Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy Birthday, Eddie! manicure

Hello darlings! How are you doing? It's been a long day, I must tell you. Nothing major to complain about though. Sunny too! Hope you had a nice start of the week. Tomorrow is a national holiday here in Slovenia, in honour of our greatest poet, France Prešeren and we get a day off. He is a wonderful poet and I'm sure you can find translations of his poems, so if you like poetry, I really recommend his works.

But this is not a manicure for France (and I would do it to honour his birthday that is on December 3rd and not to celebrate his death, that is February 8th. Our government excuse for making such a ridiculous decision? Too many holidays on December already. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. Not.)

This is a manicure for one of my favourite stand-up comedians in the whole wide world. If you like stand-up you must have heard of him. Eddie Izzard, today celebrating his 49th birthday. Like I said, he's one of the funniest people I ever heard and I admire him greatly also for his life path in general and the choices he made. He seems like a very unique person, I'd love to have a cup of coffee with him one day. And this is the mani I did, in thought of him.

If you enlarge this one, you won't be sorry, I promise. 

I used the wonderful Back To Black from Catrice as the main colour, for his sexier (to me!) side that I adore, he has the wonderful sence of humour, edginess and is a very complex person, so a plain black wouldn't work. The fantastic shimmer Back To Black has seemed perfect though, making the simple black stand out more. The index finger is for the rock star diva in him. The transvestite side of him, the awesome taste in clothes, make up and style he has, for all the entries in his shows, but particularly the one in Definite Article. I think Dorothy Who? from China Glaze is just to die for colour, one of the best I ever had the privilege to try on and the glitter and the colour seemed just perfect. I did a bit of scotch tape nail art, with inspiration, as ever, from Chloe's Nails and amazing Erika, wanting to make three thicker lines and two thinner, but sadly I ended the lines too soon on the finger, making the upper side completely uncovered. But then again, more Dorothy Who? is showing this way and I'm not complaining about that! I also love the spikes, if something, Eddie definitively is edgy and sharp. ;) :) This one goes also in my "Long Time No See" section, as I haven't have full mani with Back To Black in months.

Here's the best picture of him ever:


And the Definite Article style that is still one of my favourite on him. Looove the nails, eyeliner and lipstick. And say what you will, he rocks the suit!

And one of my favourite clips of his show Dress To Kill.

So yeah, I love the man. He's fantastic! Happy birthday, Eddie! *mwah*

What do you think of him, do you know any of his works? And about my mani I did for him?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Aww. Lepo narejeni nohti za g. Izzarda, resno. Ker so dosti zivi, ampak ne over the top.
    Jaz grem pa danes na pivo zanj :)

  2. LOL "and three little piggies were relocated to the projects".

  3. nadam se da će mu se manikura svidit ;-D

  4. prekrasna manikura :)

    Eddie Izzard je super, mislim da si apsolutno pogodila boje :)

  5. sa komicarem nisam upoznata, ali je manikura krasna :)

  6. Sem včeri na hitro preletela slike, in sem mislila da je Hema, potem sem pa prebrala današnji post in sem seveda morala še tega enkrat pogledat =).
    Drugače pa res super manikura, in pa scotch tape tehniko že res čist v nulo obvladaš =)