Sunday, 28 November 2010

NOTD O.P.I. Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I'm turning into potato woman slowly, I'm drinking tea, eating ginger bread and watching snow falling through the window. It's beautiful outside, I'm telling you. We had a very heavy car accident yesterday in Slovenia, 34 cars collided, it looks ... horrible is not a word strong enough for it. I hope everybody will be ok and I'm sending all my positive thoughts to those families who lost a loved one in the accident. 
Wow, grim thoughts on a nail-polish blog, forgive me. I'm in the mood for showing you my NOTD. I have two comparisons waiting to be posted, but what the hell. I was so unsatisfied with my photos  of this OPI, I did a second row of photo shooting. It's not that simple to photograph this baby, yet it's a beautiful colour. Sadly the duochorome effect that seems to be there in the bottle doesn't show on the nails one bit, but don't mind that - the shade of this blue is just stunning. And I feel I must apologize for my cuticle state. The cold is getting to my nails too, although I'm giving them all the attention they need. I think they'll need a couple of days to adjust to the change of temperature - we had a very warm Autumn and now it's freezing all of the sudden, skin on my face is collapsing too, you should be thankful right now I don't do face make-up photos on the blog too. ;) 

Don't ask me why I like to put out so many pictures of one polish, I don't know. I like different angles and sometimes you need to see it from many angles and on different lighting to capture all the looks of a polish. But Yoga-ta Get This Blue isn't one of them, it's beautful in one way. :D Gorgeous dark blue, that never goes black (except in darkness, I suppose ;)), with gorgeous blue shimmer, it's a stunner, I tell you. I saw it on Mina's blog, fell in love with it and realized: heeey, I have this one in one of the boxes! So here it is, I absolutely adore it.
Wonderful colour, from O.P.I. 2008 Spring Collection called India, is a Big 3 Free, but already the perfect OPI formula I love. It's a co-collectioner (man, what have i invented now? Sorry, english language :*) with Rojal Rajah Ruby, so two stunners in one collection. I know most of reds from India Collection are insanely worshiped in our neck of the woods, but these two are the pure perfection O.P.I. can reach.
I'm thinking of doing comparison with Catrice It Blue My Mind, but I don't think they're close, what do you think?

Hope you're having a nice Sunday & thank you for reading!


  1. Tale lak je čudovit, me že od nekdaj navdušujejo temno modri laki s shimrom =).

    Verjetno sta si z Blue My Mind kar blizu, me pa res zanima kako zelo blizu sta si =)

  2. ma samo ti daj sa stavljanjem puno slika, ljepse je citat tako :) a i svidja mi se ovaj plavac :)

  3. Se strinjam z vsemi, čudovit je. :) -- I agree with you all, it's simply smashing. :)

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thank you for the comments!