Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Comparison: Hema Metallic Blue vs. China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Hello people! How are you today? I'm enjoying my lazy day after yesterday's hectic one and I finally got to editing another one that I promised to you. Before I get to the comparison I'd like to point out there are only two whole days before my giveaway closes. You can click on the right side on the picture to get to the entry. I'm also amazed by the GFC window. 410 lovely people consider my blog worth their time. I thank you and welcome you, I hope you'll stay for good. :) I also wrote my disclosure policy yesterday, with the growing numbers I thought it would be good to make some stuff clear, although I believe you already know them. :)

But now! In the Hema Metallic Blue entry Michelle asked if Hema is similar to China Glaze Dorothy Who?. Now, I don't own Dorothy Who? to my great pain and heartache, but I knew that if anyone has the beautiful blue glitter, it's Tevta. And yes, I realized I got shoeboxed with Dorothy Who? too. Yay! I already showed you yesterdays mani that I made after the comparison (I think it would be a brutal sin, removing DW right after putting it on) and I must say, it's one of the best lacquers out there. The "wow" factor is amazing! As for the comparison, I was really sceptical about it. From the bottles they look nothing alike. But actually they differ less on the nail than I thought they will. Sunlight pictures, natural daylight pictures, lightbox and a video. Let's go.

 The bottles close-up shows they are far from being the same. That changes a bit on the nail.

 Both up and below direct sunlight. As you can see, the difference in finish is the main difference, the base colours are very close, although the structure of lacquers is a factor here too.

Below blurry, to show difference in the structure of polishes more, upper a sharp one, showing also their beauty and similarities.

Video proves that Dorothy Who? is still a glitter polish, sparkling much more than Hema Metallic Blue, but it's also a proof of how sparkly Hema is! Sorry for the half horns position of hand, I only applied polish on two nails and I didn't want to show the rest being naked.

Hema is a two coater, I did three here, but Dorothy Who? needs four, being a jelly glitter so that's logical. The difference is obviously in the finish and structure of the polish. Both sparkly, but you can't get around the fact Hema is a beautiful foil with blue base and silver specks and Dorothy Who? a beautiful blue based glitter with mainly silver glitter, but also other colours. I must say I am surprised that they are only that much different as the pictures show. I thought they'd be like night and day. But the blue base is very close. If you're looking for something close to Dorothy Who? you may be satisfied with Metallic Blue. It's blue and silver and quite sparkly, also extremely easy to work with. But far from being a dupe for Dorothy Who?. Both shades are amazing, I can already see Dorothy Who? is one of those that break my heart with returning the shoebox to Tevta (the first one was probably RBL Recycle, oh the pain ...). I need this nail polish people!!! Anyway, I recommend having both of them at home. They're gorgeous! Oh, yes, they both need only one coat of TC to be completely smooth, so that's a bonus in my book too. 

Michelle, I hope you liked the comparison. :) 

What do you think guys, need them both or not? I most certainly do!! 

Thank you for reading & following!


  1. meni je china glaze primamljivija :-)

  2. Hey, you've got few awards on my blog!

  3. wow I didn't know there were so much alike! now I don't need CG anymore

  4. Thanks for the comparison. They're pretty close but I still feel like I need Metallic Blue too.

  5. I like them both. They're similar but different enough to justify having both.

  6. I like them both! I think I'll be visiting HEMA soon... :P

  7. Oba sta naravnost prekrasna =). Mogoče mi je malo bolj všeč Metallic Blue, ampak res samo malo bolj =). Defenitivno pa sta oba "nijna" =)

  8. Os dois são muito bonitos, meu preferido é o
    China Glaze.

  9. Dorothy Dorothy prekrasna li si <3

  10. Dorothy :))) Aaaa.. kako li se samo sjaji.. odmah ide na WL. Ne znam kako već nije tamo..

  11. Thank you all for your comments! As I can see, China Glaze is still the winner for most of you. :) You nailed it, glad to kill a lemming for you. ;)