Monday, 28 February 2011

A nail polish week

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm kinda sleepy and kinda grumpy. I watched the Oscars and that in our neck of the woods means I've been up untill 6 a.m. But I'm for once happy with the results. All the right people and movies got the attention, with the exception of Helena and Geoffrey, I really think they deserved to get the prizes, especially Geoffrey Rush for his amazing work in King's Speech. The entire show was fun and not boring at all, so thumbs up, people!

But anyway! Today I have a different post for you. I stopped doing haul posts, if you haven't noticed already, I did them in the beginning and then noticed somewhat negative reactions in general to haul posts, so I'm doing them now only when they are really special. 
I was quite lucky to win two giveaways lately. One I already showed you, at least part of it - the necklace I got from Colorfulbottle, I still have to get to the polish, I've already played with them a bit, just didn't get the chance to post them. The second giveaway was the annonimous one from Parokeets. To those who regularly read my blog - I'm sure you know already I'm such a big Tolkien freak, I'm probably the only one that would make a nickname out of first sentence of the book The Hobbit. ;) Thank you, Parokeets ladies! 

Essence Undead? and Thirsty!, Konad kit, Essence all overy plate and Choose me! polish; Manhattan 710T, gorgeous dark blue polish.

I've already played a bit with Konad, and I wanted to show you, but frankly, it's too awful to even show it. My major, major admiration to all of you who do Konad art regularly! I had NO idea it's so hard!! I almost spilled polish numerous times, not to mention I got polish everwhere. :S 

The Parokeets surprise came on Monday last week. So you know that would make an awesome week already. But on Wednesday another package arrived, that I've been waiting for since previous week. It was my first swap I did on my own, guys, and that was with the awesome nail polish blogger Kris from My Lucid Bubble. I need to thank her for all the patience she had with me and the questions, and I'd also like to thank Tevta and Dolores from Colorfulbottle for useful tips and instructions! Wow, lots of thanks. You can see I've watched the Oscars, can't ya? ;) Here's the amazing package she sent me. 

 From L to R, all Brucci: Stephanie's Go Lime, Gianna's Rocking Blue, Roberta's Green Garden, TJ's Blue Suede Shoes, Black Emerald (!!! beyond awesome duochrome!)

 Seche New Orleans, Orly Robo Romance, Color Club Charmed, I'm sure (iii, my first CC and a mini, cute!!), Wet'n'wild Cheers, Finger Paints Hue Rang?

The bottom two I could also name DIE LEMMINGS DIE!
 Jesse's Girl Confetti, Revlon Royal, Misa Toxic Seduction!!!, Sinful Colors San Francisco!!!, Sally Hansen Salon effects strips Frock Star.

O.P.I. Show Must Go On and Glacier Bay Blues. China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, C-c-courage, VII.


Kris, thank you thank you thank you!! This package has been a sheer perfection. I mean, SO many lemmings killed, not to mention Confetti just might me one of the most perfect polishes I've even tried on. Emerald Sparkle, Toxic Seduction, Glacier Bay Blues and VII were one of my biggest lemmings. I think I acutally squeeked when I saw them. My mother thought I'm insane, probably. I don't care, these babies made my whole year! 
I've already put on Jesse's Girl Confetti and Revlon Royal, but I ask you, dears, do you have any wishes what you'd like to see first? Shoot, if you do! :)

So yeah, I won't show you a manicure now, because then there would be too many pictures in the post. But tomorrow one perfection for you! It has been a good week for polish last week, don't you think? ;) Not to mention I'm expecting a package from Finland with Depend and I'm still missing a few China Glazes from new collections. What? I'm insane? I crossed the line? What? I caaan't hear youuuu ...


  1. a blago tebi :-D
    krasna zbirkica!

  2. Very glad for you!!
    Can't wait to see the swatches!
    Have fun with these!

  3. I love haul posts! And that kitten is so cute <3

  4. Krasne pridobitve. Meni je vseeno, s čim začneš, ker bi rada videla swatche večine lakov.

  5. hahaha koja slatka maca :) a s kojim god lakom da krenes nemozes pogrijesit :D

  6. can't wait to see the swatches of the nail polishes. The china glaze ones and essence look really pretty colours

  7. lucky u!:)
    i love haul posts! u shud do them more often!

  8. Wow, those are all great colours, I gotta admit I'm a wee bit jealous! :p

  9. Kaj pa si ti poslala v Ameriko? Firbec me matra. :P

  10. Ker hud muc! :D Čestitke za dobljene giveawaye in res super swap, uživaj v novih lakih!

  11. Thank you, darlings! :* Yes, I'm having tons of fun with them. I've been trying them out, and I'll start posting them regularly now, so stay tuned. :D

  12. Uau - tole je bil pa fantastičen teden. :D

  13. Imaš pa res srečo da zadaneš take super nagrade, kar pa se tiče glede haul postov so meni vedno bili všeč, je dobro vedet, da nisem edina, ki naenkrat izropa celo trgovino ;)