gentlemen, the blue stains Nubar Night Sparkle left on my nails. Remember the comparison with Sapphire and me noticing how this little diva stains? Here is the proof!! It pissed me off too! I didn't notice it before, because I used only strong colours. This red is obviously bright enough it didn't cover the stain. I was so mad! Please excuse the inaccurate swatching because of that. You can see the real Depend 019 colour on my index and ring finger. Of course I buffed the stain off after changing the colour. And I hate buffing. Curse you, Night Sparkle! So beautiful, yet so dirty.

Other than that application was a bliss, no trouble whatsoever, it dried pretty fast, and the finish is superglossy. Two coater too. I do find the colour boring though. As much as I love reds, this is the typical mediocre red that I usually don't like on my nails. I prefer them even lighter and of course extra darker, with more orange or more blue in it. Or with glitter. If I layered glitter polish over it it would kick ass, probably. But anyway. Ä. wears it under black crackle polish, where it does look cool. :) Can't wait for my Glazeies to come!! :) Thank you for lending me these, darling!

What do you think about this colour? Are you a red fan?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Very pretty colour a very classic red:)

  2. Sorry about the stains, that would piss me off too! Did you use base-coat underneath it?

    While I adore the almost jelly-finish, red just isn't my colour - if I were to wear red, it'd be more of a coral red I think. :) If I ever need a red base though, this would be a good choice!

  3. That's one sexy red =) I love reds!
    Night Sparkle, you bad boy :S Staining polishes are awful, I hope it grows out fast!

  4. Meni je takole čisto presvetel, ampak pod spokančkom je pa lep. Čeprav gruntam, da bi si dobila še temnejšega. Mi je pa zabavno, ko pišeš, da je OPI Kangarooby temnejši, ker meni po telih slikah sodeč zgleda ravno obratno. Res sem pa farbenblind :)

  5. Rijetko lijepa crvena boja! Podsjeća me na MF.

  6. zgodna bojica :-)
    znaš kako se riješiti tamnih mrlja na notkima - pa prekrij ih još tamnijih lakom :-p

  7. Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

    Beauty Shades, yes, it's quite a classic one. Maybe that's why I don't like it that much. :)

    Jette, no, that was the problem, i think. :/ But I never use a base coat. And honestly, then it would go 1 coat of BC, 3 of Night Sparkle and 2 of TC to make it smooth = 6 coats of polish. That's a bit much even for me. ;)

    AmyGrace, thanks, me too! It's better now that I buffed it. :)

    Aelfsciene, ja, malce preklasičen je, vsaj za moj okus. :) Pod cracklom je super tudi glitter, samo to tebi verjetno ne bo všeč. :) Erm, ne, Kangarooby je izrazito temnejša. :) Tud na sliki se mi tako zdi, irl pa sploh. Veliko več modre ima v sebi. :)

    Maybe - MF? :)

    nailcrazy, pa tako i radim, al ova crvena sve otkrila. :/ :)

  8. very beautiful!!
    love red..!!

  9. Čudovit je! Kljub temu, da imam rada veliko barv, je rdeča še vseeno barva ki se ji na nohtih ne morem upret =)