Sunday, 28 November 2010

Comparison: SpaRitual Optical Illusion vs. Orly It's Not Rocket Science

Hey again. I'll post one of the comparisons today anyway. Before I do that, I want to tell you we're done with our poll polishes! I forgot to mention that in previous post. Teal Glitter and Regal remained, but both got 0 votes, Regal went to north Europe for higher purposes and I felt like wearing other Project Lativa polishes before Teal, so I guess you were right. ;) I'll wear it later on. Thank you for helping me out, now it's easier to figure out the rest of polish order. I'll probably do Bermuda Breakway and Sinful with Midnight Blue Glitter, since those two have been getting love from you, and I'm not sure, whether to start trying out the Kinetics I have or SpaRituals? What would you prefer? I have 5 SpaRituals left (not including Days Of Wine And Roses and Optical Illusion) and 3 Kinetics ... well, it's not too big of a number, I'll see what I'm feeling like wearing. :) But to the comparison!

It's Optical Illusion from SpaRitual's Kaleidoscope Collection from this years spring and It's Not Rocket Science from this years Orly's Cosmic FX Collection and they're known to be dupes of each other. So I was a bit surprised when I applied them on my nails and realized, they're are not really. Not 100%. 

 As you can see, OI is a few shades darker and it also doesn't have so much glitter as INRS.

 What it does have is intenser duochrome effect that the bottles are promising. 

 Another one with duochrome effect.

 A bad close-up, I know, still, it shows the darker side of SpaRitual and more obvious duochrome.

The sparkle check photo.

I don't know about you but in my book they are not dupes. Are very close and very similar, but not 100% dupes. SpaRitual Optical Illusion is darker, and the duochrome effect tends to show every once in a million, with It's Not Rocket Science it doesn't show at all. Not that it does often with Optical Illusion, I think it would be safest to say duochrome is not visible on the nails, unless you're really lucky and hit the perfect combination of angle, lighting and good will of the polish. 
Both were 4 coats, especially Optical Illusion gave me hard time with eveness of the polish. Orly was just sheer. Both dried kinda slow, Orly even smudged a bit on my pinky. The brush prize goes to Orly, but all in all I prefer the Optical Illusion look. Although it's not my colour at all. To mustard-yellowish-goldish like. 

What do you think? Are they dupes in your dictionary? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nobena znanost ni (ha!), da zmaga Orly.

  2. thanks for the comparison! I don't think I really like these colors, not really my thing...

  3. Po moje tudi nista enaka, SpaRitual Optical Illusion je temnejši. Ampak mi noben ni všeč, barva nekako ni moja.

  4. Orly zmaga!!! Nikakor pa nista dvojčka. Milje razlike, kot temu jaz rečem in se mi že vsi smejijo, ki razlike med kakšnimi odtenki sploh ne vidijo, jaz pa rečem svojo "znano" frazo: "Milje razlike". :))))))))))))

  5. Hehehehehe, Nina, da ni samo optična iluzija? ;)

    Lois, I agree, not really my colours either. To yellowish, not enough green. ;) Thanks for the comment!

    Taya, res je, je temnejši, Orly je že res čisto gorčičen.

    Maestra, LOL, milje razlike! :D Zakon fraza! Ja, poznam to, da so "itak vsi isti ki jih imaš doma", če ni ravno razlika med skoraj črno zeleno in travnato. Bohnedej, da bi kdo opazil kakšne razlike v shimmerju. :D

    Hvala za komentarje! :)