Sunday, 6 February 2011

"Jacques' Below Deck, Captain!" mani with From Dusk To Dawn Comparison

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm sorry for going MIA all of the sudden, after the busy Friday at college (I passed the first exam, yay! Now we're waiting for the second one) I had a couple of days at my BF's and a girls night out. But as a real nail junkie I have of course a lot of stuff prepared for you! Before I get started with todays post I must ask you how are you feeling the new collections that are coming out on nail blogsphere? I saw first swatches of Color Club at My Lucid Bubble. I have to say I'm disappointed a bit. Not really what I expected, and I expected I'll have to order half of the collection. Oh, and have you see the China Glaze Crackle video?? It looks yummy! I expected Crushed Candy to be more teal, actually, but I think the mint colour will kick ass too. Can't wait for these beauties! Another collection that is kicking asses is Depend Spring Collection (Alizarine Claws post). I already orded 4, I think ... the blue and the green section is awesome, also the red crackle that I miss in the Crackle Glaze collection. :) Not to mention my next order will just have to be the new Zoyas, now I'm up to three, I must order fast, or I'll get entire collection. ;) So yeah ... although a couple of brands will be a pass for me, I'm actually surprised by how many I want to get, since the Spring Collections tend to be soft, pastel little things that I'm not too crazy about. 

But now really to my beloveth Below Deck ... I wore this baby twice in a week. Yes. I love it that much. And this one I wasn't too sure how much will I dig it. Well, I effing worship it!! I did a lil' bit of scotch art (thanks to Chloe's Nails for inspiration) with You Don't Know Jacques! by O.P.I. in wish to make it a bit different, yet put two elegant colours together, and these two are probably the most elegant colours I have in the bunch. 

As you can see, I tried to make lines go from thinner to thicker. I actually really really loved how this one turned out, I wore it until the tip wear was too big. 
As for Below Deck, you already know, it's a part of Anchors Away China Glaze Spring Collection 2011 and as much as I adore the colour, I really do, it's a bit of a diva. Although Starboard is also on the thicker side, Below Deck is almost too thick for my liking. Or I just got spoiled with all the sparkles and foils and duochromes over the past few months, with them you can really pile polish on your nails, but these cremes demand a bit of carefulness, no too thick coats and a steady hand. I must say the second application was much better, so maybe I'm just out of shape for these kind of polishes. :) All in all a wonderful colour. All the photos are without TC, this is how glossy this baby is!! It dries fast so you don't even need TC, two coater too. I'm wearing it without also because my SV is a bitch and is bubbling and thus ruining my manis. Luckily Below Deck doesn't need TC, it's perfect and glossy on its own.

And now to the comparison I did with Catrice From Dusk To Dawn, because when I looked at the bottles together in softer yellow light of my room, they seemed completely the same. After the click!

I thought it unbelievable, I mean, somebody would already notice it, right? So I was so curious, I did a quick one on a bit of scotch tape. And no, of course they're not the same. Bottles can still be decieveing, although under the strong lights of natural lighting the small difference is noticable. On the nails it gets even bigger.

Two coats of China Glaze, three of Catrice, I think this is one of the rare three coaters of Catrice. Although I like From Dusk To Dawn, I can't imagine it ever choosing over Below Deck ... Oh well. Like I said. Below Deck was made for me, I love it so much more than I ever thought I would. 

What do you think about my Jacques' Below Deck, Captain! mani? And the comparison, have you found it useful? And to tell your thoughts on new Spring Collections, will you! :) 

Thank you for reading! :*


  1. I love this pattern :)
    The color is awesome!

  2. Gorgeous accent nail! I love Below Deck, and am looking really forward to get mine :) Great comparison, I never would have thought of it, LOL!

  3. I have below deck and from dusk to dawn and I never even thought to compare them! D'Oh! :) You have fabulous nails. I always love reading your posts.

  4. Noro všeč mi je "accent" noht pri tej manikuri!

  5. Nije tako velika razlika izmedju BD i FDTD, ne znam uopce sto da mislim o ovakvim bojama nisam nikad nosila ovakvu

  6. I made a franken almost identical to China Glaze... It's posted on my blog ;-)

  7. super, super, super!!! uvijek mi imaš dobre kombinacije sa crtama!

  8. krasno... damski i otmjeno :-D
    hvala na usporedbi, jaaaaaaaako korisna :-)

  9. That's the comparison I've been longing for! They seemed so similar to me but I couldn't find them compared. Thank you.
    I think I don't need CG, I already have FDTD from Catrice and I like it better on your photo!

  10. Prekrasno.. vidim krenulo te sa scotch trakom ;)

  11. Thank you, darlings, for lovely compliments, they mean a lot! :*