Monday, 8 November 2010

NOTD China Glaze - LOL

Hey guys! How are you on this so so sad day? I woke up with a terrible headache, and was feeling so sick during my classes, I had to get home early. Now I'm feeling a bit better, as you can see, since I'm typing away another post, but am not 100% yet. Since the weather is so dead I find it good,that I messed up the poll and it's due till this evening (I planned it until todays morning), because I couldn't do a decent swatch on this lighting. And right now we have a tie between DS Extravagance and Days of Wine and Roses! :D So I hope at least one more person will decide to vote. :D

I have my NOTD and yesterday to show you, it's another holographic, you know it well, LOL, beautiful purple holo from OMG Collection from 2009. I only have one more from that collection, and then I'm back to lemming the others. :D

 With flash, I always find it a bit to extreme, it kills the holo, and makes the base colour too blue.

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough holo nail-polish! It's so freakisly cool! I love these CGs, they are a bliss to apply, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that it could last longer - but it bothers me in that kind of way, that the colour is so cool, I don't get sick of it in two days. :)) I also have huge lemmings for all the Color Clubs (I tried two, both just pure perfection), Nfu-Oh, and Nubar, of course. *dreamy sigh* Can't get enough holographs (and greens)!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Uau, zelo je lep!

    Ja, dan je bil pa res čuden...Upam, da bo kmalu spet lepa jesen na sporedu!

  2. Super! Vsi iz OMG so enostavno prekrasni! <3

  3. Imam ovog ljepotana i baš ga vooooooolim :-)

  4. Še enkrat ugotavljam, da me LOL spominja na IDK, ki ga imam tudi sama (za poleti je super). Samo težko verjamem, da bi bila dva laka v isti seriji podobna...

    Drugače je IDK trenutno moj edini holo. Gledala sem še ene od Make Up Store tule, pa mi nekam ne potegnejo (ali pa so samo predragi, hihi). Mi je pa ful všeč efekt. :)

  5. Kaneli, don't buy the make up store holos! they are PITA to apply, you must topcoat every layer before applying another - otherwise it just strips off the nailpolish. grrr 40 euros well spent :I

    otherwise - Ulmiel, you have 42 followers! yay! :D

  6. Katkoc, se pridružujem želji, ker tale dež res že najeda.

    Ivana, se strinjam, ena redkih kolekcij, kjer bi spustila morda enega ali dva, ostale pa kar imela. :D

    nail crazy, da, stvarno je prekrasan. :D

    Kaneli, IDK je svetlo vijoličen, LOL mene spominja na njegovo temnejšo verzijo. Nekako tako, če bi matirala, bi iz IDK dobila lila lak, iz LOL pa precej temno vijoličnega, malček me baza spominja na CG's Grape Pop, takole po swatchih sodeč.

    Erzebeth: o.O That sounds just ... too much work, and I'm holo fanatic. O.O And yeah, I was quite amused by the numer, it jumped to 42 just around Project Latvia post. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!

  7. Ajme kako je ovaj lak lijepi... i nokti su ti prekrasni i lak ti super stoji.. prekrasno :)))