Friday, 11 February 2011

Giveaway closed! (+ China Glaze Starboard with BB Couture Clyde and a flower necklace)

Evening darlings! I'm sorry for such a late post, it's been a very long day and appearantly it will last for a couple more. Nevertheless, apart from 9 hours of classes, evening was great and when I got home, I had a lilttle package form colorfulbottle with my giveaway winnings. :)  But first: my giveaway is now closed! Don't try to enter, please, because I will not count your entries anymore. More about GA when I choose a winner, I'll try to do this during the weekend, but it also depends on my BF as I asked him to fix me the program. I hope you don't mind, I promise it will be on Tuesday the latest! There are *a lot* more entries than I anticipated and before I check everything, it's going to take me some time that my classes don't really allow me to give.

To my NOTD, or rather Nails Of The Night. Like I said, I got te package from colorfulbottle today.I cannot wait to try the polishes out, but right now I'm really dying to show you the necklace she did for me. It is perfect! Your really should check her work out, she does some amazing necklaces and earrings and has an extra blog just for that, called Treasure Box. So I used it as my model for the photos. Again China Glaze Starboard, with BB Couture Clyde on my ring finger.

See how awesome the petals are and the little leaves?? Love it! Thanks darling! :* Excuse my not so great mani, did it mere minutes ago and i'm tired and haven't have much to eat today thus my hand is shaking. But I couldn't stand the tip wear on my old one anymore. 

Short one toda--tonight, darlings, some work to do, and then finally sleep! Sweet dreams and thank you for reading!


  1. I love the stripes. :) I never wear greens but this makes me want to try some out.

  2. Uauu...
    que esmalte lindo!
    A decoração no anelar ficou um charme
    Ótimo dia para você!


    Wow ...
    enamel that beautiful!
    The decor in the ring was a charm
    Good day to you!

  3. Ogrlica je odličnaaaaaaaa!!!! Jedva čekam da vidim kakva je moja ;)

    I manikura ti je super iako znaš da ja baš ne volim zelene :)

  4. Love, love your nails. They're perfect.

  5. Lepa ogrlica! Pa manikura tudi. :) Čestitke za osvojeno nagrado.

    Tole tvoje navdušenje nad zeleno je nalezljivo, očitno - ravno včeraj sem si nabavila olivno zeleno torbo, hihi.

  6. I like so much your mani and this nail polish is fantastic

  7. The strips are so nice and the picture with the flower is really pretty

  8. Thank you, darlings! I wasn't satisfied with this mani much, because I did a very sloppy job, but your compliments are enough to make me love it. :)

  9. Čudovita manikura =). In kot je kaneli rekla, tvoja ljubezen do zelene barve je ZELO nalezljiva =).
    Me veseli, da ti je všeč verižica, ampak me res srce boli, ker je je vrvica temno modra in ne črna, ampak je res niso imeli v 3 art trgovinah, in bo zaj kr nekaj verižic trpelo zaradi tega=(.

  10. krasna manikura... a ogrlica je prekrasna :-)