Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My mani for Show Us Your Country Parokeets Challenge

Hey darlings! How are you doing? As I prepared myself the forbidden second cup of coffee, I checked the blogosphere a bit and there it was! The Parokeets ladies have posted the challenge manis and MU they recieved. And boy oh boy, the result is more than fenomenal! I mean, just check it out! I love the theme and what the girls have made with it! Truth be told, now I like my mani even less, when I see what an amazing job some girls can did on the nails! But hey, you all know I'm a nail-art rookie and that I do everything by hand. And I had tons of fun making it and put lots of thought and work in it so I hope you like it at least a wee bit. :) 

I have no idea why I thought I'm not allowed to post my mani on my blog, luckily I saw Gejbas comment and realized I can. So here it is now, I played with the size of the picture and the sharpness a bit, so you can see the dragon more clearly. 

I put the symbols on the paper, to show you where the ideas came from. :) As you can read on the Parokeets entry the description of my mani, I'll try to be short. The thing on my index finger is supposed to be a sketch of a dragon. I'm not fooling myself with thinking I can draw an acutal dragon on my finger, so I only put the lines of it, like the picture on the left: 

On the picture on the right you have an amazing art of work, beautiful lace work of my favourite statues of Ljubljana - the dragons on The Dragon Bridge. Can't imagine how much this costs, but it's gorgeous, isn't it? Forgive me for not crediting the source, I can't remember where I got them. :( But the left sketch of the dragon is actually the symbol of my high school, Gimnazija Bežigrad. :)

And I did it in silver and golden-green colour (Color Club Snakeskin and China Glaze Peace On Earth), because I wanted it to be lizard colour like, not frog colour like. :) The tail went on my thumb, the fire it breaths on my middle finger. The rest is quite obvious, I'd say, our flag colours on my ring finger, with inspiration of Chloe's Nails for the rays, on my little finger our coat-of-arms. All in all 14 colours, a scotch tape, lots of Seche Vite, tons of fun, a bit of cursing (I had to redo a couple of my nails ;)), and there you have it. :)

The only thing I really regret is not having the sun for photoshooting. Basically all the colours I used have a metallic or holographic finish, in order to make everything more unique, and the dragon more fantasy-like. Alas, no Sun, I had to use my lightbox and the holo finish was very muted. 

But yeah, combining my home town's symbol and my country's symbols was the idea. I really hope you like it enough to consider casting your vote for it (you have to be signed in with your GFC account). :) Check the rest out too, you won't regret it, I promise!
Thanks for reading!


  1. :) I love this! Very cool. I love the way your ring finger turned out the most.

  2. Ah, that looks so awesome! The dragon rocks =)

  3. Dragons are gorgeous!!

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    xoxo ;*

  4. Very nice that all the finger have different design :)

  5. ukrala si zmajčeke s tromostja,ccccccc
    ja sam velika obožavateljica tvog rada i kao takva moram ti reći da mi nešto s ovom manikurom ne šmeka... ne znam je li to do fotografija ili ne, ali sve mi se čini nekako mutno, možda si ipak trebala upotrijebiti svjetliju podlogu... ili barem naručiti malo sunca :-)

  6. Thank you all. :)

    nail crazy, hvala ti stvarno za konstruktivnu kritiku, puno mi znači! Evo, da ti kažem iskreno, slažem se sa tobom i mislim, da bi prvo trebala svetliju podlogu, sivu boju, al onda sam odlućila za ovo crvenu. I stvarno ne znam zašto uvijek zabrljam kot slik za natecaje, i prošla slika nekako mutno ispala al bome neznam zašto. :/ Al dobro, jednom ću i to popravit, bar nadam se. ;)