Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ahoy got poisoned!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Well, I have yet again my forbbiden second cup of coffee right now, even though it's kinda late. But I just really felt like having a cup of coffee, since I love the taste. It's been a long day, but nothing horrible. I see some love for Illamasqua week, so I think I'll do it next week, if I'll manage with the time, k? :) 

Right now I have the third of my Anchors Away haul, and i fear it's going to be the last one for a while. We split orders with Tevta  and planned to get some more AA with the Crackles, and now the Crackles are sold out, so I'm not sure when will I get Sea Spray and Life Preserver. Even better, I think, I'll show them to you after all the hype around AA will be gone. ;) 

I must admit the title is quite correct, since I did posion this beautiful colour with failed scotch tape art. :/ I don't like the result of it one bit, although I like the colour combination. Ahoy by China Glaze and Poison me, Poison you by Catrice.


 Softer light. 

Yeah, as you can see, the scotch tape design didn't turn out as I planned. But it's still inspired, as always, by Erika from Chloe's Nails. Other than that, I must tell you people, Ahoy is a chameleon! Seriously, on most pictures on blogsphere it seems just a strong pink colour (my pics included), but the intensity of pink changes depending on the light. Right now on my nails it's a gorgeous warm red colour (of course with a strong pink undertone) with red and goldish sprecks of micro glitter showing and turning this beauty into a stunning shade.

Ahoy! was my risk in the Anchors Away. I wasn't sure if it won't be too pink for me, but I really liked it on the swatches, so I gave it a go. Good thing that I did, since it's exactly, and I mean really exactly what I need in this shitty wheater. I'm absolutely in love with it. Tiny shimmer or glitter (I can never tell where to put these tiny particles) gives it a glass-flecked look and all the colours it gains in different lights are really awesome. 
Application was a bliss, no trouble whatsoever. With two coats I still had VNL so I added the thrid one, and it was magic, baby! 
As you all know, Ahoy! is a part of Anchors Away China Glaze Spring 2011 Collection, I just write it down because that's how i represent most of the polish. As I already have 3 colours and two on the way and am thinking about another one from this collection, I must say i'm really loving this collection. 
Poison me, posion you is another one from Catrice's arsenal I haven't wore for a millenia, and if I'm not mistaken it's one of the colours they're discontinuing, so if you like it, now it's a good time to buy it. 

What do you think about Ahoy!? Do you get all the hype around it or do you have other favourites in the collection? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. A si resna? Tole vsekakor ni fail, meni je zelo zelo všeč in res komaj čakam, da dobim v svoje roke Ahoy! :))

  2. This is the only color I bought from the Anchors Away collection :)) But I think I'll wait with it until it's warm outside :))

  3. I don't see why you failed your nail art ? I looks nice :)
    It reminds of the back of a spider :)
    (or maybe I'm just crazy and I should do one of those "what-is-this-stain-psychologie-test :) )
    Xx. S

  4. ma ne znam šta mi je pa su mi se i roze boje počela sviđati... ali manikura dobro izgleda :-D

  5. I don't think it's a fail either! Yes the color combo is HOT, but your lines looks so clean - I have yet to get a scotch tape mani to work - they're always crooked, or bleed, or they pull up the base color. I just don't have the patience! So I'll just lust after others like yours :)

  6. I love Ahoy! on you...
    And the pink/purple combo is very tasteful.

  7. I'm liking the scotch tape design! I don't quite understand why you think it failed. It's looking good. :)

  8. That looks gorgeous! The colours compliment each other perfectly.

  9. Predivno :)
    I ti si luda moram ti reći.. ovo nije nikakav fail. ODLIČNO izgleda :)

  10. Thank you, everybody! I think i failed the scotch tape rays because the lines are not so even as I want them to be and in general it looks a bit shabby to me. But I'm really glad you like it!! :)

  11. jako mi se svidja kombinacija, a Ahoy je i sam po sebi prekrasan

  12. Beautiful colour and I'm intrigued that it looks different IRL...

  13. prelijepo je, ni slucajno nije fail :)

    ne volim roze lakove, ali ovaj mi se cini kao must-have :)
    prekrasan je:)

  14. waaaw kako lepa manikura....nohti, natančnost, barva...kombinacija..ej res vseee... super je...

  15. Lendoxia, hvala ti!

    Cali369, it does, at least for me, it went from bright pink to really cherry red, depending on the lighting. Beautiful, really, and the golden specks show much more than on swatches.

    Abigail, i ja nisam baš za roza boju u nikakvom smislu, al ovaj je možda jedini kojeg mogu nosit bez problema.

    Pink_Diamond, hvala ti! :)

    Thank you for all your comments!