Monday, 14 February 2011

My Sweet 16 for glorious 100 giveaway conclusion and the winner

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I'm about to run to my dance classes, so I hope I'll manage to write this in time, otherwise I'll post it after I come home. As this one is very important for me, I'd not like to rush too much into writing it and forgetting half of stuff I want to say, and I'd really appreciate if you read it (and not only search for the winner's name) and share your opinion on the matters. 

First of all, a major, major thank you to all who participated! In the end I had 318 entries without additional entries (and with cheaters). The response has been ... unimaginable for me. I honestly didn't expect it to go this big. Not to mention I went from 120 to over 450 awesome followers in a month. I was shocked and still am. Thank you to all of you who read my writings and especially to those who take the time to comment them! I really appreciate all of you guys. 
I would also like to thank all of you who wrote a comment about the giveaway too! I was really surprised most of you wrote something, I expected to have like 10 comments or so. :) I'm considering all your thoughts and suggestions for my further giveaways as you'll see if you read on. 

Now to a less fun paragraph I decided I'll write and then forget about it. I was surprised in a negative way by the cheating. When I first saw one entered eight times, I warned about 'one entry per person' policy and that I will have to disqualify you if you entry more than once. Not to mention other little things. All these were exceptions and I'd love to think all of these were just silly mistakes, but every single time, when someone thought they have already entered or one did a mistake in the entry, I got an email or a comment asking to check it out, I don't know why these individuals didn't also do so. I have filled numeours google forms, I know you can't accidentaly send it without you knowing it. So, I want to make something really clear for my further giveaways: I will always check all the entries, for multiple emails, nicknames and click on all the links. Please don't cheat, it's really not fair to the others. 

To leave this behind once and for all. I'd also like to address quite a few suggestions on tearing the giveaway in 4 prizes and so giving it to more people. As much as I love the idea, I really do (4 winners is always better than one), I have thought about it and the thing that worried me was the shipping costs. I'm on a student budget and couldn't afford to make this entirely international then and I really wanted to leave it international, because I know what a bummer GA that you cannot enter is. But I took this into consideration and my giveaways in the future will be smaller and thus I'll try to make them more often or will have them every once in a while, but post it big and choose more winners, ok? I'll also keep my further giveaway much more simple and on shorter period of time. 

Most of you, 99,8%, didn't mind some of the polishes being used. So I will keep giving them away too, but I will always warn you about them being used, thank you for sharing your honest opinions on that subject too, as this was the one I was the most worried about. 
Also most of you totally loved the holographic polish. This is all taken into consideration for further GA, as I am doing it to spoil you, awesome people, that bear with me babbling every day. 

I think this all for my thoughts on this giveaway. Again, thank you for entering and thank you for super nice comments and sharing your opinions and suggestions in the entry form! The response trully means a lot! 

For my further GA, I'll think about it and will see how and when will they happen, I can't promise you anything. I don't think I'll do a bday GA, since it's only a month away, but I already have two ideas for further giveaways, I have to check everyhing out if it's possible to go through with it, and I can't promise you when it's going to happen, as my exam period is closing in on me and this year is going to be a hard one, but when I do another one, I want it to be something you can't get around the corner. 

And now you're really getting sick of me not saying who the winner is, eh? ;) In the end after going through all the entries and with major help from my BF (thank you :**) the lucky number was 125 and the name under that number is 


The name totally reminds me of Eimear Quinn and her The Voice. :) 
Congratulations Emer!! I'll send you an email, and you have untill the end of 16th February (midnight CET) to answer or I'll choose another winner. 

Darlings, I hope you had as much fun as I did with this giveaway! No worries if you didn't win, this is certainly not the last one I did. :) 

I hope you'll have enough time to share your opinion about the written above in the comments. 

Thank you for reading and following!


  1. ma sve mi je jasno, osim ovog lika koji 8 puta ulazi u ga :-p
    congrats to the winner :-)

  2. Wow , I'm so so excited , i can't believe it . Thank you so much . - Yes my name is the same as the singer Eimear Quinn as i am Irish. It is just a different way of spelling it. Thank you, thank you ,thank you. x

  3. Congratulations to the winner!!!

  4. Congratulations Emer!! And I read the whole thing Lol and It was Long! Jheez haha! anyway Congrats on the Followers aswell! x

  5. Congratulations Emer...and to you too Ulmiel :-)

  6. Thank you all for participating! :)

    PinkSweet, hehe, I know, thank you for reading it!!

  7. Congratulations, Emer!

    When it's one of those forms for a giveaway, I don't worry so much, but when we have to leave a comment I do. You see when I follow in GFC it goes through my twitter, not through blogger. I'm always afraid the blog owner will disqualify me, because she will click on my name and see that I am not publicly following anyone in GFC. Well, as I explained, I'm not following through blogger! I wish more blog owners were aware that GFC lets you sign in through many different ways, you'll see the little twitter icon in the corner of the picture if it's through twitter. You'll see a google icon if it's through their google account, and you'll see a yahoo icon in the corner if it's through their yahoo account.

    I'm not surprised that there are a few who try to cheat. It's sad, but there are always a couple of bad apples who make trouble.

  8. By the way, for anyone who is wondering what the heck I'm talking about, just look at the followers list here. I see several with mostly twitter and google icons in the bottom right corner of their pictures.

  9. Hey Donna, thank you for sharing your thoughts & welcome to my blog! Yes, I know there are many ways of following, i have a couple of friends that follow via twitter, and I don't care about how you follow, I check and welcome you all. :)

    And for the cheaters - it's already forgotten, I'm just really glad 99,9% were in it for the fun and did play a fair game. :)

  10. I just want to let you know that you drive me crazy with all your wonderful European brands that are hard for me to get, as I am sure US blogs probably do the same to you. lol

    I hope one day we travel throughout Europe, my husband will be so sorry when I have to duck into every shop to see if I can find nail polish but I will have so much fun!

  11. Hehehe, they sure do! Americans have tons of more choice and really lower prices of nail polish! But yeah, we have quite a couple of gems hidden in Europe too. ;)
    And LOL, don't worry, I'll do the same everywhere I go, trust me, it's tons of fun. :D