Sunday, 20 February 2011

S-he 435

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I should be studying, but instead I'm preparing for Illamasqua week next week, hehe. Just when I thought I'm over Illamasqua I got Tevta's helmer to guard. But today I have for you another S-he, called 435, one of my oldest untrieds. I just never felt like wearing it. When I finally did a few weeks ago, I could also see why. It's not a bad colour, but it's not something I'm over the moon about either. S-he has some much much better in it's line. 

As you can see, it's a bright red with pink shimmer. It needed two coats, as most of S-he do, was super easy to apply and all in all gave me no trouble. But I'm not really feeling the colour. Although I do think it would look amazing as a base for crackle or some scotch tape design. Or konad. Basically something to put on the colour. It is bright enough. Hm ... I'll try it when I find the time.

Other than that, I don't have much to say about this one. Not one of S-he's best, but application and brush are awesome, so if you're digging the colour, you should totally buy it, it's really cheap. 

And a sneak peak of next week's program for Did someone say nail polish?: 

What? You thought I'll show you the colours? Think again! ;) 

Thank you for reading, darlings!:*


  1. ok, neću baš trčati kupiti ovaj lak, presvijetal je za moj ukus ali mi se sviđa ideja 'nešto staviti poviše njega' :-)
    joj joj, jedva čekam illamasqua week :-D

  2. Upam, da bo Jo'Mina zraven, ta mi je res huda. :P

  3. nail crazy, i ja mislim, da možeš izbarati puno bolje kod S-heja. :)

    Ivana, nič ne povem. ;)

    Stickers, no, it doesn't, Ahoy has golden specks, is more pink than red.But I can make a comparison if you want. :)

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. I think it's a pretty colour but I agree with you that it needs a little extra something to make the mani super special :)

    Can't wait to see which Illamasquas you've got in store for us next week! I have a few from the brand myself, but I cringe at the price and I think there are so many better alternatives to many of their colours.. Oh well. Hopefully (well, my wallet doesn't hope so, LOL) you can make me think twice about them! :)

  5. a ne izgleda lose, al mi je nekako dosadan :/

  6. Fantastic this color!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks, but I'm not really into reds and pinks, I was just wondering... But if other girls want you to...