Thursday, 3 February 2011

Blue Comparison: 5

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm hungrrry! And while I'm preparing a quick lunch, I'm going to post the blue comparison I did the other day. First, a few explanations:

1. As you can see, there was no Sun when I was doing the comparison. But the more I think about it the more I feel the comparison shows the colours as they are most often. Nobody really stands on the sun whole freaking day. So these photos are the most colour accurate!
2. I feel I must apologize to Depend 204. Remember how I told you it looks black in normal light? Well, it doesn't. The contrast in sunlight and light in our house with strong sun outside made me believe it is. Actually the dark blue shimmer is visible on the normal light too. Very very subtile, but it's there. Thus, making me want it even more. Too gorgeous!
3. Teycha suggested Depend 204 looked similar if not the same as China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Nail Crazy asked me to do a comparison with Catrice It Blue My Mind. To these two main comparisons I added SpaRitual Surreal and Etos number 19
4. Picture heavy!!
5. Read the info under the pics.

 Group picture. I turned Depend bottle on the side because the writing hides the colour completely.

 The suggested/requested comparison.

 The most colour accurate picture! I left it really really large, huge, really, for you to see all the details. So click to enlarge and see the details!

 These two (upper&bottom) are taken on natural light outside.

 The four colours without the thumb, to get closer look, upper lightbox, bottom natural light.

The only dupes in the bunch. Etos and Catrice, natural light, lightbox, sorry for the blurrines, I have no idea why it came out blurry. :S 

Uf, lots of pics! Anyway. As you can see, neither Catrice or China Glaze come close to Depend 204, although Little Drummer Boy has the same type of shimmer, only it has more green in it, making it almost teal already. It Blue My Mind is much much lighter while Surreal remains black basically in all the lighting. 

These were all two coats, although Little Drummer Boy needs one only! Others are two coaters. All were taken without TC so this one also shows how glossy they are. I encourage you to click on the pictures, because I left them really large for the sake of better shown details. 
My favourite of the bunch? Depend 204. It's beautiful. China Glaze Little Drummer Boy a very close second, but I prefer the depht of Depend more. But all in all wonderful blues. The one I could skip on is Surreal, because it's too blackened for me. And this time it's for sure, I wore this baby the second time now!

I really hope you like the comparison, let me know, if I missed something, please! Teycha, what do you think, similar enough? And Nail Crazy, which one do you like more, Catrice or Depend? The rest of you, what do you think, which one is a keeper? Or do you need all of them? ;)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ohhh. I love this kind of nail polish.
    Dark Blue <3

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  2. I have the catrice as well, it's such a pretty blue. I love all of them, haha!

    xo Elize (

  3. Thanks a lot!

    I was longing for Litlle Drummer, but now I see that I like Catrice better, and I can get it at local drugstore...
    Sometimes grass just looks greener...on ebay :)

  4. e, ovo je bila dobra usporedba!
    ne znam kako su mi se catrice i china glaze učinili tako sličnim, sad vidim da su totalno različiti :-)
    hm, ipak catrice ostaje moj favorit, na drugom mjestu depend a china glaze na trećem ;-)
    jedini problem s it blue my mind je njegovo uporno nastojanje da ostane na noktima, bez obzira koji base coat upotrijebila obavezno mi poplave nokti od njega :-/
    uf, koliki komentar... hvala što si se sjetila moje zamolbe i odradila ovo :-)

  5. I'm adding the Drummer Boy to my wish list! If only China Glaze is available locally without shopping online. :(

  6. did I mention that I am absolutely in love with blue polish???
    these are all so pretty! maybe I should take a look on the catrice one!

  7. Sem ravno par dni nazaj dobila ChG, ki mi je najbolj všeč iz te primerjave (ki je super btw).

  8. Da moram birat Catrice i Depend, da nemoram sveeeee :D

  9. Bravo!!! Po vsej verjetnosti v RL nebi opazila razlike med Depend-om in ChG - razen če bi si nohte zelo na blizu ogledovala. Sem pa kar dobro zadela podobnost - tako na prvo žogo ne? =) Glede na swatch pa vzamem Depend ker je manj teal in bolj blue! Samo količina je malo =/

  10. Nice comparison. The ChG is a nicer color than I thought it would be, I might have to pick one of those up in my lacquer adventures.

  11. Thanks for the comparisons. I think CG is my favourite one.

  12. Aha, pol moram dodat tale Depend na tvoj nakupovalni seznam. ;)


  13. Še najbolj mi je všeč It blue my mind.. Samo ne vem kako bi zgledal na meni. :)

    P.S.: Nagrada te čaka na mojem blogu. :)