Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hema Metallic Blue with Sinful Glitter Stripes

Hey darlings! How are you doing? I've been MIA for a couple of days, in my defence I can say it's been hell. I won't even bother you with the details, I'm sure everybody has their own troubles to bear, but this week crap really piled on. Anyway! I have another mani to show you, this one I really loved. One day I was going through blogosphere and I saw this amazing blue on one of the blogs. I can't remember which one was it, but the girl named this BBB - best budget blue. And it really was awesome and I was thinking where the hell am I supposed to get it and then it hit me - I got this one as a present from my dear Tevta when she went to Amsterdam. Can we all say yaaay!?

Now, I know, guys, one of my structures for blog is failing because of me. I planned to have this so-called projects, where i can show you what you'll see in the next period of time on the blog and then continue to the next and so on. And right now I haven't even finished Project Lativa, let alone Tevta's Bday and I'm already one third through what it was supposed to be my next project - my untireds. Oh well. Thing is, I always wear what I feel like wearing, I'm sure you all understand and relate to that. Thus, I think this projects won't be as strict as I planned them to be. I still hope you're enjoying the blog! And the projects, they will be finished for sure. :) 

But now to this beauty. Again, I tried some art work from the wonderful world of scotch tape Erika from Chloe's Nails intruduced to me. And again it's an accent mani, although she did a full mani with it. Why? Because I simply cannot afford to spend so much time on my nails lately. :/ And because I think I need much more practice for a full one. :D Anyway, I hope you like it, here we go. 

 Step 1: Accent manicure, obviously, Hema and Kinetcis Sinful from Project Latvia. 

 Step 2: I layered Sinful with Midnight Blue Glitter, remember this combo? I looooove it, adore it really, guess what was my next full mani?

 Blurry outside picture, because there just wasn't enough light and my camera starts acting weird from the absence of light. Still, wanted to show you how bright and sparkly this is even with grey, dead weather. This is the weather that kills just about every other colour and makes holo go 'blah'.

Sadly Hema doesn't even have a decent number to name the polish, seriously, it's like a 6 digit number or something and I'm not sure it serves as the name of the polish, so I just named it Metallic Blue, as it is from the Metallic section of Hema polish and, well, it's blue. But not just blue! It has tons of silver sparkles too, making this polish super playful! I love it! The accent finger was two coats of Kinetics Sinful (although you could get away with one, this baby is überpigmented), two coats of O.P.I. Midnight Blue Glitter and then one thick of Hema on top. 

Other than that, Hema is really awesome polish. Two coater, application is a bliss, actually everything is the same as with Lumene bottle and brush. With the exception on Hema being 7 ml polish and Lumene 4.5 ml. And I was like wha? So I took a picture, I must say this was quite amusing discovery for me. 

Very elegant solution, Lumene! Hehehe! Which totally gave me an idea of posting another bottle entry!! I don't mind these differences, don't get me wrong, this is not a rant, but I do find them amusing. :) 

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Hema is really awesome. Wonderful application, it dried super fast, I put TC just because it dried kinda rough. Mind you, the removal of it is a bit tricky, because of all the silver flecks. Nothing major though, just don't use one pad for too many nails. 
I'll talk more about the other two in my next entry, ok? Just to let you know - Sinful is actually very very dark blue creme and Midnight Blue Glitter has tones of glitter in different colours, not just the big specks of blue.

I really liked how this one turned out. What do you think, fail or win? :)

Thank you for reading, have a nice Saturday evening!


  1. I love that blue. I wonder if it is similar to China Glaze Dorothy Who? It looks like they might be close.

  2. It looks great! I want to try that too :)

  3. a šta da ti kažem? fantastična manikura, lakovi po mom ukusi, čista petica :-D

  4. Great mani! And yay! for HEMA, I have quite a lot of HEMA polishes, some are really really old, lol.

    I hope the coming weeks will be better for you... *muah*

    Mislim da mi je ovo jedna od tvojih najdražih manikura. Ne znam jesam li ti to već rekla, ali baš mi je drago što si se malo počela igrat sa lakovima jer ti super ide. Samo tako dalje. Jedva čekam sljedeću kreaciju.. :)

  6. Thanks for all your comments!

    Michelle, I'll do a comparison next week, to show you. Although, judging from the bottles, I can already tell you Dorothy Who? is a real glitter in jelly base colour, whether Hema is metallic polish, no jelly base, the glitter is more flecked than actual glitter.

    Anne, go ahead! It's actually quite simple and it doesn't take much time. :)

    nail crazy, hvala! :)

    AmyGrace, awesome! I have two more Hemas to try out and I'm really starting to love it. Can't wait to see some of your beauties. :) And thank you for kind words! :)

    Lalica, hvala ti. :) I meni je jedna od najdražih, stvarno je uspjela tako kao što sam si zamislila. :) I hvala za pozitivnu energiju, i ja sam stvarno poćela uživat u igri sa lakovima i kreacijama tako da mi je drago da uživate i vi. :)

  7. gorgeous!! en good job from hema!!

  8. Super manikura! Meni je tako bolj všeč samo accent finger, da doda piko na i :)

  9. This manicure is definitely win!! I ADORE the base for the accent nail, and the result is just - amazing. I think I will have to try something similar in the near future, I can't find the time for fully detailed manis either. :)

    Hopefully next week will be better for you :) Hope the weekend has been good.

  10. prekrasno, svaka cast :)
    nadam se da ces napravit jos koju ovakvu manikuru, kad budes imala vremena :)

  11. This is beautiful on you and I love your creativity with the accent nail.

    I love Hema polish and have been able to enmass a nice collection and their numbering sometimes throws me too - especially when the colors look almost exactly the same?

  12. Definitely a win! Super kombinacija barv in tudi tehnika, bom morala tud js kaj takega kdaj sprobat.
    Ko sem prebrala, da je tako velika razlika v kapaciteti flaške sm kr zazijala, ampak sm kr hit ugotovila, zakaj je temu tako =).
    Ne skrbi glede izpolnjevanja projektov, je bolje nositi to kar ti ta dan ustreza =). Tud sama nisem najboljša pri temu, da bi dosledno dokončala en cilj, pol se mi jih pa več nabere =)

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments! :) Don't worry, I'm having fun with scotch tape, so more will come. :)