Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kinetics - Blackout with O.P.I. Holiday Glow

Hello darlings! How are you doing? Sorry for not posting every day, time is not on my side lately. I will answer all the comments as soon as I find an extra hour to do so, I read them and appreciate them, just don't find the time to answer them, sorry guys! As I'm going through all the entries for my giveaway, I may show you two of Project Latvia polishes, what say you? Kinetcis Blackout is the main one here, but as Holiday Glow didn't exactly impress me, I won't do a full mani with it. 

Kinetcis Blackout is one of Kinetics on my WL and it shall stay there for it is a beautiful vampy colour, with very discreete shimmer that is amazing! Sadly I only captured it on direct sunlight, but it is also visible from time to time on artificial light, if it's not too weak. Holiday Glow I planned to have as a base colour for scotch tape accent finger, but when I put 4 coats on, I realized it already looks like layered Blackout so I left it this way.

Sorry for the tip wear on sunlight pictures, mani was day or two old already and I haven't used any TC on Blackout. I can see shimmer sometimes is visible on lightbox pictures too. Blackout is a beautiful blackened purple, really a gorgeous colour. I wish the shimmer was even more visible, but as this is a true vampy colour I'm not complaining much, since the hidden shimmer makes it even more appealing. It's a part of Kinetics Backstage collection for Fall/Winter 2010, so a relatively new colour and the shade is quite perfect for fall and winter. It  should be a two coater, I'd say, but this is the only Kinetics that needed three coats because I couldn't get an even layer. I don't know what happened, the brush was perfect as always, just the polish didn't even out. Oh well. I'm not complaining much, it's a beautiful shade, worthy of 3 coats. 
O.P.I. Holiday Glow is also one of the Project:Latvia polishes and frankly, I expected so much more from it. See the pictures? This is the best you can get from it. No extra glitter shine, no point in doing sparkle check photo and a video. It just doesn't glitter, and I actually put TC on, just to try to bring sparkle out. Other than that, this one has multicolored glitter (the main colour being gold) in a dark brownish/red base. In theory it should be a colour I love, but it's not. It also needs 4 coats to be completely opaque, which I don't mind with really awesome colours, but this one is just not one of them. From not so interesting to me in general O.P.I. Holiday Wishes Collection for Winter 2009

This is the last Kinetics I have for you, dears, and I actually feel bummed about it. I wan't more Kinetcis! I'm also wondering where are their collections for 2011, can't find the info anywhere. :/ All in all I must say Kinetics was the biggest surprise for me in the Project Latvia box. I didn't even know the brand existed untill I saw them in the package. And now I'm over the moon about their awesome, trully awesome formula, great brush and awesome colours. You should have Kinetics on the radar, ladies, it's a keeper! And only one last polish to go before the project ends! 

What do you think about Blackout and Holiday Glow? And Kinetics in general, are you as impressed as I am? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Prekrasen je. Moram reči, da se mi, sodeč po tvojih fotkah, zdijo Kinetics laki zelo všečni.

  2. I like this idea of just having one sparkly nail!

  3. Čudovita sta oba, ampak mi je Kinetics nmalenkost bolj všeč =)

  4. Eu achei muito bonito!!


    I found it very beautiful

  5. Kinetics bi mogoce sel, ceprav se mi zdi barva nekoliko prevec rjava za moj okus. No, je pa vampy, to je plus. ;)

  6. Thank you everybody! Kinetics really is goregous, doesn't stain while removing either, so just perfect colour. Holiday Glow was a disappointment for me, really. Glitter that doesn't glitter sounds wrong to me. :D

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. super fotke i super manikura :-)