Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Kinetics - Sinful with O.P.I. Midnight Blue Glitter

Hey people! How are you doing? I had my first exam this year yesterday. I think it went rather well, well, at least I hope so. We'll see on Friday. When I have the second exam. I should totally be studying right now. But I'm in my post-exam mood, do you know that kind of mood? Lazy and tired. It's going to be a long night! Today I have for you, as promised, full mani with Kinetics and OPI layering that I used for my accent finger on my Hema mani. I also did the blue comparison today, and will post it as soon as I find the time to edit bazillion pictures I took. :) 

 Two of the gorgeous Kinetics alone.

 One coat of Midnight Blue Glitter, all the others will be two coats.

Outside, grey, cloudy weather.

I wish I could capture all the colours Midnight Blue Glitter has, but I just couldn't. They're all in the range of blue and silver, few specks turning almost teal or green, I left most of the pictures abnormally large, so I recommend clicking on them, you can see a hint of the colours. When the light is really soft, the glitter turns silver completely and it looks like a starry night. Really beautiful, I loved this combination.

The usual info: Kinetics Sinful is a part of Kinetics Film Noir 1 Collection, inspried by Winter Fashion Shows of 2008. I guess that means it was 2008 winter collection or something? I don't know, no info on that. This is an awesome blackened blue, extremely glossy too, I think all vampy/blue fans should have one of these kind of blues in their collection. It's so dark, it looks black most of the time, with the exception of the edges of the nails, where the blue is noticable almost always. Application is wonderful, you can get away with one coat if you're careful enough, I did two. It dries fast, the brush is a perfection and all in all again a win in Kinetics department. Can you tell I'm a Kinetics fan?

I already talked about O.P.I.'s Midnight Blue Glitter, 2004 Tuxedo Collection, released before B3F formula.

I'm loving this combination, although Sinful alone is also a very nice shade. Oh, yes, it's one of the Project: Latvia polishes that I haven't dedicated one entry alone for it, so we're 3 shades away from completing the project!

What do you think about Kinetics Sinful and the layering combination?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm loving this! Simple but very, very pretty. Maybe I should do more manicures without using nail art. :)

  2. I love it alone AND layered. But everything you wear looks fabulous.

  3. meni ova kombinacija krasno izgleda...
    i nikako se nadivit kako super nokte imaš :-p

  4. wow, this is an amazing combi!! really love that!

  5. Zelo lepa kombinacija <3

    Držim pesti za izpit(e)!!!
    p.s. Sem te že pogrešala. ;)

  6. Great combination! I wish I'd been paying attention to OPI when Midnight Blue Glitter came out.

  7. This is a match made in heaven! I love Midnight Blue Glitter, it's been on my wantlist for a while, and your post is certainly making it even more tempting to buy one! :)

  8. Svidja mi se ova kombinacija podsjeca na nocno nebo :)

  9. uuuuuuuu, sparkly :)

    jako mi se svidja :)

  10. Divno :)
    Mene podsjeća na mjesečinu ;)

  11. Thank you all for the compliments! And I totally agree, one of the best layering combinations out there, at least for my taste. :) I'm glad you liked it!