Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Comparison: O.P.I. Jade Is The New Black vs. Essence In The Jungle

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I'm really really tired, I had my classes until past 6 p.m., this semester is really a killer when it comes to time table. I have no idea when are they expecting us to actually study. So right now I'm having again my forbbiden second cup of coffe and I'm just trying to relax writing this and then changing my mani. Anyone else does their nails as a form of relaxing? 

Today I have another comparison for you (glad you liked RBL Orbis Non Sufficit vs. MUF 123 so much!), this one was brought to my attention by Sabbatha at her neck of the internet called Spooky Nails. Because of her I already have a Polish polish WL, if you haven't already, check her out, she has some really awesome colours there. 
Here's the story - I'm really in love with Jade Is The New Black. It's one of my biggest lemmings by O.P.I., I just really love that green everywhere I see it, but still don't have it. So when Sabbatha mentioned Essence In The Jungle is a very close one to Jade Is The New Black I jumped at it. And you know me ... I just had to see it for myself, just how close they get. I asked my dear Tevta to bring me her Jade Is The New Black (do you still have any doubt in your mind she has them all?) and here are the results, I'll make two sets of pictures for reasons written a bit later. 

Soft light brings them even closer, although OPI is still just a tad bit lighter.

When I was looking at my nails I had problems distinguishing the colours, but OPI felt lighter and more squishy. It drove me nuts, because I couldn't say for sure if they are close enough or not. Also on the pictures the difference is really small, in the soft yellow artifical light of our house the difference was almost non existent. But then I remembered the awesome way Scandalously Polished (also one of my favourite bloggers out there, she has awesome pictures and her writings are so effing good!) checked how close Channelesque and Below Deck are! Scotch tape designs by Erika!! Brilliant idea!

 Normal amount of light.

 Soft light.


The scotch tape comparison shows Jade Is The New Black is indeed lighter. But let me tell you, when I put them on separate nails, I could hardly tell the difference. Dupes? No. But Sabbatha was right, Essence is a very good substitute for O.P.I. beauty. 
Jade Is The New Black took three coats and dried more glossy than Essence, In The Jungle is very well pigmented, it needs only two coats, the colour feels more flat and not so jelly. Both have very good brushes and good formula. 
Jade Is The New Black is a part of O.P.I. Hong Kong Spring 2010 Collection, really brilliant colour, the star of the collection (next to Suzi Says Feng Shui <3), Essence In The Jungle is one of the Show Your Feet polishes. Although I despise any product that has 'feet' written on it, I really like this green. In The Jungle is not getting discontionued! 

I'm guessing they are pretty close for most of you, and I do agree they are close. But as a  green nail polish junkie I still need to have Jade Is The New Black, even if the difference is only in half of the shade. It's also more dusty and squishy and it just felt more gorgeous on my nails. So it's not off the WL. Mind you, I am a total green polish lover. ;) 

What do you think? Close enough, do you even want any of them?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hmmm pretty darn close! I've wanted Jade is the new black for so long and I've finally bought it. It looks great on you!

  2. Imala sam In the jungle ali sam ga poklonila jer moj tip zelene, ali kao što kažeš dobra je zamjena za Jade.

  3. Če bi že morala izbrati, bi izbrala In the jungle, kaj pa vem, res mi je to lepša zelena. :)

  4. I love that comparison with the tape!

  5. Rachel Marie, yeah, I want it real bad too, I guess I'll just have to buy a bottle of it!

    Lalica, i ja, da ti iskreno kažem, voljela bi više OPI nego ovaj Essence. Ali je svejedno lijepa boja.

    Ivana, super, cenejšega in lažje dosegljivega si zbrala. :D Jaz se zmeraj zapičim v komplicirane. ;)

    Jaljen, I know, it's an awesome idea, when I saw it on Scandalously Polished I really loved it. :)

    Thank you for the comments!/Hvala za komentarje!

  6. kod tebe puno zelene ovih dana ^_^ bolje da ne komentiram :P

  7. moj glas definitivno ide u đunglu, tamniji je i to mu je velika prednost... između dvije nijanse uvijek biram tamniju :-)

  8. Hehehehe, Lendoxia, ne brini, sad su na redu ljubičasti, plavi i crveni, da malo odmoriš. ;) :D

  9. nail crazy, a ja kao da trebam nešto poput Starboarda, samo da nije pretamno. Šta znam, ovih dana ovo vrijeme ubija me pa onda da imam bar nešto na noktima što me podsjeća na prolječe. Već mu je vrijeme da se vrati, ako pitaš mene ... Ljubljana je već postala Mordor.

  10. To sem pa celo sama pogruntala, ko sta odtenka prišla ven. :D Juhej! In celo naredila primerjavo: http://www.parokeets.com/en/2010/03/comparison-opi-jade-is-the-new-black-vs-essence-in-the-jungle/
    ... in prišla do istega zaključka kot ti. :D Juhej! :)

  11. Hehe, pa res! Vidiš, jaz pa na to sploh ne bi pomislila, če ne bi prebrala pri Sabbathi. :D Ampak opija bi pa še vedno imela, prelep je.

  12. Uhm.. I have both. :P I'm just a green lover, can't help it. When I see a green, I have to have that green, lol. Great comparison! :)

  13. Love the scotch tape comparison, very useful! Great colours.

  14. neka je ovaj OPI ali jungle mi je mnogo lepsi :)

  15. To me they look the same great dupe