Saturday, 27 November 2010

O.P.I. Midnight Blue Glitter (+ layering)

Hey guys. How are you? I'm weird, just came home from shopping with my mom and it's so crowded in the stores one would think they're giving something away for free. I don't like crowded places (unless it's a concert). I hope you had a good Saturday! I'm still deciding if I'll go out this evening, and until I do I can show you another poll polish, it's O.P.I. Midnight Blue Glitter. From what I've found, it's a part of 2004 Tuxedo Collection in only four colours, all of them pretty boring, with the exception of Midnight Blue Glitter. You have Black Onyx, black creme, Alpine Snow, white creme, and Black Satin, black with gray silver, that looks horrible on the swatches. And now to the explanation of my swatches. 

On the swatches you'll have just Midnight Blue Glitter only on my ring finger. In 6 - yes,  SIX - coats. And I should totally pile on the seventh and perhaps even the eight coat to make it opaque. The moment I saw just how sheer this acutally is I thought: layer it, or go insane. So I decided I'll do some layering on different base, because, lets face it, I'm crazy enough already. 
I used Kinetics Sinful on my index finger, and this is just 1 coat, guys!! Awesome dark, really dark blue colour, extremely well pigmented, it surprised me loads, awesome polish. One coat of Midnight Blue Glitter on top.
On the middle finger we have two coats of SpaRitual Mood, and one coat of M. B. G. On ring finger 6 coats of M.B.G. On my little finger 4 coats of Orly Cut The Cake (I don't know what was I thinking with this one ...) and 2 coats of Midnight Blue Glitter. On my thumb we have China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway in 2 coats and one coat of M.B.G. I'm just writing this down because of different number of coats of polish, I put the names on some pictures too. You'll see I hardly managed to focus all the nails on one picture, so that's why more pictures, to focus the colour combination at least on one picture per nail.

 Heavy on the writing, I know, you can really see the beauty of Kinetics+OPI here.

 Without the thumb, so I could focus the camera on all four.

 This one is already on the blurry side, but I think it really shows that Mood + MBG is a decent 3 coats substitution for 6 coats of MBG alone. Actually better, since it's more opaque.

 Blurry one, to show you how sparkly this actually is. Gorgeous blue glitter!

 You'll need to enlarge this one for better to see the blue specks of glitter. It's insanely good.

 Here Kinetics really takes the prize, don't you think?

 Finally a good shot of Bermuda Breakaway + MBG. 

Saved the best for last, as usual. They are all well focused and when picture is enlarged, you can see the details of all the combinations.

I think I already made it obvious that Kinetics Sinful + O.P.I. Midnight Blue Glitter is a win combination IMO. With SpaRitual Mood and MBG you can really get close to Midnight Blue Glitter by itself. Alone, this polish needs at least 6 coats - I did 6 with my minimum of covering, you can see from the pictures, it would need at least one or two more to be 100% - and that is, in my opinion just waaaaay too much. 
Mood is silver and the base colour on MBG is obviously silver, so I think any kind silver polish will do - at leas this shade of it. I'm thinking it would look exactly the same over Brand New Skates by OPI. I must try that one too! 
Bermuda Breakaway makes a cute combination, I acutally liked it, although I don't like BB much. 
And I'm desperately trying to save Cut the Cake, but no matter what I do, it still remains this sheer, white ugly little thing that I can't wear at all. Besides, it needs 4 coats to be at least kinda opaque, and with two of MBG I got 6 coats on my nails. Again. 

Removing of this one was easy for one reason only - I had 6 coats of little silver glitter mixed with larger blue one on only one nail. I'd probably go insane if I had done entire manicure like that. And run out of  the nail-polish, probably. That would be 60 coats for just one manicure. Dude! 
Otherwise with layering the polish isn't troublesome. You have to be more careful if you don't want to get glitter all over your hands, but nothing major. 

I think this is just about it. How do you like it? What combination is your favourite? Or would you rather wear Midnight Blue Glitter by itself and maybe only 3-4 coats, making it on more sheer but easier to work with?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Kinetics sinful mi je tu broj 1 :-)

  2. Oh my, I think I'll never put more than 3 layers of polish on my nails... Six, respect ;)

    The combination with Bermuda Breakaway is gorgeous!

  3. 6-8 slojeva, OMG koliko god volim lakirat nokte ne zelim provest pola zivota lakirajuci ih jednim lakom, to bi bilo osamdeset slojeva laka samo za jednu manikuru XD vjerojatno bi to bilo i pola bocice laka bye bye, al lijep je u ovim kombinacijama na palcu i kaziprstu

  4. 6?!? I agree - layering only. :D
    I like Bermuda Breakaway combo best. <3