Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Illamasqua Week - Harsh & Boosh Nail Varnish Duo Part 1

Hello darlings! A very quick one today, for I have no time at all. Next in our Illamasqua week is Nail Varnish Duo called Harsh and Boosh, today I put Harsh in front, and it's quite fitting for it is a Harsh Tuesday!

 Sparkle check photo.


So, quick explanation of mani - on my index and ring finger are 4 coats of Harsh alone. On my middle and little finger is one coat of Boosh, with one thick coat of Harsh on my middle finger and one thiner on my pinky (that looks by far more awesome). Then I did a scotch tape design as you can see, as always inspired by Erika from Chloe's Nails, on Harsh fingers only, with one layer of Boosh. On my index finger Boosh was rather thick, I didn't like that much, but I liked the design on my ring finger. 

Hars is extremly sparkly and glittery and just insane, seriously people, it's one of the sparkliest polishes I've ever tried on. But application is not so good. I don't mind it being a 4 coater, for it is a glitter polish, you have to expect that, but it's a bit goopy, I had hard time spreading it on my more bent nails, like ring finger that is in the exact shape of an U. The silver particles are different from usual glitter, it's quite awesome, people, like someone cut really really fine particles of silver. I think that those with smaller or shorther nails would manage with three coats. Removal of it is glitter appropriate, don't get it on your skin, it's a PITA to get it off it. It's interesting how it can get removed from it's base when you remove it, it was floating in the air, I had it on my pants, everywhere, really. 

This is a very "in your face" polish. I mean really. I couldn't have it on my nails more than a few hours, because it looked just to blingy for my taste, being silvery white. I'd die for the other Nail Varnish Duo though - Ruthless and Untold. Beautiful reds!
I'll talk more about Boosh when it'll be its time to shine, but all in all it's a good combination, very blingy, very holidays or special occasion appropriate. I love it much much more with Boosh as the main colour though. 

What do you think? About the whole package and my mani? :) Don't forget to check the video to see how insanely sparkly Harsh is!

Thank you for reading!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love a bit of bling :)

  2. I quit like this manicure simple and so so pretty:)

  3. love your blog and the illamasqua polish is gorgeous

    please pass by my blog and tell me your opionion :)


  4. oooo ovo prekrasno izgleda i sam i u kombinacijama jednostavno oduzima dah :)

  5. Ajme meni.. kakvo je ovo savršenstvo? Kako se samo sjaji. Odlično mi izgleda u svim kombinacijama :)

  6. It's very pretty I like the combo and these
    Polishes look like nice quality

  7. Malce preveč srebrne zame, zgleda pa lepo. Sicer imam IsaDorin odtenek Silver Sparkles, ampak ga zakrijem s cracklingom. Fajn ideja, Illamasqua teden, sicer. Pa Hectic je itak zakon, jaz bom po moje zelene odtenke začela intenzivneje nosit spomladi. :P

  8. uf, ovo je da osljepiš :-)
    stvarno božanstveno izgleda iako mi se čini da je puno bolji u kombinaciji nego sam :-)

  9. Thanks everybody! I agree, extremely blingy, as I'm not a big fan of silvery white shades, perhaps too blingy for me. But yeah, gorgeous combo non the less. :)

  10. Čeprav sem vzljubila bleščičkote v zadnjem času, mi tale kombinacija ni preveč všeč. Nisem ravno ljubiteljica, če se prekrivne bleščičkote ali preveč prekrivne prosojne lake nanese čez zelo kontrastno bazo. Ne vem... meni to izgleda, kot da nekaj čepi na podlagi. Ne zlije se z njo. A veš, kaj mislim? Harsh sam zase mi je bolj všeč, kot pa čez črn lak. Ampak če ni ravno enostaven za nanašat, ni ravno vreden denarja.
    (Ja, do teh dragih znamk moram biti precej kritična, sicer bi me spravili v bankrot. :D )

  11. I really love this combo. It's a perfect sexy blingy look.

  12. Maestra, se strinjam, za takšno ceno tudi jaz zahtevam čisto perfekcijo. Tako da bom Harsh verjetno kar spustila, ker je nanos res precej težaven, odstranjevanje pa živa muka. Ampak efekt je pa res wow. :) Je pa tudi meni še najbolj všeč, če ga Boosh prekrije. :)

    Varnish Vixen, yeah, it sure is blingy. :)

    Thanks for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!