Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hema Metallic Green with Starboard stripes

Hello people! How are you doing? As the weather is of land of Mordor where shadows lie I'm really lazy and am already missing the sun. Since Summers are usually way too hot for me, I find myself surprised by the fact I miss the sun so much during the blah days of winter. But anyway. I'm having the forbbiden second cup of coffee and I want to show yout another Hema Metallic, this one being bright green. I kept the stripes design, because I love them, and put darker green as a base, the beautiful Starboard of China Glaze.

Natural light, off direct sunlight. Still super sparkly!

A video, to show you how sparkly Hema is.

I really like the combination, I wore this one for three days, then Hema gets too big of a tip wear for me to handle. Still a gorgeous colour, even though it's a bitch to remove because of the silver specks. :) I love the combination with Starboard, I also got compliments on the design and that's always a good thing. ;) Scotch tape stripes are of course inspired by amazing Erika and her Chloe's Nails blog.

Hema's brush is the same as Lumene's, both being perfect, inspite their shortness, they're flat and really easy to work with. Metallic Green needed two coats, I think, but I'm not sure, sorry guys, this one is a few days old. I may have needed three coats, because my nails are getting long again. Two coats of China Glaze Starboard. 

I'm really loving these Hema Metallic babies. I wish I had more colours. These two are perfect, really. And for only around 2€, from what I can see on blogs that have Hema around the corner, this really is a total win! 

What do you think about Metallic Green? :)

Thank you for reading! Btw, I'll probably have the winner of my GA announced tomorrow!


  1. NUJNO morem prit do teh Hema lakov, še posebej modri je čudovit =). Drugače pa res super kombinacija in manikura =)

  2. I don't even like the colour but the mani is fabulous.

  3. Gorgeous accent finger :) And the metallic looks like it would be superb for stamping!

  4. Prekrasna barva. Tudi jaz bi kak Hema lak, izgledajo super.

  5. Itak ti vedno super uspejo take manikure in ta seveda nič ne odstopa! ;)

  6. Thanks everybody for the comments! :)

    Jette, I'll try stamping with it as soon as I get the stamping kit. :)

  7. Kje dobiš hema lake?

  8. Akasha, Tevta mi jih je prinesla z njenega obiska Amsterdama. Sicer je nizozemska drugstore znamka, ne vem pa, če jo prodjajo še v katerih drugih državah.